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IN THE NAME OF ALLAH, MOST BENEFICIENT,MOST MERCIFUL Praise to Be Allah, Lord Of The World, The Beneficent, The Merciful, Owner Of The Day Of Judgments, Thee (alone) We Worship; Thee (alone) We Ask For Help. Show Me The Right Path, The Path Of Those, Whom Thoa Hast Favored, Not (the path) Of Those Who Earn Thins Anger Nor Of Those Who Go Astray.



TABLE OF CONTENTSPreface Acknowledgement 1. Executive summary A. The opportunity B. The description of the business C. Competitive advantage D. The target market E. The management team F. Brief summary of the financial projections G. Business needs H. Exit strategy for the investors 2. The business A. The opportunity B. Description of the business C. Vision, Mission and Slogan D. Current status and requirements 3. Management team A. Management team B. Boards of directors C. Boards of advisors D. Key professional service providers 4. Company structure, intellectual property and ownership A. Organizational Chart B. C. A. B. C. D. E. D. A. B. E. A. B. C. D. Legal Structure Industry analysis Industry description Target market Competitive position SWOT Analysis PEST Analysis Marketing plan Pricing strategy Promotions and advertisement Operations plan Application Form Moving Information Service delivery Quality control 05 06 07 07 07 07 08 08 09 09 09 10 11 12 13 13 14 14 15

16 17 19 22 24 27 28 30 32 41 42 43 44


F. A. B. C. D.

Critical risk factors Management risks Marketing risks Operations risks Financial risks

45 46 46 46

G. A. B. C. D. E.

Financial plan Capital requirement Financial projections Income statement Balance sheet Financial Ratios

47 49 55 56 57



In Master of Business Administration, Entrepreneurship is a Key subject which gives opportunity to students in practical field.

The most important point in Entrepreneurship is that the student should spend their time in a true manner and with the spirit to learn practical orientation of theoretical study framework.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTWe would take this opportunity to thank Mr.Basheer Ghuman, our teacher for the course of Entrepreneurship at the International Islamic University Islamabad, for his valuable support and encouragement which he has offered. His teaching method and words of wisdom will always be remembered, and we are convinced that the knowledge of Entrepreneurship that he has imparted to all of us would help to effectively and efficiently understand and implement the rules and concepts of Entrepreneurship.


1. Executive SummaryA. The Opportunity Need to be filledAs the large cities like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi people facing the problems while shifting their home. There is a need of proper company that solves their problem of shifting their household goods. So, there is an opportunity gap in the market and we going to launch our company to fill this gap.

Opportunity to facilitate the people who are living in rented houses, flats, shops etc. Due to fast city life, people are more inclined towards using such services. Expensive and luxurious households, demands great care while shifting. There is no proper business which is providing this service. Local shifting services lack proper guidance and training. To get rid of conventional procedure of packing and moving. Lack of security of households while shifting. Fast growing need of rented houses More are more likely use to live in rented houses/ flats because they don`t have enough money to buy their own houses Job persons keep moving from one place of the city to another so we can attain the opportunity to help this salary class.

B. The Description of the Business How Our Business Fills the NeedMEHRAN PAKERS N MOVERS will fill the opportunity gap by helping the people to move their valuables household and belongings in the safest and most convenient way. We safe the precious time of people and take their all worries. SAFETY and CONVENIENCE are our first priority.

C. Competitive Advantage


Description of Business ModelBusiness model of our company is somehow a new emerging concept. We first of all analyze the demand in the market. Through a survey we came to know that there is a gap between the actual performance of the shifting of the houses and the offices and the desired. The second step is to analyze some critical factors in detail. Then come to the solution loop which is actually the solution to the problem/gap identified.

D. The Target MarketOur target market consists the people living in the areas like I/8,G-10, F/6,F/10, E-8,E-9, Satellite Town, Chaklala, Scheme 3, Adjecent areas and belonging to upper or upper-middle class.

E. The Management Team


Muhammad Ahmad (CEO)

Kamran Hiader (OPERATIONS MANAGER) Hassan Mehmood (HR Manager) Mazhar Iqbal Finance Manager Amir Khan (Marketing Manager)



Brief Summary of the Financial Projections

During 2012 we have a total of Rs. 97401000 cash inflows, which becomes subsequently low in the second and third year but it was enough to meet our current liabilities and even there was a net inflow of cash in all the first three years of operations which is a good sign for our start-up firm. We have total assets of 82927866, 87955470, and 91315706 respectively in the first, second and third years. Our total expenses during the first year were 14473134 which increase steadily according to the expected inflation level. Total equity was 79500000 in the first year and as the business goes into its second year of operations it increases. Our building is valued at around 33500000, land at 15000000 and equipments are valued at around 5000000.we have categorized our expenses as follows: Advertisement expense Salaries Medical Utility Depreciation Renting Miscellaneous Start-up costs

Description of What Our Business Needs The amount of capital needed and what the capital will be used for, if the plan is going to a potential investorOur business needs 25 canals of land which will be provided by one of our investors. For building the infrastructure the cost required will partially be taken from the management team and the rest will be from investors. The building will be constructed by Prime Group of builders on behalf of our investors.

Exit Strategy for investorsIn case our idea of packing and Shifting business in Pakistan does not work, well go for either of the following two exit strategies:


1. We`ll give our trucks to transportation business so they could use our trucks for their own business operations and they will they amount of installments to the banks because we are going to use truck on leasing basis. 2. Our business building is on rental basis so we have no worry for the building we`ll vacate the building. And so far as our land is concerned we could use it for our wedding ceremonies. We could rent out the land to catering business for functions.

