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Transcript of POWDER - Amazon Web · PDF file Kit" pMittHil^ fbi wall Mleu\tmi4 l (to* UKMubUM...

  • Kit"

    p M i t t H i l ^

    \tmi4 fbi wall Mleul (to* UKMubUMM «iul tMTt̂ Uian

    vnovairvM cnrsnmAjf B r e r . BrS.U. i>»tHil«ton. thto w«»* to tur ^oai lorCter;

    igw^eedimMaawttoeie ui* t mut oar pdMot l A boidMH «r {uati> tn wMMllii

    MiHWt «ttebH»h— foaroh ooMmnnt iM^iAM ttnciit Itytb* woid or«ki4,

    t t0 tUM pMinlUv* ptmUm wtmid b*

    MnmjtUi oriiM MTcniwatUfortbe I dwOayM oM of Um vrmtioitiuii ,ui igigM to mdftwM Ui«*«M>«r..

    band* oC •VMT fitaiBttot; ' aciaiiM UMMI byi4i»


    t MUbomrfSh t£» Ol/Luidmwka ot - Md Minuun etaarebcK, and

    WMf tlM bMO uw lOftlw^wviwsoriaiilMtii all anb-

    Tlili wwk rWi in liBilptantt „ -^-mm jl^lou of Old li . Kvsry §Ma' faMwwrteT abouu.

    J l ^ i o g t r a tt iW IM«H» iMMibta «iroiu!lO rme Miwton of baptim, ^ktaraiHlHbaf

    ilcalaM^C^ty. *XTm» uhri»ui

    ^ntarj iiriMi


    IbiTM woitt a ^ In Um bmnZ IimM Mgr J«. UuiM wbo viab to knov, and thuart. s i r - ' " "

    tfaia. By Betr. W. A.Jarrel. Tbla la a and able Con*^nlal Tin^j^f^^^^

    ChtUbO. Mpagea; In pap«r 10 ota.. In oloU wTcta. I

    Bervaim. The hero martyr of the alK< teenth eeuiury, by 8. U. roid. * j;iBgaa.iWatfc ItaeioUt,ra

    Ji^hKmiOAMM .1 THK aKATES'DmUBa DKBATK^ TiiiB latheableat and moat learned dlaow* •lunof tbeagek No anob valaahlp book on tliei denominatlonat' > dUnureaOM >' beiween KaptUta and MeUihdiata haa ever beeb pn»- aautadtotboAmerlean imbllo. IIM Frlnted on Una paper, raoa In aiotb.

    Tosti iHUbe

    ai damandi idtbaai^e

    iitanta^Um,ILOO ; Oj W eta.

    aiweol the Balnta. . Tbla K kn ajOillM^WArk of 4«) pagw, Urge t}p«. f>rU!«,lnelotb.oiA).

    Uljiiiy#«B«»'S«TB» ON TMJRWKW TBtrfABIKilT. Thi* work, by tue venera ble Adlel HberW^, l>.Pn ui able divine and npe aekoUr, la tb« .'bMt work we know of for HnndayHî oola and Hunday-aclioul teaebara. Xwo volnmea, each ti.Tti. * ••'x*«Uiew. Kark, |.nke and Jaliai' Kkplanataty and iMaeuotii. a î ip. nlar oontmatiiaiy apon a crittoal Mala, peelally daalgned i«r paatora and t̂ uudny- achoola. Bylim W Clark. I> ». autl.ur of A New Harmany. of ttiajUdapeK Thm» ar valuable eom&antariea; aud the autuur la h

    , aobolar word.

    bo dktlK faUbtiiJly wltli Price, pur vol., tlM

    HTMIV BOOKH. NKw B A m m r mtmh ANI»

    TVMB BOOK.—There alionld to* a Baplliit Hymn and Tuna Book in every ikinUv, Tbli* 1 aatinotoaaeleetloit of tbe very beat of Hyniua tliat teaob aonnd doetrlne, and a aeleoiiott oi

    aennaated witb tbe rannd uot«a aa well. Bny tbla niee Hymn and Tune Book for tbe Kara. I|y Bible, and one for eaeh child. Tbla la d« algned to take the place of the old Hontliern raalmlat,taaaed twenty years ago. Kiamiue itMrtHwyoapwoh^

