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  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 33, 2014


  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 33, 2014


    W o r l d M a g s . n e t W o r l d M a g s . n e t

    W o r l d M a g s . n e t
  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 33, 2014


    WELCOMEIssue 32

    Photography for Beginners 3Share your shots at.. .

    For more great photo tips, head to photoforbeginners.comGet in touch with us Ask questions, leave feedback on the magazine or share your shots via the following social sites

    For more great photo tips, head to

    @PFBMag PFBMag PFB Magazine

    Welcome5 essential skillsyou will learnin this issue01 LIGHTING SKILLSLearn to manipulate the lightfor great shots on p18

    02 GROUP PORTRAITSDiscover the best settingsand composition tips on p38

    03 USING FILTERSTurn to p44 to see how an NDgrad can improve landscapes

    04 CONTROL APERTUREOn p52 we show you how toblur backgrounds and more

    05 ELEMENTS 12Master the latest version ofPhotoshop Elements on p58

    Photography is all about light. Its so important toget this fundamental element right if you want tocapture stunning shots, so this issue werebringing you a fantastic Beginners Guide tolighting on p18. Weve also got a guide to group

    portraits on p38 to help you get great shots offamily events and more and a 5 minute project onusing lters to improve landscapes on p44.

    Once youve perfected your shots, read our guideto Photoshop Elements 12 on p58 to enhancephotos even more. Dont forget to post yourcreations on the PFB gallery at and you might justget to see it in the mag! Enjoy the issue.

    Amy Squibb Editor

    Follow us at @PFBMag

    WELCOMEIssue 33

    Photography for Beginners 3W o r l d M a g s . n e t W o r l d M a g s . n e t

    W o r l d M a g s . n e t
  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 33, 2014


  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 33, 2014



    48 GET MONEYOFF ISSUES!SHOOT18 Tricks for perfect lighting

    Techniques, skills and DIY methodsfor beautifully lit shots of any subject

    29 Unlock essentialphoto secrets todayTips for composing, focusing, settingsand more for amazing photos every time

    38 Great group portraitsTake your best ever group shots withadvice on poses, modes and more

    44 Use ND grad lters forbetter landscapesCapture all the tones in your scenewith this essential accessory

    46 Fantastic reworksLearn how to recreate this amazingrework capture with simple tips

    50 Share a photo a daywith the Blipfoto appShoot and share only your very bestshots on this image-based app

    52 Why control your aperture?Understand the key to creating softbackgrounds and sharp landscapes

    EDIT58 Master Elements 12The great new features of the software

    made easy in simple to follow guides

    64 Selectively colour changeAlter hues completely in just four steps

    66 Easily correct exposuresusing DxO Optics ProSteps for adding a bit of punch tophotos with simple edits

    SHARE70 Make a website to

    showcase your shotsA step-by-step guide to usingSmugMugs online photo service

    72 Create a photobook fromyour Facebook accountUse Blurb to make a stylish albumfrom your social network shots

    74 Design a collageusing PictureCollage MakerA great way todisplay yourphotos

    S h a r e y

    o u r s h

    o t s

    p h o t o

    f o r b e g i

    n n e r s

    O r s e a r c

    h f o r P F

    B M

    CONTENTSIssue 33

    29Tricks revealed for pro-looking images

    Unlock essentialphoto secrets

    Turn to p32 to master manual

    Get balanced exposures on p33

    For back issues & more go to

    52 Easily create soft backgroundsMaster aperture

    Learn all about RAW over on p36

    W o r l d M a g s . n e t W o r l d M a g s . n e t

    W o r l d M a g s . n e t
  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 33, 2014


    6 Photography for Beginners

    Your photosWe love seeing the fantastic photos ourreaders send us each month, so wethought wed print our favourites right here! W I N!A S am sung 16G B memor y c ardE ve r y is s ue , on

    e w inner w i l l rece i ve a

    Samsung 16 GB SDHC me mor y

    ca rd

    or a pr i ze o f equa l va lue

    w w w. s am s k

    Fu l l te rm s a nd cond i t ion s

    a v a i l a b le on l ine

    6 Photography for Beginners


    W o r l d M a g s . n e t W o r l d M a g s . n e t

    W o r l d M a g s . n e t
  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 33, 2014