THE BUSINESS: A. The Opportunity In Pakistan, the large cities like Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, Karachi people facing the problems while shifting their home. There is a need of proper company that solves their problem of shifting their household goods. So, there is an opportunity gap in the market and we going to launch our company to fill this gap.

Opportunity to facilitate the people who are living in rented houses, flats, shops etc. Due to fast city life, people are more inclined towards using such services. Expensive and luxurious households, demands great care while shifting. There is no proper business which is providing this service. Local shifting services lack proper guidance and training. To get rid of conventional procedure of packing and moving. Lack of security of households while shifting. Fast growing need of rented houses More are more likely use to live in rented houses/ flats because they don`t have enough money to buy their own houses Job persons keep moving from one place of the city to another so we can attain the opportunity to help this salary class. Save the time of the people


B. The Description of the BusinessHow the proposed business solves the problem or fills the need MEHRAN PAKERS N MOVERS will fill the opportunity gap by helping the people to move their valuables household and belongings in the safest and most convenient way. We safe the precious time of people and take their all worries. SAFETY and CONVENIENCE are our first priority. Household shifting is the process of vacating one residence and settling in a different one. A move can be to a nearby location within the same neighborhood. Moving a home small or big can be a daunting task, it is stressful, but with the right preparation and care you can alleviate some of the stress. We, as reliable movers and packers offer expert services to perform such hectic tasks. When it comes to moving the treasured belongings, people surely be looking into aspects like goods safety, moving costs and communication facilities of the relocating company, strong network of the relocating company, continuous information flow about movement of your belongings etc. We can eliminate much of the stress felt while planning your move by customizing people`s moving experience so that it is exactly what they want it to be.Mehran Packers-n-movers ensure attention to all household shifting details whether big

or small helping you to settle down quickly and peacefully in a new location. Household shifting services comprise of an entire package of services, right from the initial consultancy to the final setting in at the new destination. Mehran Movers and Packers understand needs and requirements of their clients and provide personalized shifting and moving of your valuable household goods containing furniture, glass items, paintings, electronic equipments, television, microwave oven, soft items like glassware & dishes and sensitive electronic items with extra precautions in packing to protect them. They acquire a sound infrastructure backed by latest technology which enables them to provide most innovative solutions to clients requirements. They are well connected and located to ensure speedy services. They acquire a fleet of vehicles of varied sizes to cater all categories of cargo. Also, they acquire most experienced, committed and professional manpower. They comply with all sorts of formalities to ensure optimum security and complete protection of goods from any kind of accidental mishap. Vision Our vision is to be the best in every Endeavour we undertake



Description of the business model Business model of our company is a new emerging concept in which we first of all analyze the needs, what is currently offered by other company. And what are the needs and demands of the customer. We through our surveys and research came to know that there is a gap between the actual performances of the other company. In this type of business, the desired performance and through effective means this gap is fulfilled by our school. The second step is the factor analyses that include a detailed analysis of some of the critical factors like organizational system, consultant support, service quality and time management. Then comes the solution loop which is actually the solution to the problem/gap identified during the first stage. Our best efforts to provide our customer with our best effects, effect social links and at least by improving quality. How the business will create a sustainable competitive advantage: Our company will create a sustainable competitive advantage by taking into consideration the following points: Management team strength Our management team includes dedicated and highly experienced personnel and is one of the key competitive advantages we have. Friendly on co-operative staff Well provide friendly environment to our clients. Our staff will be very cooperative.


D. Current status and requirements We are providing packing and shifting service to the locality of Islamabad. For this purpose, we require professional as well as technical, with the minimum experience in relative field of moving and packing. Now, our company is at introductory stage and looking forward for exponential growth through both by providing quality services by offering low cost. After successful concept testing, we will move to the other cities of Pakistan. The future prosperity of our business depends upon following aspects: Low cost strategies Trained and professional staff Management expertise Quality of service (prices, competitors, political situations) Create goodwill of the company.

We will give vital to these factors for our future success.

3. Management Team The management experience, management ability and technical expertise of our management team are discussed below: Muhammad Ahmad CEO Muhammad Ahmad is a post graduate from International Islamic University, Islamabad; he did his MBA with majors in Management and then he completes the PMP (Project management professional) degree. He worked with AL-YOUSAF GOODS TRANSPORT CO. he worked about 5 years and in that business he came to know the shifting problems of the people who want to move their household. Then he came up with new concept of packing and shifting company.


Kamran Haider OPERATIONS MANAGER Kamran Haider holds a post graduation degree in MBA and specialization in major OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT and from International Islamic University, Islamabad. Previously he worked for HONDA as senior Operations manager for 3 years. Here Kamran is responsible for managing the office and, overseeing the staff activities and keeping the business running smoothly. His duty also includes developing communications with subordinates. He is responsible for all operations regarding all packing transportation operations employee recruiting, selection, training and developing and also setting the pay scales of the employees. Hassan Mehmood HR MANAGER Hassan Mehmood holds a post graduation degree in MBA and specialization in major HRM and from International Islamic University, Islamabad. His duty also includes developing communications with subordinates. He is responsible employee recruiting, selection, training and developing and also setting the pay scales of the employees. Mazhar Iqbal FINANCE MANAGER Mazher Iqbal holds a post graduation degree in MBA and specialization in major Finance and from International Islamic University, Islamabad. His duty to perform all financial operation. Amir Khan MARKETING MANAGER Mazher Iqbal holds a post graduation degree in MBA and specialization in major Finance and from International Islamic University, Islamabad. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Our MD (Managing Director) who will control, lead and organize the organization abilities is Muhammad Ahmad who is also the CEO of the company. Function of MD: Appoint the officers for key positions Declare the dividend/profits


