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News for Gods People at Peace With Christ Lutheran Church

June 2016

Peace With Christ Lutheran Church

1412 West Swallow Road

Fort Collins, Colorado 80526



Church Staff & Church Council Listing....Page 3

The Dais.Page 4

Letter from PreschoolPage 7

Marilyns MemoPage 9

Youth ActivitiesPage 10

LWMLPage 11

Council Minutes Minute.Page 12

News & Announcements

Vacation Bible School (VBS)Page 15

Church Picnic......Page 15

Pastoral Call...Page 16

Staff Letter to MichaelPage 17

RMHS Lunch Thank You .Page 17

Anniversaries....Page 18

Birthdays..Page 18

Peace With Christ Staff & Leadership

Church Staff

Richard PiersonPastor, 970-597-0218

Renee HeinPreschool Director

Marilyn LasichYouth Coordinator

Marcy PetagoOffice Manager

Church Elders with telephone numbers

Ray Kaiser, 223-0987

Dan KrueckebergWorship Elder, 988-1168

Brian LaceyStaff Elder, 213-9056

Wes NiermanHead Elder, 226-5936

Aaron Peterson, 988-3656

Michael Rohlfs, 482-2663

Church Council

Larry SiegfriedPresident

Loren WiesnerVice President

Karen CarlsonSecretary

Claude FranceTreasurer

Amy HoyEarly Childhood Preschool Chairperson

Mark Geisler & Emily GeislerEducation Chairperson

Loren WiesnerEndowment Fund Committee Chairperson

Karen GrovesEvangelism Chairperson

Pat Juchartz & Connie JesserFellowship Chairperson

Betty KeeneyHands in Harmony Chairperson

Drew HoffnerHead Trustee

Teri FrerichsMissions & Ministry Chairperson

Lori FrenchYouth Ministry Chairperson

Prayer Chain

Cheryl HarsenCoordinator Phone #229-1459

The Dais

My Grace Is Sufficient


Blessed Is the Man Whos Lost It All

For some of you it was glaringly obvious; for others, you might not have even noticed. But regardless of whether you caught it or not, the fact remains that something was missing from last months Broadcast, namely, my article.

As the deadline crept closer in its steady, impending way, I racked my mind trying to come up with something to write about. There were a few initial ideas, but they just wouldnt bloom. Soon, time came around to where I needed to be finished two hours ago, and I had to admit that an article, even a poorly written one, just wasnt going to happen. It was time to print, and I wasnt going to hold up the works. I had nothing, couldnt conjure a sentence worth writing, and I simply and finally had to own that fact.

Sometimes, thats how life isyou just have nothing. Nothing to give, nothing to spend, nothing to use, nothing to say. You have no ideas, no energy, no resources, no inspiration, no goodwill, no back-up plan, no patience, no peace.

There are all sorts of ways you can have nothingfrom daily essentials like food to the more abstract things like meaningful relationships. I could make a long list here, but Ill bet you know what I saying.

For many of us the idea of having nothing evokes some discomfort because we like having; to have this, have that, have whatever. We live in a culture oriented around having, and tend to view lack as an absolute evil to be avoided at all cost. In our day, having nothing is the worst thing that can happen to you.

Or maybe its the best thing that can happen to you.

When youve lost it all, thats when you truly come to understand mercy.

When we have nothingwhen we stop pretending we have a fighting chance to extricate ourselves from the depths of our lack

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and just own it; when we commit to the reality of our having nothing and throw ourselves at anothers mercythis is when the grace comes. Thats because grace is a thing thats underserved; its a thing thats precisely for those who have nothing.

This can happen for those who lack temporal needs and could use some grace, some mercy. Often others will provide help, and this is a gracious thing; we call that being merciful. But the truth is that, regardless of our prosperity or lack thereof, all of us are missing at least one thing, and the most needful one at that: righteousness. Whether youre wealthy or destitute, theres one thing you cant acquire on your own and that no person can give to you: the righteousness that makes you right with God. It turns out that, with reference to God, were all in the worst kind of povertyspiritual poverty. We have nothing that argues for him to accept us. But such a poverty makes us ready to receive what God has to give, since those who have nothing are most prepared to receive mercy. And mercy is something that God loves to dole out.