    7/100Share your shots at: Photography for Beginners 7

    YOUR PHOTOSReaders gallery

    Tyne BridgeThis is the Tyne Bridge readyfor the Great North Run. I useda polariser and tried stickingan ND8 over the top.Shot on: Canon EOS 550D, ISO200, f22, 40secSent in via: Email

    Reader: Andy Dodds

    YOUR PHOTOSReaders gallery

    Photography for Beginners 7Share your shots at: W o r l d M a g s . n e t W o r l d M a g s . n e t

    W o r l d M a g s . n e t
  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 33, 2014


    YOUR PHOTOSReaders gallery

    8 Photography for Beginners8 Photography for Beginners8 Photography for Beginners

    YOUR PHOTOSReaders gallery

    Reader: Silvia LiMirror SunriseI have just moved to a new area andwas glad to nd this lake close tohome for a peaceful sunrise."Shot on: Canon EOS 650D, 8-16mmlens at 16mm, ISO 100, f22, 0.3sec

    Reader: Derek DonnellyArch Bridge"This is the spectacular thirteen-archviaduct at Haltwhistle. I had to walkalong the riverside to get the photo."Shot on: Canon EOS 60D, ISO 100,f22, 1/3sec with 4x ND lter

    Reader: Telina WillisButtery

    This macro photograph wastaken in a tropical buttery house

    in Seaford, Ireland.Shot on: Fujilm FinePix S4400,

    ISO 200, f12, 1/160sec

    Reader: Jamie AkhurstDawn On The HeathThis was taken at Hotheld Heathlandsin Kent. We arrived half an hour beforesunrise to scout out the best position.Shot on: Canon EOS 60D, 10-20mm lensat 10mm, ISO 100, f13, 8sec

    Reader: Dave FlynnBut I Dont Want A BathThe setup was quite simple. It was ina conservatory that had light comingthrough the windows from the left andabove through the skylights. Thebackground is a simple bed sheet andthe props were purchased from anearby shop.Shot on: Nikon D90, 18-70mm lens at31mm, ISO 200, f4, 1/100sec

    W o r l d M a g s . n e t W o r l d M a g s . n e t

    W o r l d M a g s . n e t
  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 33, 2014


  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 33, 2014


    Buildings, bridges, landmarks and statues all makefantastic photography subjects, and best of all,they are so easy to nd. Whether you explore yourlocal area or travel a little further away, you willnever run out of fascinating structures to shoot. Itis also possible to get stunning shots with anycamera, as even your cameraphone can producegreat architectural images. Of course, it helps if youknow exactly how to photograph buildings in orderto get the most striking and dramatic shots, as thecomposition, lighting and even the focal length you

    use can play a big part in the nal look of yourphoto. In Issue 32, we took you through ouressential tips and tricks for taking great photos ofbuildings, and thenwe challenged youto send in your bestshots. Here is aselection of some ofthe excellentarchitecture shotswe received.

    ArchitectureOur Beginners Guide to shootingarchitecture can be found in PFB Issue 32. Get back issues from


    Your nextphoto challengePerfectly lit photography

    After reading this issues guide to great lighting, send usyour best well-lit shots that show you have been creativewith light. Enter by 27 December 2013 for a chance to win

    a MAGIX PhotoStory on DVD 2013 Deluxe.Prize may be substituted for an item of equal value.

    Full T&Cs available online.

    W IN!P hot oSt or y on DV D sof t w ar e Sendus y our shots for a chance to wina copyofMAGIX P hotoStory onDV D,cour tesyof w ww .mag hissof tware, which allows

    y ou to turnyourphotos into f antasticslideshows, iswor th70 / $7 0.

    St PaulsFor this shot, it was important to nd a

    vantage point that provided a frame. Iwas fortunate enough to nd some

    suitably positioned trees.Shot on: Nikon D90, 18-105mm lens at

    18mm, ISO 200, f10, 1/400sec

    Reader: Kevin Thornton

    10 Photography for Beginners


    W o r l d M a g s . n e t W o r l d M a g s . n e t

    W o r l d M a g s . n e t
  • 8/13/2019 Photography for Beginners - Issue 33, 2014


    Reader: Kathy OwnbeyTitle: Chapel In The Woods

    Reader: Amy-Lee WineldTitle: Warm Mill

    Reader: Tony WoodwardTitle: Gherkin

    Reader: Joe TylerTi