Oversee the performance of management team

Our Advisors Accounting Firm: HLB & CO. was established in early 70s as a firm of chartered accountants at Islamabad by Mr. Muhammad Ali (FCA) with the prime object of rendering the services in the area of Finance and Accounts to the domestic market. The company widened its scope to be a part of technology revolution resulting into the formation of Business Process Outsourcing arm. Today they are not only catering to the Pakistan but also the International market with wide array of services in the Finance and Accountancy space. HLB & Co endeavor to elevating Finance and Accounting Outsourcing from transaction processing to the level of a true business transformation. To provide auditing, accounting, taxation, management consultancy and computer consultancy services. They understand that selecting a firm to entrust your accounting, financial, financial services, and business development coaching and mentoring needs is an important decision requiring great care and forethought. Rapid economic changes and increases in competitive pressures magnify the significance of the decision as every business, organization and individual must make the very most of their valuable resources. They can provide us with valuable information to help you make the right decisions with tools such as benchmarking, cash flow, forecasting, payroll and much more! Using state of the art technology, we fuse strategy with results in an effort to help you grow.

Some of our extensive business development coaching services include but are not limited to: Business Start Up mentoring Management Consulting and coaching Strategic planning mentoring Budgeting

Whatever stage your business is at, your HLB & Co chartered accountants is there to counsel and help you through the transitions, big and small. We ask the right questions because we've been helping our clients with the challenge of change for over 34 years. Click here to make an appointment with Ijaz Akbar Senior Partner.


We have simultaneously evolved to meet the needs of clients in today's rapidly changing business environment. To that end we have developed a range of services and specialties, while embracing Information Technology that very few can match. As an innovative and forward-looking organization our future plans already embody the expansion of our IT services to incorporate on-line book keeping, e-commerce and the continued growth of our specialist activities. Their service The way they manage our business is based on a set of core values honesty, integrity and respect for people. These are embodied in our principles that describe the behavior expected of every employee in their business relationships with other people, organizations and companies. They believe in the promotion of trust, openness, teamwork and professionalism and take pride in what we do. In order to make sure that we act according to our values, they have put in place, and are still installing the necessary management systems and protocol tools that help employees go about their daily business in a responsible way.

Following is the list of their services:









Description of the organizational chart:

The CEO, board of advisers and board of directors remain in close contact to each other and hold regular business meetings which shows the sense of dedication and passion for the team to gear the business ahead. The CEO is on the top of the traditional hierarchy and acts as a figurehead of the organization. Then the second tier includes the CFO, operations manager, marketing manager and project manager.

LEGAL STRUCTURE: Legal form of organization: MEHRAN PACKERS AND MOVERS is a general entrepreneurial business and is registered under the companys ordinance of 1984. The partners of the business have the unlimited liability.


Owner ship status Being a startup firm there are five partners but as the time passed and firm needs more capital it will surely go for more partners which is written in partnership deed.

INDUSTRY ANALYSIS INDUSTRY OVERVIEW: In todays competitive era and fast paced life, professionals relocate to another city or area, in search of better job opportunities and to accomplish their dreams. Till very recently, the very thought of relocation would include months of planning, sleepless nights, help of neighbors, tiresome packing, leaves from offices and loads of money. But with the inception of this dynamic industry called the Mehran Packers and Movers, relocation has become an easy, economical, safe and hassle free activity. It takes one phone call or visit to the moving agent, and the work is done in the most conducive and structured manner. Mehran Packers and Movers is a service oriented industry, with thrust and focus being given on total customer satisfaction. Though the industry has a separate identity, it works with the support of many other industries such as the warehousing, insurance, etc. Manpower and infrastructure plays an vital role in the operation of the packers and movers; as based on their competency the enterprise can pitch for complete customer satisfaction, thus carving a niche in the market. Given this, it becomes imperative for the mehran packers and movers to be experienced, efficient and reliable. Easy and friendly, they should also be able to understand the exact requirement of the clients and offer customized services that not only meets their expectations but also fits their budget. Besides, having a proficient team with effective communication skills, it is also very important to have good market repute for the players of this industry. Complete transparency and adherence to various corporate & legal codes should become the underlining factor of their service


ABOUT MEHRAN MOVERS AND PACKERS Mehran Packers and Movers are said to be those people who help you to pack and move your belongings in the safest and the most convenient way. Earlier both these services were distinct from each other with different companies involved in packing the belongings and others in transporting the belongings to the desired location. However in the past 50 years as travel has become easier most of the times both these services are offered by the same company.

There is no clear cut period when mehran Packers and Movers really gained momentum. As mentioned earlier these two jobs were handled by different sets of professionals but then because of mergers and agreements between companies, the thin line of difference between the two blurred considerably. Most of the individual big companies decided to group the two activities together. This activity has gained much more significance in the past decade or so due to industrialization. Because of the growth in various companies and expansion all around the globe people were being moved and transferred with a higher frequency than before. As people moved their stuff needed to be moved as well. And when dealing with crosscountry transfers or international ones people always seemed to place more trust in professional companies than in individual dealers. Thus, soon enough there was a huge rise in the number of moving services being offered. At the same time packers too witnessed a growth in their business sector as many people preferred their expensive possessions to be handled thoroughly by such services. Despite the large number of related services available people around the world still prefer to pack and move their stuff on their own.

