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Transcript of PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH - Amazon S3 PEACE LUTHERAN CHURCH 8240 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Kansas City,...


    8240 Blue Ridge Boulevard, Kansas City, Missouri 64138 

    Office: 816-353-3813  Fax: (844) 272-8926 Grow in Peace Child Care Center: (816) 353-3910

    Title Name Phone

    Senior Pastor David M. Rolf (816) 730-8923

    Pastor Emeritus John B. Schmid

    Dir. Child Care Carla Hamilton (816) 353-3910

    Music Director Karen Engebretson (816) 309-4930

    Secretary Deb Baldwin (816) 353-3813


    Heavenly Father, You gave Your Word to Your people through the prophets of old. As You used John the Baptist to prepare the way for the Lord, use this service now to prepare me so that I can receive Your Word and Sacraments faithfully and be strengthened in my faith and trust in Jesus Christ. It’s in His name that I pray, Amen.


    While we might consider ourselves relatively good the fact is we are naturally

    opposed to God and His plan for our lives. This nature and the things we do

    because of this nature result in “sin.” But God loves us and has overcome

    sin for us. He did this by sending His Son, Jesus, to bridge the gap

    created by sin. Now we are no longer separated from God because

    Jesus has brought us back together: “God was in Christ, reconciling the

    world to Himself, not counting their sins against them.” (II Corinthians

    5: 19) The one who believes this is a Christian.

    REGARDING HOLY COMMUNION. Members of sister Lutheran

    congregations are, of course, invited to join us at the Lord's Table. Others are

    requested to consult with the Pastor before communing with us the first time. In

    this way you will help us be responsible in our administration of the Sacrament –

    and you, in turn, will be blessed as you commune with us.

    NOTE: In the center of each communion tray are a few glasses with non-alcohol wine

    for those who are on alcohol restrictive medications or wish to abstain from alcohol

    for personal reasons.

    The Mission of Peace Lutheran Church is to equip and encourage

    Christ’s followers to grow in faith, share their faith and live out

    their faith.


    Peace Lutheran Church and Grow in Peace will present a Christmas Program

    Service today, December 13th at 3:00pm in the Church Sanctuary.

    Practice for this program will be on Saturday the 12 th

    ; 10:00 AM to Noon. If

    your child(ren) are able to join in the program they will

    also need to be at the practice. For the practice day you

    can drop off your child(ren) at 10 AM and then pick

    them back up at 12:00pm. (Shopping time for you!) For

    the program day you must stay present at the Church

    with your cild(ren) and enjoy the program and

    fellowship time afterwards. Most of GIP's children will

    be singing songs standing within the front pews and a

    few of them will dress as angels, shepherds, animals and

    such. Please look for a sign-up sheet on your child's

    classroom door for more info. When you place your

    child's name on the list we will make plans for them to

    perform the songs we will be singing.

  • Growing in Wisdom and

    in Grace at GIP...

    This week's Bible lesson is found in Numbers 21, The Bronze Snake, the

    Israelites has just defended the Canaanites after praying to God for

    help. God came through! Yet, the Israelites thought their trip was taking

    too long so they started to complain about the food God was

    providing. Due to their grumbling, God sent a poisonous snake among

    them causing the Israelites to realize their need to rely on the Lord. God

    told Moses to put a bronze snake on a pole, and when the Israelites

    looked at the snake with faith in God's promise, they would live. This

    week our focus was on patience and true thankfulness. Sometimes we

    are compelled to grumble and complain instead of looking toward

    God's many blessings. Even in our impatience we can be thankful God


    Bible words: "The Lord is a times of trouble." Psalm 9:9


    Praise God's Goodness (Worship)

    I'm Worried/I'm Scared (Circletime)

    Snake Measuring (Math)

    Follow the Leader (Social Game)

