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Photographers Inspiration (AS Photography)

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2. Eugenia LoliEugenia Loli focuses oncreating pieces of workthat are surreal and canbe interpreted in manydifferent ways.An example of thiswould be Oh, L'amourIn this specific piece, theface of the model hasbeen replaced, thisallows the work to bevisualized differently 3. Kerstin Stephan I want to make realitylook foreign to us again.Every day experienceshall strike the spectatoras the extraordinary.Real things from real lifewill look aloof in collage.This is my opportunityto re-see the world andto make thesubconscious visible. Kerstin Stephan 4. Linder SterlingSterling was known forher montages withimages from women'sfashion and domesticmagazines, particularlythose of domesticappliances, making apoint about the culturalexpectations of womenand the treatment offemale body as acommodity.