The Moving and Packing industry has certainly seen a tremendous rise in its turnover but it seems a bit pale in comparison to the amount of people who are moving. This is due to two reasons; in the western world labor is very expensive. Due to this most of the times it is not feasible to engage the services of these experts. Secondly packing is something which most of the people consider as personal this too contributes to the relative barrier in this industry. Within Pakistan most consumers prefer to pack the goods on their own and transport them through trucker services or exclusive movers.


PACKERS AND MOVERS IN PAKISTAN: Some small companies are providing packing and moving service in Lahore and Karachi and Islamabad but not in proper way so there is gap of opportunity to be filled out. So this industry is at introductory stage in Pakistan. Names of the companies those are providing packing and moving service in Pakistan. Care Packer Pakistan. Family Movers International.

INDUSTRY DESCRIPTION INDUSTRY TRENDS: In Pakistan there are very few companies those are providing this service in few cities of Pakistan at low scale but some of them only provides packing or moving service at very high cost. So the industry is on introductory stage and there is a window of opportunity for new entrant. INDUSTRY SIZE: As movers and packer industry in Pakistan is on introductory stage the local industry size is very small. But all over the world especially in U.S.A, U.K and Canada the size of this industry is at peak and serving the people in very profitable way.

INDUSTRY ATTRACTIVENESS: The packers and movers industry is become very attractive in Pakistan now a days because the city life become very busy and people have not much time to waste on shifting there home and people are also not satisfy with the conventional type of packing and moving because they were not cost effective and cause a lot of damage of goods. So there is a need of company which can provide proper service of moving and packing.


PROFIT POTENTIAL: Packers and Movers industry has high profit potential all over the world and its demand is also increasing day by day in Pakistan because new housing societies are establishing in many cities of Pakistan. This industry is on introductory stage and proving opportunity for new entrant. Introducing this industry in Pakistan is very profitable now a day because most of the people in big city of Pakistan like Lahore and Karachi are living on rent or shifting there home to newly established society.


As we are new in the market and for the first two years we will be in the introduction stage and we need a lot of promotions for MEHRAN PACKERS AND MOVERS Besides this we have opportunity for growth and will chance to reach at maturity after few years.



Packers and Movers

MEHRASN Movers and Packers are currently lying on Question Mark because this industry is on introductory stage. The market growth is high but the market share is low because people used to shift their homes by themselves. We are trying to increase our market share by extensive marketing and advertising on different media sources. We are planning to adopt extensive marketing strategies to attract our customers. TARGET MARKET


We have segmented our market using the following segmentations 1. Geographic Country Pakistan City Islamabad


Density Urban 2. Demographic Age 25 or above 3. Education Educated 4. Psychographic Social ClassUpper ad Upper-Middle Business ClassSmall businesses 5. Behavioral Benefits Sought

DESCRIPTION OF TARGET MARKET: Mehran Packers and Movers industry is on introductory stage in Pakistan, it is very good place to enter in. Islamabad is one of the most urbanized city of Pakistan provides a great opportunity for new entrant to came up and serve the people of Islamabad. For this reason our target market will be the people of Islamabad initially. After 3 years operation well expand our target market to the other cities of Pakistan depending on the respond we get in Islamabad. We are mostly targeting the people who are living in rented house, professional moving to other cities and small business.



Social Class A Business Class B


Packing and moving industry is on introductory stage in Pakistan, we have few competitors that are offering the service of packing and moving but not in proper way.

DIRECT COMPETITORS:. Family Movers International. Care Movers

INDIRECT COMPETITORS: These are the conventional movers. COMPETITIVE ANALYSIS GRID Competitors analysis grid helps us determine our position with respect to our competitors.


Names of features

Legal status

Mehran Packers and Movers Registered and licensed from federal govt.

Family Care movers movers International Registered and licensed from provisional govt. Registered and licensed from provisional govt. Provide only Moving facility to the commercial consumers 2000 Per move Not Good recognition in Pakistan.

Nature of service Provide both Packing and moving facility to household and commercial. Rs: 800 Per 5 km Initially lounged but will get to be known by the end of the first year Staff are fully equipped High Quality of packing material. 10 highly experienced team

Provide only Moving facility to the commercial consumers


Rs: 1800 Per move Recognized by only the people of Karachi

Brand name recognition

Sufficiency of equipment Quality of Packing material

Fully equipped

Fully equipped

High Quality Packing

Good quality

Professional team

Team are highly experienced

highly experienced team


According to the Comparative Analysis Grid Mehran Packer and Mover are only the company which are licensed from Federal Government. Provide both Packing and moving service to Household and commercial consumers with high quality of packing material and experienced staff.


Competitive forces

Threat to Industry Profitability




Threat of substitutes

Threat of new entrants

Rivalry among existing firms

Bargaining power of suppliers

Bargaining power of customers DESCRIPTION OF PORTERS MODEL:

Threat of substitutes is medium for Packers and movers since most of our target market can shift there homes through conventional shifting process. Threat of new entrants is high because this industry is on introduction stage and there is more window of opportunity for new firms. Rivalry among existing firm and Mehran Packers and Movers would be low because they are not such firm in Pakistan who are providing proper packing and moving


facility. Bargaining Power of Suppliers would be low since there are a large number of suppliers to buy from. Bargaining power of customers is medium.



