PACC NOW- Issue 4- June 20-Grad

PACC NOW- Issue 4- June 20-Grad
PACC NOW- Issue 4- June 20-Grad
PACC NOW- Issue 4- June 20-Grad
PACC NOW- Issue 4- June 20-Grad
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PACC Now issue 4- final issue

Transcript of PACC NOW- Issue 4- June 20-Grad




    WEASKEDPACC honours 2012 gradsLast Thursday, June 14, was a day of celebration for many current and former PACC students. The evening kicked off at a little before 7 PM for this years graduates as they met on the third floor to receive their gowns and ceremonial mortarboards (a square h a t w i t h t a s s e l , w o r n b y graduates), as well as participate in group photos.

    At 7 PM, a line of grads started to file into the auditorium, to the thunderous applause of their families and friends who had come to celebrate their success with them, and took their reserved seats up front. Following a brief introduction by the Master of Ceremonies, Shiela Sachdeva, the speeches began. Among the honoured speakers were school staff members, such as Centre Director Ann Moran, Assistant Centre Director Maggie Soldano, representatives from the Lester B. Pearson School Board, and this years valedictorian, Christopher Forrester.

    The s tuden t s were fu r the r honoured with awards from school s t a f f , c e l e b r a t i n g t h e i r accomplishments and rewarding their efforts and perseverance, and then awards from teachers for students who excelled at their various subjects.

    Christopher Forrester, PACC Now

    Fave summer song?

    21% Call Me Maybe Carly Rae JepsenSource 44 students- interviewed June 18

    Were you aware Justin Bieberattended PACC?

    Then it was time for the grads to file on to the stage to receive the diplomas they had worked so hard to earn. They were also surprised with ceremonial pens, adorned with the PACC logo and Graduation 2012.

    As the ceremony came to a close, both the students and their guests were invited back upstairs for a small celebration in their honour, where they were served cake to the sound of live classical music. Good times were had while the evening came to a close, with many classmates reunited after many months, and many photos taken. If youre lucky, you might be able to spot a balloon left over from the event, hiding in a corner or crevice on the third floor.

    PACC 2012 Grads including Melissa Ross (second from left ) and Christopher Forrester (third from left) at their grad celebration PHOTO COURTESY -CHRIS FORRESTER

    ONeil Kadeem Spencer and teacher Ashley Daniel Foot at PACCs 2012 grad. PHOTO- Alisha Tathgur

    DOING OUR DREAM JOBSNatasha Reid & Sarah Lucier Boisvert share their thoughts on working at PACC and argue over how to spend a million....KAMIL WATSON reportsYou know, Natasha Reid of room 332 and Sarah Lucier Boisvert of room 335 dont just have to deal with us h i g h l y e n e r g i z e d students raiding their offices in and out in groups at a t ime, harassing them every day with ridiculous q u e s t i o n s . . . T h e y actually work for a n o n p r o f i t organization, hired by the Lester B. Pearson School Board called Destination Travail Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi Lasalle, where they help the residents of Montreal from the ages of 16 to 35, in a wide variety ways; even if youre looking for a job. They have r e s o u r c e s a n d

    c o m p u t e r s f o r e m p l o y m e n t searching and are there to help you if you need tips on making a curriculum vitae or even if you need to make a call, fax, or print, they are there.

    Both Natasha and Sarah are University graduates. Natasha g r a d u a t e d f r o m C o n c o r d i a University with a M a j o r i n C h i l d Studies and a Minor in Spanish, while Sarah has a degree in Psychology from the University de Montreal.

    SEE DREAM on pg 2 ------>

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    PACCINSIDERDREAM from page 2

    p r o f i t o rg a n i z a t i o n helping women around the world.

    Some suggestions they would like to bring to the school would be a mini Olympics, where PACC students and staff show off their athletic abilities and as well as having a PACC pajama day!Before Natasha dies she wants to go to Hawaii. Sarah said that she wants to see world peace before she dies. Natasha then said, World peace will not happen, just come to Hawaii with me.Their friendship and generous hearts are inspiring to all of us here at PACC. We should all be so fortunate in life to have co-workers who work so well together. We want to send you a HUGE thank you from the bottom of our hearts for always being our shoulder to cry on, our t h e r a p i s t s , o u r counse lors and our Revune Quebec Secret Agents. Your dedication has meant the world to a l l the s tudents on Emploi -Quebec and those of us part of Ma P l a c e A u S o l e i l . THANK YOU!


