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Analysing Photographers Work.Kayna Baugh


Martin Parr 06/05/15 at 13:48Purpose: The purpose of Parrs photography is generally to entertain in an art setting.Analysis:In this image by Martin Parr there are many people denoted at the seaside in New Brighton on the edge of the pavement; by the sea. My initial reaction to this photograph was quite negative as the litter in the water put me off. It emphasises the dystopian side of the environment. Parrs photography style seems quite gritty and it unfavorably exaggerates reality. This leads me to believe the brief Martin Parr is working to asks him to denote Britain in a dismissive light. GenreThis photography comes under the photojournalism genre as the news of the current situation is being communicated through the imagery. Rules of photography This image was taken in a deep depth of field so everything is in focus. However, the composition allows people in the foreground to be more clearly visible and the figures in the background appear to be smaller. MeaningThe over-crowded beaches and litter in picture was taken to represent the economic struggle happening in Britain at that time. It was meant to appeal to the working class. As he was trying to capture their identity the most. This inspires me when thinking of my own photography because I can capture the social realism of Sheffield today.


Duncan Philpott 06/05/15 at 14:49Rules of Photography This photograph by Duncan Philpott was taken in natural lighting in a shallow depth of field as the flowers in the foreground are out of focus whereas the background is in focus. Purpose:This image was taken as a type of advertisement for web as Philpotts brief was to represent the city of Sheffield.Analysis/MeaningThis image was taken to capture the biker in the background effectively. He looks small but doesnt look too far away because the image was most likely taken with a long lens to compress the distance. I like this photograph because its quite calming as theres not too much going on and all the colours presented work well together. In my opinion, I think Duncan Philpott was most likely trying to capture the location in a positive way by showing all the nature. But I also think he was aiming to let the audience know its an active location where lots of sport happens by making the biker the focal point. Category/GenreTherefore, I would say Philpott is an outdoor sports photographer who tries to capture the identity of the location hes shooting in. When thinking about my own photography, this inspires me because I can take wide shots like this to capture a landscape effectively. I can also have juxtaposing textures appear in my image just like Philpott has done to add more detail. Although this image is simple, it tells a positive narrative that intrigue viewers and this is what I want to do. I personally, would ask the photographer what location this image was taken in and what time of day because I think the lighting adds to the overall effect of the picture as it sets the mood.


Russell James07/11/15 at 10:23 Purpose/GenreRussell James is a beauty/fashion photographer and I have chosen to analyse a piece of his work because fashion is one of my ideas for my final piece on identity. Generally his photographs are taken for print or art setting purposes.Analysis & MeaningKendall is the model photographed in this portrait image. She is denoted in a monochrome filter that gives the image eerie connotations. Not only this, but her blank facial expression and the high level of shadows gives the photo quite a suspicious feel overall. Therefore, she is the centre of interest. I think this was done to make it appear like Kendall is coming out of the shadows and into the light. I.e. out of a negative situation and into a more positive one. Therefore, this is the identity he is trying to capture. The shadows across her face and body seem to be those of tree branches. This and the fact she appears to have no clothes on suggests nature heavily influences this image. Rules of Photography I can tell this image was taken in a studio with artificial lighting because the background in dark but the models face is clearly litI like this photo because it captures the subject naturally (so I think this is beauty photography) and makes me think more about the deeper meaning of it. When I come to taking my own photographs I think I will use extra details (like James has done with the shadows) to create a deeper meaning behind the imagery.