Cost effective Attractive packaging Valuable services Safety and protection Insurance Good management Trained Professional staff Dynamic leader ship Good Transportation 24/7 hours open One stop shop


Operating loss in the initially due to high fixed cost Waste cannot be utilized properly. Improper time management Poor infrastructure


Serving the under serve market Car carrier Expansion to other cities


Development of association with other business. Expansion of relationship with other partners Maximum utilization of resources


Current security condition High oil prices Rapid change in government Economic instability Conventional way of shifting


The external macro-environment in which a firm operates can be expressed in terms of the following factors Political Economic Social Technological

Packers and Movers to operate under the effect of these factors


ECONOMIC The economic arena in which Mehran Packers and Movers will function is not favorable. The economic condition of Pakistan is deteriorating. The major economic challenges facing Pakistan is raising poverty and unemployment, heavy external and domestic indebtedness, high fiscal deficit and low investment. Poor domestic commodity production combined with excess demand and some high import prices have been inferred to cause annual inflation to increase to 12 per cent during 2007-08 and further to 25 per cent in the first quarter of the current year A Rise in costs of most products and services has been seen which is corresponded with an increase in pay of government employees, although most claims, its hardly a relief; especially since private sector employees have been not so lucky. TECHNOLOGY In terms of Technological Capabilities variables, Pakistan is placed at 10 (above Bangladesh) for use of computers and third from the bottom (above Nigeria and Bangladesh) for the number of telephone lines and the use of internet. POLITICAL In terms of Political Conditions variables, Pakistan is ranked at 7th for rule of law and is placed at 8th for corruption. Pakistan face significant structural weaknesses, and are much more likely to fail in meeting the projections than those countries whose political and economic conditions are more stable today. Political changes in Pakistan are moving extremely fast. The Pakistani army has entered fullscale military operations against the local Taliban in the Sawat Valley of the Northern Province Sarhad. The press is in -chains and the printed word is in disgrace. Political leaders are victimized and political parties suppressed SOCIAL In the social sector too, there is a need for significant improvement. To take the example of health care, Pakistan spent less than $25 per head on health each year in 2005. Pakistan is a marked under-performer, spending just $13 per person on health care in 2003, a figure that has fallen 13% since 1998. Current situation is not much different for the previous years mentioned above.



PRODUCT FEASIBILITY AND STRATEGY: Concept Testing: We conducted a survey using the most appropriate tool i.e. the questionnaires in which we asked tenants if a FM service operating in Pakistan, would they like to avail it or nor. For this purpose we used a sample of 200 and response we got is shown below graphically:

NO. of respondants willing to use the Mehran Packers and Movers Service

not willing 30%

willing 70%


Out of the 200 respondents, 70% said that theyll happy with opening of Mehran PACKERS and MOVERS and will like to get the benefit from this company while rest 30% said they would not. Conclusion drawn from the survey Taking into the response of our target market, we are sure about the success of our project. MARKETING STRUCTURE: As, we are new in the market and some companies already provide services to the customers. And as a new product much time will be spent by the Mehran PACKERS AND MOVERS to create awareness of its presence amongst its target market. PRODUCT Established quality and branding and protect the intellectual property such as patents, trademark etc PRICING At the introduction stage prices are low. And settle according to the economic conditions of Pakistan because the fuel prices are keep on rising which can severely affect our business. PLACEMENT Is selective until consumer show acceptance and the entire placement are made by the company itself. PROMOTION The main objective of promotion is to build product awareness and to educate people about the product. PEOPLE The staff we are required should have interpersonal skills, aptitude, and Knowledge about the service which are providing to the consumer. PROCESS The systems used to assist the organization in delivering the services.


PHYSICAL EVIDENCE The services being delivered to the consumers. And it is the element of the services mix where the consumer is in the condition to judge the level of services provided by the MEHRAN PACKERS AND MOVERS. . PROMOTIONS: 1. Discount The discount will be provided to those who come with any reference or from our friends and family. 2. Referral Schemes A great source for our biz will be our current pool of happy customers. Families that will be pleased with our program will be glad to share their experiences with their friends and families. Send them a thank you note for referring someone. Give them a feedback note and request them for referrals. ADVERTISING: Well be advertising our camp using the following tools Hoardings Brochures Referrals Web directories Cable adds Add on Face Book as well as on YouTube

Distribution through News papers Well be distributing our brochures with the local news papers also Dawn The NEWS Nawa-e-Waqt Jang The Nations


HOARDING: The city in which well use hoardings for the advertising of our company along with the campaigns budget is given below: HOARDING CAMPAIGN FOR THE FIRST MONTH PRICING STRATEGY: Price is a very major factor as far as economy and consumer mind setup is concerned. While setting prices company should consider setting such an appropriate price that coincides with the product image in the consumer mind that is established through promotion. As we are entrepreneurs so we should set price while keeping the affordability of our customer and our competitor. PRICING OBJECTIVITY: Our main objective is to capture the maximum market share and to become the market leader. Also have brand image in the market. PRICE SETTING: Before setting the many prices we will include many factors whose cost combine together and make the prices which are Cost of workers Services cost Transportation cost Estimated demand Cost Promotion cost Distribution cost Cost and price of competitor STRATEGIES: STATUS GOALS:


The primary intention of us to adopt these goals to avoid any form of prices competition. Major reason for seeking the price stability is to avoid price wars. This pricing policy will give us an easy means of avoiding difficult pricing decisions. MARKET SHARE LEADERSHIP:

This is related to current situation in short return and not to long run. We will select that price which gives it maximum current profit. TO MAXIMIZE PROFIT:

According to the economic theory or business practices there is nothing wrong with profit maximization because a profit maximization goal for us is far more beneficial to it and also to the public, if it is practiced over the long run. To do this we will sometimes have to accept short run losses. DEMAND SCHEDULE:

Different prices for services will produce different level of demand. The relation between the price and resulting demand is captured in a demand schedule. We have a normal demand schedule in which price varies as inversely to demand. FINAL PRICE:

The price of us is in agreement with different people such as government, distributors, dealers, customers.






