(Planning) Assignment 26

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Transcript of (Planning) Assignment 26

(Planning) Assignment 26: Individual Pitch

(Planning) Assignment 26: Individual Pitch By Liam Howse

The sub-genre that Ive decided to pick is:Backwoods/Redneck

5 films of the Backwoods/Redneck genre Wolf Creek

Wrong Turn

Jeepers Creepers

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

The Hills Have Eyes

Conventions of the Backwoods genreLocation is set within a rural area where not many facilities are available. (In the film Jeepers Creepers, the house that they enter is in the middle of nowhere with no access to working telephones etc.)The primary victims of the killer is teenagers. (This is seen in Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Jeepers Creepers)Many Backwoods horror films start off with teenagers on spring break or holiday, and they are trapped in the middle of nowhere due to a car breaking down or another problem in which disables them from being able to keep travelling.Many conventions within Backwoods are similar to Slasher. Killer(s) commonly have a disability (This is seen within Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Hills have eyes)

What will happen?The OTS will begin with three teenagers riding bikes along paths near a rural location such as a forest or a field.They will then stumble across an abandoned tent or something that indicates that somebody has been thereAs they inspect it, they find what seems like blood trail leading from the tent. Getting curious, they start to look through the nearby forest.As they look through, one of the teenagers finds a body part laying on the ground.Ahead of the other two he notifies them that he has found something, the killer seemingly comes out of nowhere (You will never see the killer in the OTS as I intend to leave it anonymous) and stabs him in the back.This leads to the chase scene.Whilst running away, one of them trips and is then killed by the masked maniac.The last teenager, is seemingly lost in the forest and finds a place to hide for the time being from the killer. He tries to call someone for help, but he gets no signal. We then see the eventual death of the last teenager after he is heard breathing. End OTS

How am I meeting conventions?I am meeting conventions of the backwoods sub-genre as Im still incorporating a large proportion of the conventions within my OTS along with giving it a sense of originality with my own ideas. - I am setting it within its primary location (a forest) although I have altered the country in which it takes place. Furthermore, the place is fairly rural where there isnt access to many things, such as phone signal as shown within my plan of what will happen.

The killers victims within my OTS are teenagers in which is one of the main conventions

With the sub-genre taking aspects from slasher, Ive incorporated many aspects of the sub-genre as I intend to make at least one of the death scenes gory.

How am I being original?I am being original with my OTS as Im substituting the location of southern United States, with a English alternative. Even though me and my group would be unable to travel to a rural place in the south (i.e. Dorset, Devon), we can film in a variety of places in order for it to look like the British countryside. In order to fully indicate the location, I would need to add some sort of shot, or a line of dialogue to one of the characters. By doing this, it gives the sub-genre a English spin on it.

Narrative EnigmasIn terms of narrative enigmas, I dont want the OTS to tell to much as I want to build mystery into it. I wanted to leave the killer anonymous as if it was for a real movie, I would be able to produce a good and unique backstory to the character that hasnt been done before within the backwoods genre.

Who is the killer?Why are they being killed?Who did that tent belong to?Why did they pursue the trail of blood in the first place?

TargetsIn terms of targets I would like:To have good overall mise-en-scene in order to create the sense of realismTo have clean and good quality camera shots along with movement to produce a high quality video.To have a range of shotsTo have an interesting plot in order to draw in the audience.