Paladin Security - Crush your Sales Quota with Social Media

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Paladin Security - Crush your Sales Quota with Social Media

Transcript of Paladin Security - Crush your Sales Quota with Social Media

  • 1.With @ShaneGibson

2. 1. Your social graph impacts closing deals andgenerating leads.2. Become an expert content curator, buildcredibility & influence3. Social search and monitoring to find opportunitiesand gather business intelligence.4. Using Hootsuite and social CRM to make socialnetworking easy and profitable to manage. 3. is about creating anenvironment where an act offaith can take place 4. Value added frequent contact consistentlyover time. More value and more time means moretrust 5. 81% of all conversion businesshappens after the 5th value addedcontact. 6. @Keenan 7. Its not aboutB2B or B2C it isreally aboutperson [email protected] 8. Owned?Earned?Paid?Build YourOwn ATM 9. Nano-Markets 10. CATEGORYUSERS NON-USERSRETAIN DEVELOP REGAIN GAINAAbsoluteBBeneficialCConvenientHigh Yield& LargerInvestmentLower Yield& SmallerInvestmentPro-Active &High Relation-ship SellingPassive &Lower Rela-tionship SellingThe ABCs of Targeting 11. Calls1st2nd3rd4th5th &OnwardConverted2 of 1003 of 984 of 9510 of 9181 of 81Percentage2%3%4%10%81%(100 Competitors Clients Converted) 12. LinkedIn Groups Personal Facebook Interest Lists Google Alerts 13. Sharing Tools Industry Blogs Google Alerts Geographic and Vertical Specific News Experts list Zite 14. Set a recurring appointment with Acategory connections. Curate great content to stay on their radar Proactively build lists and interact Monitor search tools and Hootsuite Tie it all together with Nimble or SCRM