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    Peace Offerings The Newsletter of Peace Lutheran Church

    November-December 2018

    Peace Lutheran Church Rev. Terry L. McKee, Pastor Office: 352.489.5881

    7201 South Highway 41 Pastor’s cell: 352.817.8161

    Dunnellon, Florida 34432 Email:

    Our Mission: We are a family of Christians called, equipped and empowered by the Holy Spirit to proclaim the

    saving Gospel of Jesus Christ in word and deed through God’s holy Word and Sacraments.

    To my Peace family

    Blessings to all!!! The holidays

    are fast approaching. As they do we

    remember those less fortunate by col-

    lecting toys for Toys-For Tots and by

    handing out gift cards for families in

    need. As we have been blessed let us

    bless others. As we gather for our

    mid-week Advent worship we will fo-

    cus on the “Songs of our Savior” from

    the Gospel of Luke. There are three

    Wednesday opportunities to come and

    prepare for the birth of Christ Decem-

    ber 5th, 12th, and 19th. We will hear

    Mary’s song as she receives the news

    that she is the one chosen to give birth

    to the Savior of the world. And we will

    hear from Zechariah as his tongue is

    loosed and he celebrates God’s gift of

    a son, John the Baptist, cousin of Je-

    sus. And then we will celebrate with

    Simeon as the promise is fulfilled and

    he beholds the Son of God.

    I know we all get busy and find

    many reasons not to come together for

    these special Advent services during

    this hectic time of year but let us re-

    member what this season is all about,

    who this season is all about. Let us

    come together in fellowship and song

    as we prepare once again to welcome

    our Savior and as we look forward to

    His return.

    We are truly blessed, and, as we

    have been blessed, our Lord calls us

    to bless others. This begins here with

    our brothers and sister of Peace. It

    has been difficult getting volunteers to

    give of their time and talents. We are

    currently looking at hiring someone to

    clean our house here at Peace

    because we can’t get enough

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    volunteers. We are required by our

    constitution to have a church council,

    yet we can’t get people to fill the

    positions as they become vacated. My

    plea is that each of us become

    blessings to others as we are blessed.

    Pray that God would find a way for

    you to serve.

    May God continue to bless us

    and use us in the new year!



    President's Message

    Dear Peace Family,

    Good Morning, Hope everyone is

    feeling Blessed. First, I want to

    say THANK YOU !! to Becky

    Williams for serving as Financial

    Secretary for the last 3.5 years, and

    Rita Cowen for serving first as

    Secretary then as Treasurer for the

    past four years. These ladies have

    worked very hard at Peace they

    stepped in when there were

    unexpected vacancies to fill. Many

    hours were spent doing the various

    tasks involved with these positions.

    We will certainly miss both of you.

    Gods Blessings to both of you.

    We are getting ready to elect our

    Council. If there is a position you are

    interested in, please add your name to

    the list of available positions. We are

    looking for a Financial Secretary, a

    Treasurer, and Trustees.

    . I'm asking everyone at Peace to look

    in your hearts. There are so many

    behind the scene things that we do at

    our Church. I see the same people

    working these functions, setting up the

    tables and chairs, putting out the place

    settings, cooking the food, serving,

    cleaning up after these meals, the

    church hall has to be taken down. If

    you can stay and help please do. To

    those of you who are always there I

    applaud you. Thank you, Randy

    Preim for inquiring about the cleaning


    I want to thank all of those who are

    Involved with the community meal.

    As you all know every third Monday

    of the month we are serving a free

    meal to anybody in the area looking

    for a good home cooked dinner, we all

    know that Lutherans are the best


    Thank you, Bob Sullivan for heading

    up the Toys for Tots again this year.

    Don't forget to bring in something for

    the underprivileged kids who wouldn't

    have a Christmas if it wasn't for

    organizations like Toys for Tots and

    Churches like ours.

    Thanksgiving, Advent and Christmas

    are right around the corner. Hope to

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    see everyone at Church. Let’s fill up

    the Church. Amen.

    Gods Blessings,

    Garry Kurth




    August 13, 2018

    Present: Garry Kurth, Rita Cowan,

    Rebekah Williams, Dennis Witzgall,

    Jerry Robertson, Yvonne Conner and

    Pastor Terry McKee.

    President Garry Kurth called the

    meeting to order and Pastor McKee

    opened the meeting with prayer.

    Correspondence: A thank you card

    was received from Romeo Elementary

    School expressing appreciation for the

    school supplies and backpacks which

    Peace supplied for their students. The

    card has been posted on the bulletin

    board in the Fellowship Hall. Pastor

    McKee mentioned that the Yoga class

    included their thanks for use of our

    facilities when they donated this


    Minutes: The minutes of July’s

    meeting were accepted as printed.

    President’s Comments: Garry Kurth

    informed the Council that because

    Rita Cowan will be stepping aside as

    Treasurer at the end of this year with

    one year remaining in her term, there

    will be a vacancy to fill for 2019 and it

    is hoped whoever accepts appointment

    to the position will be willing to be

    elected to it for 2020-2021.


    Financial Secretary: Becky

    Williams provided the Fund Summary

    for July and pointed out that the figure

    for the SBA Tower Fund is for two

    months. We have not received any

    monies for paper recycling for the

    year 2018 to date. The check we

    received in April was for the last

    quarter of 2017. These monies are

    designated for Toys for Tots. The

    summary was accepted as presented.

    Treasurer: Rita Cowan provided the

    Treasurer’s report for July. It was

    accepted as presented.

    Trustees: There was no report from

    the Trustees. Pastor McKee

    mentioned that the air conditioning in

    the large classroom is not cooling and

    he will call Dunnellon Air & Heat to

    schedule repair. We are waiting for a

    part to complete the repair of a lawn


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    Scrip: There was no report on the

    balance of the Scrip account. Barbara

    Miesen will be resigning as the

    facilitator at the end of this year and

    the position will be open.

    Elders: The Elders have divided

    responsibility for the membership

    between themselves. They are

    encouraging Pastor McKee to take

    vacation time. If no retired pastor is

    available to preach and consecrate the

    communion elements, there will be

    Lay Sundays during Pastor’s absences,

    a member of the congregation will

    read a prepared sermon and

    there will be no communion. Pastor

    said there are several retired LCMS

    pastors in the area, however, most no

    longer wish to provide pulpit supply.

    Pastor: Pastor McKee reported that

    Bobby Boggess has requested a

    peaceful release from membership for

    himself and his young daughter Emily.

    Motion was made by Jerry Robertson,

    seconded by Dennis Witzgall, and

    unanimously approved to grant this


    Motion was made by Jerry Robertson,

    seconded by Dennis Witzgall, and

    unanimously approved to officially

    receive into membership, with

    ratification of this action at the next

    Voters’ Assembly meeting, the

    following individuals: Charles

    Beyerlein, Mona Bermudez, Korene

    Clemings, James and Jean Crapps, Bill

    and Linda Neblock, Donna Race and

    Connie Smith.

    Pastor will be attending a conference

    August 24-26. He will also attend the

    circuit forum September 19 in

    preparation for the next Synodical

    Convention to be held in Tampa.


    Monthly Community Meal: As a

    follow-up to the Council’s approval

    for a