  • Expressions of Our Love to God

    In Worship

    Last Week Total

    95 8:30 AM –


    11:00 AM



    Bible Class


    Sunday Adult

    Bible Study –





    Thurs AM

    Bible Study


    In Offerings

    Offerings to



    Budget To





    General Fund $8,178.90; Flower Fund $9.50; Maintenance Contingency

    $50.00; Debt Reduction $50.00; Stoles $20.00; Music Ministry $100.00

    Those Serving Today

    8:30 AM 11:00 AM


    Gary Thurnau

    Bruce Johnson

    Reed McCubbin

    Ed Seutter

    Keith Kirchhoff

    Dave Loesch


    Lawrence Bellach

    Jim Clay

    Cliff Noah

    Dennis Rapp

    Greeters Dennis/Carol Head Jeff/Linda Gardner



    Altar Care Nita Runge

    Acolyte Kyrah Schroeter Clara Hampton


    The Sewing Bee will not be meeting in December.

    They will resume meetings on Monday, January 11, 2016

  • This Week at Peace

    Today The Third Sunday in Advent

    12/13 Education Hour 9:45 AM

    Advent Choral Service 10:00 AM

    Children’s Christmas Program 3:00 PM

    Monday No Sewing Bee


    Tuesday Knit/Crochet (M/M) 10:00 AM

    12/15 LWML Executive Board Mtg 7:00 PM

    Wednesday GIP Chapel 9:00 AM

    12/16 Advent Service 3:00 PM & 7:00 PM

    Thursday John Knox Bible Study 9:30 AM

    Knit/Crochet (M/M) 5:30 PM

    12/17 Adult Choir 6:30 PM

    Praise Team 7:30 PM

    Friday Pastor’s Day with Family




    Sunday The Fourth Sunday in Advent

    12/20 Traditional Service 8:30 AM

    Education Hour 9:00 AM

    Contemporary Service 11:00 AM

  • Advent Services - Wednesdays 2, 9, & 16 of Dec. - (3:00 PM, 7:00 PM)

    Advent Choral Service - 13th Dec. - (9:00 AM Education Hour, 10:00 AM Blended Service)

    Christmas - Christmas Eve – Thurs., 24th

    Dec. - 6:00 PM Christmas Day – Fri., 25th Dec. - 10:00 AM New Year's Eve – Thurs; Dec. 31st - (3:00 PM, 7:00 PM) with communion No Services on News Year Day.

    ADVENT SERIES We will be using an advent theme titled “The

    Word and the Wonder” during the Wednesday

    night services, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

    In conjunction with this series, we will be using an

    Advent sermon series for Sundays titled “The King

    is Coming”.

    CONGREGATIONAL CHRISTMAS CARD The Congregational Christmas Card is in the entry. Wish your fellow members at Peace a joyous and blessed Christmas by signing your name jto the card. Donations placed in the box by the card will be given to Beautiful Savior Lutheran Home in Belton. Please make your checks payable to “Peace LWML”.

    Note: There will be no Sunday School on December 27

    GIP will close at 3:00 PM on Christmas Eve

    GIP Will be closed on Christmas Day

    GIP will be closed on New’s Year’s Day

    No Book Club Meeting in December

    No Circle Meetings in December

    No Elder’s Meeting in December

    No Worship Board Meeting in December

  • Pastor will be hosting a new class designated for non-members

    interested in learning more about the Lutheran faith. If you know

    someone that might be interested in learning

    more about our Lutheran faith (like a neighbor or

    friend) please let them know about this class and

    encourage them to attend. This class will have

    three (3) sessions on Thursday evenings from 6:00

    PM to 7:00 PM. The dates are January 7th, 14th,

    and 21st. For more information about this class

    please contact Pastor Rolf.

    LWML has boxed

    Christmas Cards for sale for $5.00 per box. PLEASE JOIN US THIS SUNDAY, DECEMBER 13TH AT ST. MATTHEW LUTHERAN CHURCH (700 NE Chipman Road, Lee’s Summit) as our Music Department presents their annual Christmas Concert. Two bell choirs, two chorale groups, and the concert band will all perform a variety of Christmas carols. Tell your friends and family about this opportunity to come share the holiday spirit with us!

    New Class on Lutheran Faith


    Prayer Chain: Peace prayer chain members take the prayer needs of friends and members of Peace to the Lord in times of need. If you have a need for prayer, please call the church