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description Great marketing options for party holidays, hotels and destination who offer access to nightlife and party ambiance by day and night.

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  • 1. PARTY TIMEApril 2012 World Top PartyDestinations MarketingPARTY HOLIDAYS IN TOP DESTINATIONS AXSES latest tourismthe program. The Programmarketing initiative is the provides selected cos withWorld Travel Site for the fun advertorials, video promotion,party crowd; http://party-blogging and a high The first Press Release.edition features the St.Lawrence Gap and the hotels AXSES creates the video andthat have subscribed to AXSES blog, also publishing both toSocialIndexEngine (SIE) Brand many sites to build your socialMarketing.index and search results. Thevideo can also be displayed on AXSES invites tourismthe brands own website and resorts, hotels, activities andoperators, car rentals andused in many othertourism options in eachdestination are featuredrestaurants to participate in promotional options.[1]

2. What you getDESTINATION1. a short advertorial on party destinations.comlinking to your website directly2. a short SIE video on your offer3. an SIE blog with your video embedded in it4. links directly to your website. Creates Search Engine Authority and direct leads5. an SIE promo that will post your video tovideo site and our social media indexnetwork6. a secondary SIE promo that will post yourblog to the network7. an SIE Press Release (PR)- typically our PRsare read by several thousand users andpicked up by top media broadcasters*PR is Multimedia optimized with Photos, Video and SIE collateral.Photos and Video Published Yellow Bird Hotel in the Gap[2] 3. NICHE SITEOptional - SIE* Custom Website for Party Holidays We can build your SIE* landing page Website to create more authority, better search optimization and give you a better sales funnel and more bookings. The new site is integrated with your own site and address such as or 1. better search engine placement 2. SIE* optimized website 3. SIE* optimized booking engine 4. SIE* lead capture and sales funnel 5. better conversion & more bookings * SIE: SocialIndexEngine is a proprietary technology by AXSES that combines travel marketing, content marketing with blogs, articles and video, across all channels including mobile, broadcast, narrowcast and social media to create viral powered brands. I It is a complete social media management and brand marketing system that drives business directly to tourism companies.SocialIndexEngine *customized niche marketing *website for your brand[3] 4. Deal!PARTY PLACES The real cost of each of the main 4 components is$750 each (Video Blast, Blog Blast, PR Blast, NicheAdvertising) $3,000.00US. And this packagecontains several extras like separate promos of thevideo and blog and video for your own site.Value: $3,000Plus ongoing website promotionJust $1,500 USlimited time we are offerIt is probably the best value for money you will findanywhere if you are interested in targeting a toptravel markets.BUT HURRY! Only a limited number of hotels,restaurants, car rentals, dive companies, sailing andtour operators are accepted and promoted in anyone party location.Check out our sites as we add them and contact us immediatelyto reserve your option. FeatureWe Build it,your hotel topManage it and DestinationsPromoMarket it [4] 5. EXCLUSIVE In this first stage of Party-DestinationsSocialIndexEngine (SIE) Campaign, AXSES promotesBarbados St. Lawrence Gap. We expect to add otherOFFER island hot spots shortly.In order to be fair to sponsors, the offer will always besomewhat exclusive and very limited. Party-Destinationswill feature a few hotels and restaurants and a singleactivity of each kind in each location.AXSES plans a series of videos for each campaign. Eachwill highlight some aspect of the destination. All will beabout fun-filled holidays. There are many marketingsegments and many keywords by which travelers willsearch for party holidays and fun vacations.We thoroughly analyze which words and phrases aremost searched for and by what demographic. We look atthe competition and study their tactics. We also look attrends, which words are trending and by whatgeographic area. We evaluate our competitive edge, tryto build a unique selling position and determine whattactics are required and which will have the best chanceof successfully dominating search results.From this we build a marketing strategy and build ourvideo, articles, blogs, social platforms, networks andcontent accordingly.Each promo, video and blog will be oriented to thesearch keywords and to specific demographics andbudgets. As the marketing moves on to new locations,the process will be repeated. The project will create apremier website for each marketed destination, one thatwill rank on the first page of all search engines withrelevant results.This Content Marketing with videos, blogs and socialmedia is the new form Search Engine and follows on the very successfullaunch of several SIE* campaigns such as [5] 6. AXSES TRAVEL PROMOS &SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGPowered by arcRes TourismPublishing TechnologyHOTELS, TOURISM OPERATORS& DESTINATIONS Interactive Advertising Publishing Distribution Featured Promo http://SocialIndexEngine.comSmartphoneTraveller | Specials &Packages | Facebook | e-Commerce |PODHOTEL & TOURISM MARKETINGMarketingPowered byAXSES SIEPublishing AXSES TOURISM MARKETING & PUBLISHING PO Box 16B, Baslen House Kingston Terrace Bridgetown, St. Michael, BB11090 Tel 246 429 2653 support (at) AXSES INC. 211 Kennedy Rd Boutiliers Point Nova Scotia Canada, B3Z 1V5