Regular box Medium box Extra large box Dish box Wardrobe box

Rs 400/box Rs 500/box Rs 600/box Rs 800/box Rs 800/box

(16 * 13 *12) (18 *18 *16) (24 * 18 *18) (Hold full set of 6) (Hold about 3-5ft of clothes)


KILOMETERS 5 K.M 10 K.M 15 K.M 25 K.M

COST Rs 4OO Rs 800 Rs 1500 Rs 3700

OTHERS COST: Bubble wrap cost = Rs 60/ft Rs 400/trip LABOUR CHARGES Wrapping paper = Rs180/pound Tape = Rs 160/Roll

OPERATIONS Mehran Packers and movers is always committed to provide the best services within time. The transportation services provided by us are unmatched as we have skilled drivers & trained staff to do so for all our valuable clients. Since we have our own fleet of Trucks, Containers so we dont have any kind of problem in on tome delivery of the goods.


We are providing the packing n moving services to the tenants and the small office who are about to relocate their houses/business. OUR Philosophy At Mehran packers and movers we are trying to deliver cheap and best shifting facilities to our customers. Our trained and highly motivated staff will try their best effort to reduce the time of shifting so people starts their work as early as possible at their new locations. Our marketing team will encourage new customer to come and try our service by offering them different packages. OUR Program The main focus of our business is to give the awareness to people about the concept of professional Mehran Packers n Movers. Our main object will be the elimination of the conventional concept of shifting things. People usually used to shift their homes by their own, doing this they face a lot of difficulties and of course lot of mental stress. So in order to get rid of it they can simply call us to help them in shifting. OUR Teams There are 4 teams having 4 separate supervisors. Each team will handle 1 client at one time and reports to the project manager. The whole responsibility will be on the shoulders of the supervisor of the concerned team which dealing with the client. Its the primarily duty of the team to shift the household of the client safely and timely to their required destination. Team will asset and guide the clients. At end when all the work of shifting is done our project manager will go and take feedback from the clients if they need any further changing. Packing Method Mehran Packers and movers are always committed to provide the best services within time. The transportation services provided by us are unmatched as we have skilled drivers & trained staff to do so for all our valuable clients. Since we have our own fleet of Trucks, Containers so we dont have any kind of problem in time delivery of the goods. Processing Crockery is wrapped individually in cushioning paper and placed into special corollary cartoons which are liable with fragile stickers. Furniture is wrapped in polythene to prevent moisture ingress, and covered with corrugated sheets into heat curtail shapes to permit easy positioning into container. TV, computer, washing machine, fridge, almerah, music system, glass items and other items are wooden crated for full protection.


Books are placed in small, strong cartoons which are lined with polythene to keep inside part to be dry at all the time. Clothes, kitchenware items are kept into polythene lined cartoon. If weight is critical for an air shipment, we palletize the shipment and surround it will stretch film, to provide safety as well as keep the gross weight down, to sum up every precaution is taken to ensure a safe and damage free delivery at the destination.

Office Relocation Office Relocation is different from residential moves not only in terms of the word but the entire floor planning, organization of tasks and the relocation itself. This is a huge responsibility that needs careful planning and more careful execution. At Fast and Forward Mehran Packers & Movers we assist you in the entire plan of this mammoth task and execute it to your utmost satisfaction.

Moving a business needs to be viewed as a mission critical event. During the office moving process, it is probable some segments of your company will be essentially out of business. Files, computers, records and phones will be inaccessible. Your staff may not be able to access the tools they require to serve your customers needs. Can you afford to trust yourfuture to a moving company that may not perform? We offer a customized office relocation service - seven days a week. Fast and Forward Mehran Packers & Movers offers a customized office relocation service providing professional advice and expertise, specialized equipment and careful handling of office furniture, fittings and computer equipment. Pre-planning and a seven day week service ensure moves are completed with minimal disruption to staff, management and business. For your office relocation contacts us to discuss your requirements. Household shifting We at Mehran Packers & Movers provide complete relocation services including loading and unloading, packing & unpacking services. We have expert workers who are well trained in how to load and unload goods carefully. They are also experienced. They load and unload goods carefully. They know well which items should be load first. They arrange packed goods according to their sizes and nature. Moving to a new home in another town? Then you need furniture movers who will move your furniture professionally, Our Operational staff receives comprehensive in-house training, and is graded according to ability, qualifications and achievement. This means you


know you're going to get the very best in professional service and personal care. From the time you contact us to arrange your move, through to our personal follow up after delivery to ensure furniture movers met your satisfaction, you'll find we're with you all the way. The Process . . .

Packing Services Loading Services Transportation Services Unloading Services Unpacking Services Rearranging Services Moving Insurance Following flow process shows the performance of the service from












initial step to the last step. The process starts from the entrance of the customer in the office of the Mehran Packers n Movers. Customer will provide the information according to his needs. After it, we offer them 3 types of services from which he will select it according to his requirements. After the selection of the service type, well give him a order confirmation invoice. In next step, our team will go to the clients place and perform these 4 services:





Name: N.I.C Email: Work Number: Contact No: How u Heard About us:

* *

* *





Address: City: Province: Postal Code: Floor:

* * * * *

Address: City: Province: Postal Code: Floor:

Type of move:

Storage Apt.1 Bedroom Apt. 2 Bedroom Apt. 3 Bedroom House Business

Type of move: Apt. 1 Bedroom Apt. 2 Bedroom Apt. 3 Bedroom House Business





Sofa Chairs Picture Rugs Lamp T.V DVD Player Bench

Bed Tables: Book case Wall mirror Air conditioner T.V Table Stereo Glass Top

DINING ROOM: Dining table(wood) Dining table(marble) Bakers Rack Dining table(glass) Breakfast table Rugs

