How to Leverage Account Based Sales Development to Crush Q4 Quota

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How to Leverage Account Based Sales Developmentto Crush Q4 Quota

Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. Welcome to this session of the Q4 Crash Course virtual conference. 1

Brandon Redlinger

Director of Growth at

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AgendaExample PlaysBuilding Your PlaybookTeam Selling


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Team Selling

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Get your team involved!Product and engineering teamsMarketingSales developmentSales consultingCompany executivesAccount executivesCustomer successSupportAccounts receivableIt Takes a Village

Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. In her book Whale Hunting with Global Accounts, Barbara Weaver Smith explains that todays buyer wants to meet the subject matter experts and everyone else on your team. This begs the question: if people want to buy from the whole team, why do we only expose them to certain members during certain times?It takes village! Everyone needs to get involvedProduct and engineering teamsmake something to sellMarketingfinds and nurtures the accountsSales developmentqualifies and sets the stageSales consultinggives a great demoCompany executives provide executive alignment and supportAccount executivesnegotiate and close the businessCustomer successonboards and trainsSupportfixes problems along the wayAccounts receivablegets the money5

Account ExecutiveMarketing Ops

SDR Manager

Account ManagementCoaches

Sales /AE



Sales Ops

VP, Sales

Demand GenQBsPlayers

Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. Its helpful to look at us using a football analogy.

Players execute on the play working together as a team. Use every member to reach out.

QB Call the play, ie, lets run this play at this account.

Coach writes the playbook. Usually the marketing manager or SD manager. Ideally them working together.


Discover and map the important roles inside every target accounts buying team. It could look something like this: InitiatorDecision MakerBuyerInfluencerUserGatekeeperMapping Your Targets Org

Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. In order to know which players on your team to put in play, you have to first know who is on the other side of the table by mapping out their org.

The key is to find and map the important people and their roles inside every buying team. : Initiator: the person who starts the decision-making process. Decision Maker: who makes the actual purchase decision. Buyer: who selects the suppliers and manages the buying process. Influencer: who contributes to the specifications and evaluation. User: who actually uses the product or service. Gatekeeper: who controls the flow of information in and out of the company7

Building Your ABSD Playbook

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Number of TouchesDiversity of ChannelsTiming of TouchesContent of TouchesEssential Elements for Effective Plays

Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. While some experts say 5 while others say 17, there is no magic number that will guarantee a reply. The main point to drive home is that you need more than one touch. One trait of the best sales reps is determination the best dont give up easily! Using the right technology (like Engagio, wink wink) you can easy set up Plays with a defined number of touches. If you want your reps to reach out 10 times, this is a great way to ensure this happens.

A touch doesnt always have to mean an email touch either. In fact, it shouldnt mean only email. You must diversify your channels and use a mix of phone, email, social, physical mail and any other channel you know will help you get in front of the right people.

Timing is important. Be caution of the gurus that proclaim 10am on Tuesday is the best time to send emails because then everyone starts sending email at that time. Now guess which time becomes the worst time to send emails? The advice here is know your audience and test. 8:50am and 6:10pm are general good times to reach executives because the gatekeeper is not in the office. But this is a terrible time to reach entry and associate level employees because theyre not in the office either.

Lastly, the content of your message is largely going to determine whether you come across as an annoying pest or welcomed guest. (Next slide)


The StatisticsITSMA75% of executives will read unsolicited marketing materials that contain ideas that might be relevant to their business.


Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. According to research by the ITSMA, 75% of executives will read unsolicited marketing materials that contain ideas that might be relevant to their business. Think about that for a second. In an age when email response rates are at an all-time low, and only continue to drop, a high percentage of high level execs admittedly are willing to read your messages. 10

Avoid at all costs!

Instead:Reemphasize business valueOffer insightEducate Share news

The Touching Base Email

Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. Based on all the research youve done, you should have more to say than Touching base or following up or checking in

Reemphasize business value.Its all about what you can do for the prospect. Find a way to show them value. Talk to their pain points.Offer insights. make it about them. It could be sharing a different way to approach their problems or a novel idea for how they can reach their goals.Educate.Dont pitch in your follow ups. Instead, offer a piece of valuable content, whether its a whitepaper, ebook, webinar recording, case study, etc.Share news.Why do you think social media is so addictive? One reason is that people want to stay up on news. They dont want to miss out on anything. Follow up with prospects by sending them relevantindustry news, product updates, or competitive announcements.


Example Plays

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Some of Our PlaysHandoff PlaysDeal Acceleration PlaysExecutive Alignment PlaysUpsell/Cross-Sell PlaysConference Meeting PlaysUser Onboarding PlaysCustomer Marketing PlaysCustomer Renewal PlaysAccounts Receivable PlaysTrigger Event PlaysShake the Tree PlayChurn Play

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Executive Alignment PlaysConnect your executives with executives at customers and prospectsBuilt with highly-relevant emails It can also include direct mail and targeted ads

Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. Design and run a Play to connect your executives with executives at a prospects account. This will be built around highly-relevant emails that come directly from your executives. But it can also include direct mail and targeted ads in places like LinkedIn to raise your brands profile just as you begin to outbound to the executive.


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Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. What will happed is Will, the play owner, will queue this up for Jon, our CEO so that all Jon has to do is go in and add any personalization he wants and approve. Then off it goes! 16

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Deal Acceleration PlaysSales Development and Marketing to support the AE Touch influencersTargeted Account Based advertising and retargeting programsRepurpose content and add personalization and customization

Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. Sales Development and Marketing doesnt stop when the account moves into the deal stages. A Play that surrounds the account with broader awareness, and that reaches influencers that the AE isnt talking with works wonders for this. Targeted Account Based advertising and retargeting programs are a great tactic here. Repurpose content and add personalization and customization


Customer Renewal PlaysManage and automate the ideal 180-day, 90-day, 60-day, 30-day, and 15-day interactionsAll-hands on deck Play

Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. Renewals are the lifeblood of many B2B and SaaS companies. A well-designed Play can manage and automate the ideal 180-day, 90-day, and 30-day interactions that lead to increased renewals. This is an all-hands on deck Play with notes from Account Execs, Customer Service and senior executives.19

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Shake the Tree PlayWhen an account goes cold Personalized email from our Sales ManagerNext email comes from Engagios CEO to the executive sponsor Then an email from our VP of Customer SuccessAnd an engineer or marketing manager

Copyright 2016, Engagio Inc. At Engagio, we have a Play that an account executive can use if an account goes cold after showing initial interest. The first step is a personalized email from our Sales Manager to their main point of contact. If that doesnt drive a response, the next email comes from Engagios CEO to the executive sponsor at the prospects company. Next is an email from our VP of Customer Success. If that still doesnt work, we try a very different approach, such an email from an individual engineer or marketing manager. By switching personas, styles, and messages, were far more likely to reactivate the account than if the AE alone kept persisting.


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