    Prioe, >1.00 each, by mail. HTBM BOOK v « B siKW A%mmr

    wlMMwt MiaalS^ ou;. •••Uiaifii l^ lni lat . ^ A new, improved

    Mtd tWvlaed wnleb will be Cminti _ .̂liutl, index, one ol latga, boid • - " a lav(

    ig tba.piam of war* wanting Uk'merit.: Tba

    in piM« of thcc type, and jatoo. bymna, taking lb*

    and favorite of otbera whlov Jba amingemep

    and Bombenng bava not baea iniarmpte UOObjrmbat f

    SlorooQO, 100 i^irge atae, roau,......„.. l.iW laugeaisatmoroeootgiit, pa|pll«d.„... iiM

    MmmmoM. rKBDl.BrOBl«i4M« to atotw ^

    ^ ^ who haV« nae^lSi^l ilie mtnaiMi atad lnurtn«» their cnurobaa pronooee ̂ •vary pantontar. Tbe binding

    rM» »«»

  • •t; • m

    mni 1


    pont«4 lit ilt« odition ^ our rablicaHoiL I to M jwM i ^ v ^ ^ ' a i r C w i ^ ^ ^ J e r o M ^ Clltitiiibfr, cnooncyil^^

    IB̂ tOll t M i ^ f ^ boforo eluktigea Arbm rerSfioa were •greed apon. CertKin It b, UtH-jiyiir out of erery fiTe cbaugw adopted bjr tboin are hi exact b»rmony ofaeaw w!Ui tbe Union's venion, wbito^'ln lititU' }n«nble f t t t lanm the Canterburr renderings are tefi^am with tlu>»e of the Ulblo Union. I'ake one notaUe esampltt. In tJie Mar^i pumW of th« CotemjMMitrTf Cauoii PaWmr «t«.tventy- foar ea«es In wbicb tbo Canterbury Teraion i«udeni tha "Bix^ t grilai , ttiw^^ God, atte^i^t gr̂ o t̂ thiiifs for ^ , the i-Mis^poe bf;tbb|;asl XiitTIa Opjaipaojr,. Wd̂ ^̂ ^̂

    did hiifisionai-y, w r k thbre f(^rj;^hri^ and patted his ilaily bread u tut indjl^ 8tu«i)|o(l the laat^rw langqagei, esU^bliihwl eliurehes and'sotiooii

    gR^uitHftrji stjpjiBPt t j^at ,

    iig (he B)l»Ij»#r lingqogli ; ' % fiOOTK)

    of i ' l m i ^ ^ ' M '' ' t l e u t t ^ ^ l t i ^ ^ v e i r i ^ i i r t •

    to lead his tlrst convert down into tho OangOH for burial with Jphus there, When the g m t Bible Society ol Britain rojootod his ttunslati'jnii, beojwta « of il̂ olt̂ fldelfty, by tiaih ho stood ai ' f e a r ^ ^ agulnst the entreaty of iVIonds and Uie reslsten,,.). of Ibos. In a letter to thelateDr. Sharp, of Boston datcfCalcutta^; Yate«;«iy«of him J "When I Avas In Etiglaml, •tftdr my .visit to AJuerioa, Mr. JlMghqij (li loving Baptist and Socrc- t^ry of tho British Bible Society) coiiversed wlUi {î e on tho subject, and wrote, upon It to Dr. Oaroy, l|» consequence of complaints soiit home from CaU ciitla, ho (Hughes) had como to tho conclusion thiJt it was dosU'ablOf for the sake of iMiane to transfoc aiiduot t»'n««lftle, thewoi-d baptizp>', buthowmhl not iMjrsnado either of us that It was our duty to l>o unfaithful, even for tho sako of peace. JJr. CJaitsy would novcr listen, for a moment, to anv l)^opo8als of the kind." Thus, by faith, ho threw himself back upon tho great apostollo truth, "Fir«t pure, then peaceableand there ho stood unmov- ed, till, ripe iu grace and ready for glory, at tho age of eovouty-thrco, ho laid his beautiful head upon the bosom of Jesus, and full aslcpp, the revoml father of onr modern missions.