Unfortunately, its too common that we are spiritually proud. Realistically, were starving, naked, and homeless, and yet well still bristle at the idea of asking for some mercy. Even in our deepest destitution, we believe the lie that we still have something, anything, to contribute, to give, to cash in. But what we really need is that moment of sober clarity, where we see the magnitude of our lackour utter, spiritual depravity before Godand turn to him for grace. And its in that moment when weve lost it all that God gives us everything.

So, thenblessed is the man whos lost it all.

By the work of the Spirit through the Word, God dismantles the tasty lie convincing us of a capacity that we just dont have. And because were astoundingly recalcitrant, the Spirit works on us in this way throughout our lives lest we come to believe that, somehow, were no longer poor. The Spirit rouses us to estimate our true station and our lack before God, and in these we are brought to

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repentance, given divine forgiveness, and are stood back on our feet with the strength of God.

When St. Paul wrestled with the thorn in his flesh, he pleaded with God to remove it from him. But then Paul says God actually gave it to him to keep him from becoming conceited. Pauls situation was purposely without remedy so that he would learn about Gods mercy. Gods response to Paul, then, says everything, and it speaks to us, too: My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.

Think about thatpower in weakness. It makes no sense; theyre contradictory ideas. And beyond that, we live in a world where power begets power, not weakness. But what God reveals is that his kingdom, his reign in creation, doesnt operate the way the world does. His preference isnt those who can, but those who cant, because empty vessels are the only ones you can fill. If were full to the brim with that which is not God, then there is no room left for him. But emptinesshaving nothing, admitting it, and throwing yourself to graceis how God starts his new life in you. And he points you to one who had everything, yet forsook it to make himself poor to be like you; to identify with you, to stand in your place, and not simply dispense the mercy of God but to be the mercy of God for you. Jesus became nothing to give you everything.

He is the exemplar of power in weakness. Jesus let wicked men sentence him to death unjustly and allowed them to carry it out, and in this appearing helpless, dying, doomed. Yet in that death he secures salvation for all who simply trust in his righteousness; who say I have nothing, but youve promised to fill my lack with your abundance, and thats all I need.

Thats gracea thing not yours, not deserved, but given anyway. And Gods grace is sufficient; it fills up our emptiness so that were not just filled, but overflow with his life. Thats not a life thats lacking, thats a life thats abundant; theres so much grace that its running over the brim. And God, in Christ, has plenty more.

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So, maybe its that having nothing is the best thing that can happen to you, because its when youve lost it all that you truly come to know the abundance of Gods mercy, and its when youre empty that theres plenty of room for you to be filled.

Grace & Peace,


A Letter from Preschool

Dear PWC friends,

Gods Promises Preschool is a School and Mission of Peace With Christ Lutheran Church, Fort Collins, Colorado.

This year your Preschool provided 22 children with a Christian education that helped their minds and hearts to grow with knowledge and love of Jesus. Additionally, we had the pleasure of including TWO students from China that showed the children that Gods love crosses cultures. In order to continue to provide these great faith based learning opportunities for children, your Preschool relies on the support of the congregation through prayers and budget support. Currently that support is around 9% of the churchs budget. For those of you who have a special place for the Preschool in your heart and who are able to give beyond your normal tithing, please consider one of the following ways to give.

Ways to help:

GENERAL GIFTS: a general gift is undesignated and will be used in whatever area the need is the greatest. These gifts are useful because they are flexible in helping the Preschool.

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DESIGNATED GIFTS: These gifts are generally for a specific program, capital purchases, scholarships, etc. The donor specifies how these funds are used.

MEMORIALS: These gifts may be made in honor of a special person, special event, or in memory of a