APPLIANCES: Vacuum cleaner Dryer Dish washer Washing machine


Refrigerator Stove Microwave

Freezer Ironing board

MISC AND TOOLS: Tool box Aquarium Sewing machine Lawnmower Wall shelves

OFFICE: Computer Printer Fax machine Office desk Computer table Printer stand File cabinets Office table

Quality Control We have specialized packing techniques, our services are cost effective without compromising with the quality. Our priority is Safety of your goods We have experienced and highly trained packing staff with strict supervisory checks and accountability. Bedsides experienced Drivers with great sense of integrity and belonging to ensure extra care and personalized handling in transit. We never encourage such concept which may give rise to incidence of damages and also increase cost.


Following measures are taken by our company to ensure the quality: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Training and Development Of Employees Maintenance of Trucks Quality Raw Materials Special and Effective Loading and Unloading Techniques Safety Measures for Expensive Goods


MANAGEMENT RISKS: As we come with different idea and concept in Pakistan so in future there is possibility anyone of our manager or business partner could be our competitor. As in the Mehran packing and moving industry in Pakistan is emerging in Pakistan. There is a lack of trained and efficient workers.

Measures to cope up with the risks: We have proper legal documentation with our managers/employees/business partners. We have non-disclosure agreements and no one from within our organization will be our competitor in next 15 years. Few Foreign trained personnels are hired. So we get two way benefits from them. First to make our business run smoothly and second is to assist us in different management decisions. We shall provide high security and incentives as well.

MARKETING RISKS: As our target market is narrow, so there are chances that our marketing campaign could not reach to our targeted market.


Through our marketing program people might not be convinced about measures that we have made. They feel their child insecure in our camp and hence pay no attention towards our promotional campaign. Measures to cope up with risks: We have planned our marketing very wisely and extensively. We placed our billboards in the best locations. Flyers and brochures are distributed in our targeted market areas. Personal marketing and lecture delivering in different schools would be effective to make sure parents about the security of their children.

OPERATIONAL RISKS: As we know the current political, law and order situation of our country. Its very bad on security side. So our trucks will possibly face security problems. Measures to cope up with the Risks: Considering the current security conditions of the country. We are giving the insurance facility to our clients which are mandatory. We are also using guards that will go with on trucks. FINANCIAL RISKS: As there is global recession and economy is not going so well so its very hard to attract the investors. So we will be unable to generate profits in first five years. But we`ll try our level best to attract new investors so we will able to open new offices in other cities. If we need finance in short run we can borrow it from our friends and relatives.



Ateeq-u-Rahman (C.E.O.)


Shujauddin (CFO)

Rs. 7,26,900

Sanaullah khan (Marketing manager)

Rs. 7,26,900

Samiullah (HRM/operations)

Rs. 7,26,900

Masood ahmed (Project manager)

Rs. 7,26,900

Total (Team)

Rs. 36,34,500


Rs. 3,365,500

Grand Total EQUITY SHARE Equity Share Our Team Rs. 36,34,500


Investors Rs.3,365,500



1. Land * 2. Building* 3. Furniture and Fixture 4. Equipment/Machinery*

1 Kanal Plot 300/Square ft Office. Used Furniture and Fixture 2 computers and 1 Photocopy machine, Printers 4 trucks on lease. Per month

13,50000 27,5000 30,000 29,500 1,920,000 30,000 36,34,500

5. Truck* 6. Working Capital For Office Total


WORKING: 1) The Total Land value/cost = 90,00000 30 years lease Down payment Annual Lease Total = 1000,000 = 3, 50,000 =13, 50000

2) Building 3 months Advance Rent (25000 per month) Security Total


=2, 00,000 =2, 75,000

3) Tracks 5 years leased at 15% (1,800,000 Lac per truck) Annual installments Down payment Total =7, 20,000 =3, 00,000 =1,920,000

PROFIT DIVISION: The profit division will be according to the following formula. 50% of the profit left after paying tax will go to the investors. 50% of the profit amount left after paying tax will go to the Packers and Movers team.


0perating cost:

Items 1. Salary expense* 2. Utility expense* 3. Promotion expense* 4. Maintenance 5. Depreciation* Total

Per year cost 669,600 135,600 719,200 10,000 721,475 2,255,875


Items Administrative staff Transport Labor Drivers Total

No. 03 04 04

Pay/person 5,000 3700 6,500

Total/month 15,000 14,800 26,000 55,800

Total/year 180,000 177,600 312,000 669,600


Total projected salaries for five years:

Total Projected salaries for 1st year = 669,600 We increase salaries 10 % every years to project 5 year salaries. 2nd year = 66,960+669,600 = 736,560 3rd year= 73,656+ 736,560 =810,216 4th year = 81,021+810,216 =891,237 5th year = 89,123+891,237 =980360 Utility expenses: Item Bill/month Total/year

Electric bills Telephone bills Internet usage bills Total Note:

7,500 2,200

90,000 26,400





The utility expense increased by 15% every year


Promotion Expense: 1) Print media: Pamphlet prints (30,000 pamphlets at price of 15) = News paper adds (Dawn and Jang on Sunday) 1) Cable adds: (Saturday after 8pm to 10pm 4 time play) Total = 150,400/two months 719,200 = 118,800/three months 450,000

Depreciation cost: Equipment/ Machinery (Coat 29,500 depreciation rates 5%) Trucks (10% depreciation 180,000per truck into 4) = 720,000 Total =721,475 = 1,475

Projected Sales/Revenue:

Monthly sales are show as average sale of 1200 regular boxes, 550 medium boxes, 350 extra large boxes, 375 wardrobe boxes.