    By faith Adonlram Judson, having conseciatwl ldin«elf to India, oonimittod hiinaelfto tho great deep, but being captured by a French privateer and Iminurcd In a French dungoon, he was return- ed to his own cOiuitry. By faith be launched for the second time, and for four long months was tossed upon tho sea before reaching Calcutta. By fsith ho discovered a neglected duty, and perforin- e4 it at Soramiwro, when William Ward liiimorsqil him on his faith In Christ By faith ho undertook the formidable task of mistering tho Orlontal lan- guages, Carey had served soveti long years for tho boptlsm of his Bengal Leah in tho Ganges, and se Jiidson wai(ed seven years more for tht/ hniitism of h.lsBumian Kachel In tlio Irrawaddi. By faith he wont to Ava, where ho was arrested as a spy, was thrown Into a noisome dungeon, whore he lay uIno montlis, and then was condemned to death. UehiK released, ho took his family to Amherst, where, by. faith, he burled his seraphic wlfo under tho Ilopla t?ee to sleep, with "little Maria" at her side, till Gml shall raise tho missionary mother and lior child from tho dead, Aftor years of toil, In which ho began his groat Dictioniry, translated Ills great Bible, and planted numerous churches, tho hand of death was laid upon his sccoiid noble wife. Ho at- tempted to bring her to her American homo, where she could sloop , among her own people, but, by faith, ho burled her on the Inland of St, Helena, tho prlsop of Napoleon. When he finished his great Blblorln l83i, and the American Bible Society re- fused to sustain his fldelitv, ho flinched not in one nerve. But bn Dooeinbcr 25, 1840, ho wrote from Maulmain! "I rejoice In the formation of the Blblo TranslaUon Society, and In the continued prosper- ity of the AmoriedJi and Foreign Blbte Seclety. I verily beliovo that it was by the special providence of Ood thftt the old Btblbsooleiies were left to tAke tl̂ o unjuittifiablbdourso that tliey didi, in oider that the peculiar truths, whloh distlngulsli the Baptist denomination, might bo brought forward In a man- ner •iinprooodonted ond itUIi^iiiely Iriumphttnt." By yaltU he IcCit America to flnlsh his work In Bur- mah, hut died on the sea, and his body was buried ' in the sea, where Jehovah wrapped the weeds ai^ttnd his brow, a pure emblem of that ei'own of llfd whloh JostlB will i^ve the scarred >varflor In thitday, ' ' / . ;

    ; I "Aj^ what shall I say ,more ?? Time falls mo to speak of Thomas, Klneald aud Wade; of Cone, Colgate and Maelftv* and thousands or other Bap' tlst'horocs, who, 'a8.i Tht lawyer, jpoHtleian, or preacher, who uBe«;hofo*« hw audlenoo, with i ppmpom display of orudltlon, w^ounees In ^rahdltoqustot-style Ids proposlUons, Md when exputtttiottisoii tip-toia^n oars pHckod 1 iLS® word^blunddrs' at the duUet, ox- niblting udpardonablo Ignorance, covers himmlf


    ptlblish^ Is^ai^ifeMtDUf^rimit^^ .•M^: and'that no'vw*ti«i«er pail claim It as A r^lif to eomnnwe iii anr Baptist church. But while this i« true, a ehntvh

    «ud OHffht̂ Uirongh eoartesy, to.luvlU!bi«Uii«a 6t the same Ikith and order."

    Kbw, If one So humble andm obseufe aaiHiyaelf may dare to eritlelrjj anything Dr. Feudlelua may

    I will venture to say that "the lega of tiie iame are unequal." ''No member of om Baptist eliureh can claim It as a f i>A

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    •of mtiimUKtliir paekfatiil of f o t ^

    : fliiigit^iftj^flii of a tiuiforin Uw iipoii (the

    ••^Bo-jAii i^T^ wltUHDUgh Û ^̂ Uia ftip*

    liairifll^uUoD of l?Qnu«ylviiifla, inlght (ioiirur Um rlghU of to anolh«r, miiftot, by complying wl