Photography for Beginners (A Video Course): The ... Videography for Beginners This is our main...

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Transcript of Photography for Beginners (A Video Course): The ... Videography for Beginners This is our main...

  • Photography for Beginners (A Video Course): The

    Easiest Way to Learn DSLR Photography from

    the Comfort of Your Home

    Kush Sharma

  • Copyright © 2020 by Creative Pad Photography and Kush Sharma

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any

    means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the

    author (Kush Sharma), except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial

    uses permitted by copyright law.


    Thank you for purchasing this course. I hope it really

    helps you in your journey of becoming a great

    photographer. Before you start please go through

    these important points:

    • The videos below are private videos on YouTube,

    available only to the people who have purchased

    this course. The only way to access these videos is

    through the links given below. So I request you not

    to share this PDF with anyone. PIRACY KILLS


    • As a bonus for purchasing this course, you can join

    our private group on Facebook, where you can

    post your shots and get reviews from other

    members in the group. Use the link below to join

    this group:


    The password is CreativePad1234567

  • • To access the videos, just click on the title or the

    image of the respective video, they will open up in

    the browser in YouTube or the YouTube mobile


    • Scroll down at the end of this document to see

    how you can get your certificate once you

    complete this course.

    Again, I thank you for giving me the chance to teach

    you photography. I hope you have a good time learning

    from this course. Good luck!

    Kush Sharma

    (Founder at Creative Pad Media)

  • Section 1: Introduction

    1. About me

    2. Taking your first warm-up shot

  • Section 2: Understanding the Lens

    3. How to attach and detach a lens

    4. Understanding Focal Length

  • 5. Auto-focus and Manual Focus

  • Section 3: Intro to Manual Mode

    6. Intro to Manual Mode and Learning How to Change the

    Values of Different Settings

  • Section 4: ISO

    7. Getting Started With ISO…

    8. What is ISO and what impact does it have on our shot?

  • 9. The relationship between ISO and Noise

    10. ISO and the light meter

  • Section 5: Shutter Speed

    11. Introduction to Shutter Speed

    12. Shutter Speed and Exposure

  • 13. Shutter Speed and Movement Part 1

    14. Shutter Speed and Movement Part 2

  • 15. Shutter Speed and Movement Part 3

    16. Bursting Balloon Exercise: Using Burst Mode and Fast

    Shutter Speed

  • 17. Light Painting Exercise Using a Slower Shutter Speed

  • Section 6: Aperture

    18. Introduction to Aperture

    19. Aperture and Depth of Field (Blurring the Background)

  • 20. The Relationship Between the Lens and F-stop number

    21. The Reciprocal Rule + Basic Aperture Exercise

  • 22. Using Aperture to Blur the Background in Portraits

  • Section 7: Using the Tripod

    23. Taking a more in-depth look into the Light Meter

    24. Using the Tripod to Shoot Noise-Free Shots

  • 25. Using the Tripod for Shots With a Slow Shutter Speed


  • Section 8: Some Important

    Settings, Functions and


    26. Using Auto-ISO to Make Your Photography Faster and


  • 27. Using Exposure Compensation and Metering Modes

    28. Using White Balance to Correct Colour Cast

  • 29. Rule of Thirds and the Technique of Focus and


  • Section 9: Flash Photography

    30. Introduction to Flash Photography

    31. A Demo to See the Importance of Flash

  • 32. Bouncing the Flash to Create Softer Light

    33. Using the Flash Off-Camera

  • Section 10: Landscape and HDR


    34. Landscape and HDR Photography Part 1

    35. Landscape and HDR Photography Part 2

  • 36. Landscape and HDR Photography Part 3

  • Section 11: Long Exposure


    37. How to Shoot Light Trails

    38. Shooting Silky Looking Waterfalls Using a Slow Shutter

    Speed and ND Filter

  • 39. How to Use a 10-Stop ND Filter

  • Section 12: Editing and Post-

    Processing 40. Introduction to Editing and How to Get Photoshop and

    Lightroom CC

    41. Basic Editing in Adobe Lightroom https://www.youtub