Regular box Medium box Extra large box Dish box Wardrobe box Total

(1200 into Rs400) (550 intoRs500) (350 into Rs 600) (300 into Rs800) (375 into Rs800)

480,000 275,000 210,000 240,000 300,000 Rs1, 505000

Calculation of kilometers: 65km/ per day into 4 trucks 260km into 30 days 7800km into 12months = 260km /day = 7,800km/month = 93600km/annually

Total K.M covers by Trucks at cost (93,600 @ cost of Rs 50/km) Rs 4,680,000

Other Costs: Bubble warping cost Wrapping paper Tape Total = = = (Rs 60/ft into1125) = Rs 67,500

(Rs 180/pound into895) = Rs 161,100 (Rs 160/ roll into 750) = Rs 120,000 = Rs348, 600


1st Year Projected sales Sales increase by 2% annually 2nd Year Projected sales 3rdYear Projected sales 4th Year Projected sales 5th Year Projected sales

= Rs 6,533,600

= Rs 6,664,272 = Rs 6,797,557 = Rs 6,933,508

= Rs 7,072178


Mehran PACKERS N MOVERS PRO-FORMA INCOME STATEMENT AS OF YEAR ENDACCOUNT Sales/revenue -operating expenses 1. Salary expense! 2. Utility expense 3. Promotion expense 4. Maintenance expense 5. Depreciation Total 1st Rs 6,533,600 YEARS Rs 2nd 6,664,272 3rd Rs 6,797,557 4th Rs 6,933,508 5th Rs 7,072178

Rs 669,600Rs 135,600 Rs 719,200 Rs 10,000 Rs 721,475 Rs 2,255,875

Rs 736,560Rs 155,940 Rs 719,200 Rs 12,000 Rs 721,475 Rs 2,345,175 Rs 4,319,097 Rs 820,628 Rs 3,498,469

Rs 810,216Rs 179,331 Rs 719,200 Rs 14,000 Rs 721,475 Rs 2,444,222 Rs 4,353,335 Rs 827,133 Rs 3,526,202

Rs 891,237Rs 206230 Rs 719,200 Rs 16,000 Rs 721,475 Rs 2,554,142 Rs 4,379,366 Rs 832,079 Rs 3,547,287

Rs 980360Rs 237,164 Rs 719,200 Rs 18,000 Rs 721,475 Rs 2,676,199 Rs 4,395,979 Rs 835,236 Rs 3,560,743

EBIT(earnings before Rs 4,277,725 income tax) -income tax Rs 812,767 (19% income tax) Rs 3,464,958 EAT(earnings after tax)


Mehran PACKERS N MOVERS PRO-FORMA BALANCE SHEET AS AT DECEMBER 31, 1ST YEAR Current Payable Account payable/Tax payable Total current liabilities Capital CEO CFO Marketing manager Project manager HR/Operations manager Investors Total capital Net profit Net Equity Rs 812,767 Rs 812,767 726,900 726,900 726,900 726,900 726,900 3,365,500 7,000,000 3,464,958 10,464,958 Rs.11,277,725/1st Year Current Assets Cash in hand Cash at banks Total current assets Fixed Assets Building Trucks equipments Furniture and fixture land Total fixed assets 275000 720000 29500 30000 1350000 8884500 288750 7560000 30975 31500 1417500 9328725 3031875 7938000 32523 33075 1488375 12523848 3183468 8334900 34149 34728 1562793 13150038 3342641 8751645 35856 36464 1640932 13807538 1196612 1196612 2393225 2727663 2727663 5455326 2896452 2896452 5792908 4359473 4359473 8718947 5812671 5812671 11625343 Rs 820,628 Rs 820,628 1,073,395 1,073,395 1,073,395 1,073,395 1,073,395 5,097,979 10,46,4954 3,498,469 13,963,423 Rs.14,784,051/2nd Year Rs 827,133 Rs 827,133 1,423,241 1,423,241 1,423,241 1,423,241 1,423,241 6,847,213 13,963,418 3,526,202 17,489,620 Rs.18,316,753/3rd Year Rs 832,079 Rs 832,079 1,775,861 1,775,861 1,775,861 1,775,861 1,775,861 8,610,314 17,489,619 3,547,287 Rs 835,236 Rs 835,236 2,130,589 2,130,589 2,130,589 2,130,589 2,130,589 10,383,957 21,036,90 3,560,743 2ND YEAR 3RD YEAR 4TH YEAR 5TH YEAR

21,036,906 24,597,645 Rs.21,868,985/- Rs.25,432,881/4th Year 5th Year


Total assets







Year No. 1. 2. 3. Ratios Current Ratio Net working capital Debt equity ratio Operating expense/net sale Gross profit margin Net profit margin Net profit margin Formula C.Assets/C.Liability C.assetsC.liabilities/T.assets Total debt/total equity 1st 2.945 0.140 0.321 2nd 6.647 3.13 0.365 3rd 7.0 0.271 0.391 4th 10.4 5th 13.91

0.366 0.424 0.409 0.422

4. 5. 6. 7.

Any Operating expense100/ net sale 10.24 Gross profit/net sales Net profit/net sales Net profit100/sales 0.65 0.530

10.52 0.64 0.524

11.9 0.640 0.518 51.88

12.85 13.86 0.631 0.621 0.511 0.503 51.16 50.34

53.032 52.49