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"Description" content="Hitesh Packers & Movers - the best Packers And Movers in Delhi ! We are the leading packers and movers in delhi and NCR. There are hundreds of Packers And Movers in Delhi but We provide the best services.">

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  • 1. Moving is more than just packing all of your things incardboard and putting them in another location.Moving is about leaving a place and its memories andgoing to a new environment and being around newpeople. This process can become stressful andoverwhelming. Moving your home can becomestressful if things are not planned well in advance.There are always some hygienic tips that should befollowed for a safe movement.

2. Always use a mask to avoid the dust during shiftingfrom one place to another. 3. One should be very careful about thecleanliness of the new place especially forthe wash room. The bacteria and otherbathroom germs that accumulate easily donot stay to get surfaces as it caused severediseases for every member of the house. 4. Children should be kept withproper concern at the time ofshifting as they are very muchprone to any diseases. 5. On moving day, try to cookthings that are simple and easyto cook. They should not requiremany utensils or cookingsupplies. 6. Make sure you begin thepacking process ASAP. Startpacking up areas of your homethat you dont frequently use.Also, start packing up things thatyou dont frequently use such asfine china. 7. Mark what you pack: As you pack abox, write what it contains like,KITCHEN SUPPLIES and also,write if the box contains fragilesupplies. Finally, make an arrow soyou know where the top of the boxis.Note: You might want to write thisinformation a few times on onebox. 8. Use Garment Boxes (WardrobeCartons) for hanging clothing.Garment boxes will protect suitsand other hanging clothing. Theyare the best option for avoidingany damage to these types ofclothes. 9. MAKE SURE THAT NOTHINGYOU PACK IS FLAMMABLE OREXPLOSIVE. Anything flammableis potentially dangerous to yourmove. Your risk your belongingsand the movers well being bymoving anything hazardous. 10. AVOID ANYTHING THATCOULD POSSIBLY LEAK ORSPILL: If something spills andcauses damage avoid those itemsand make sure you dont packanything liquid. 11.