    Natasha came from a high school where she was an integration aide f o r s t u d e n t s w i t h disabilities and Sarah has worked at different shelters for women in crisis and who face conjugal violence. In an in-depth interview conducted with Sarah and Natasha, I asked them each questions that they would have to answer on behalf of each other.When asked what they would do with a million d o l l a r s t h e y b o t h responded the same; both would love to travel around the world but hesitated on the amount money that they would donate to various charities. As for their favorite place to eat N a t a s h a s f a v o r i t e restaurant is Wendys, while Sarah tries to convince Natasha that We n d y s i s n o t a restaurant, Sarah loves L a t e l i e r o n S t . L a u r e n t a r e a l restaurant where your food does not come on a tray or a bag. When asked what they dont like about each other (seeing as they spend so much time together) Sarah said that she hates when Natasha buys things that she doesnt need. Natasha responded by saying, What do you mean you d o n t l i k e m y generosity because I am always buying you t h i n g s ! N a t a s h a doesnt like Sarah, because she is always laughing at her .Both said that their dream job is right here at PACC. In 10 years Natasha sees herself in the same field but owning a daycare and having a family with 2 kids, both a boy and a girl. Sarah wants to open her own non-

    Editor in Chief - Melissa RossManaging Editor- Paolo Mancuso

    Editorial Page Editor- Christopher ForresterArts Editor- El Rico MercuryFashion Editor- Nasheca James

    Senior Columnists- Roger J. Irvine

    Natasha Reid and PACC Student Services tech Kris Tellier. FACEBOOK

    PACC celebrates Aboriginal DayThere was an Aboriginal Day celebration in the auditorium on June 19th. Students had the opportunity to watch and participate in the cultural activites which included traditional drumming and dancing.

    There was also a special guest speaker, Cheryl Lahache, who shared her personal story, captivating the audience with tales of overcome abuse and self esteem issues. PACC students services technician Kristina Tellier hosted and organized this fantastic event. files from Kristina Tellier

    A cruel truth: mistreated pets existMelissa Ross, PACC Now

    There are many unjust truths in the world, but none quite as cruel as taking advantage of the weak or the ones left with no defence. There are people who desperately search for authority and power, in a society where animal rights barely exist and harming animals has been brought down to the level of a joke thousands of innocent animals face this daily here in Quebec.Judith, a dog who had no love or comfort for 10 years of her life, is a perfect example of this unjustified cruelty. Judith, whose first owners originally called her Judas, was left chained outside for 10 years with no food, water, or shelter of any sort.The neighbours told the Society for Protection of Animals (SPA) upon rescue of this dog that they had called animal rescue many times for many years and no one came to help her. The neighbours also reported that they had seen the owners urinating on her many times from the porch.When SPA rescued her she was covered from waist down in mud and feces. The mats on her legs were some of the worst they had seen and after removing them, Judith was finally able to wag her tail, and she finally had a reason to. For the first time she was receiving the love and care she so desperately deserved and spent her first night in a warm safe bed.She was later adopted by a loving family, who changed her name to Judith. Another family donated a cart for her crippling arthritis that had taken over her hind legs so her feet would not be scraped raw. Judiths time before this no longer mattered at all and

    in those last 18 months of her life, she caught up on all the years she missed. Judith may have had a happy ending but there are many animals that are not so lucky. If you know anyone that is mistreating their pets, please contact SPA CANADA 514 .808 .7330 ,

    Were having a heatwave...PACCs air conditioning system will be working overtime as a heat wave sweeps across Montral. Highs of over 30C become blistering, with the humidity making that feel like well over 40C.A l t h o u g h u n p l e a s a n t f o r everyone, this kind of heat is especially dangerous for the elderly and infirm who cannot handle the heat as well as younger, healthier people. Even for the young, heat stroke is a serious risk during the sweltering days ahead while enjoying outdoor activities or exercising. Experts recommend staying out of t h e s u n , s e e k i n g o u t a i r conditioned buildings if available, as well as drinking plenty of water.L a s t y e a r , t h e h e a t w a s responsible for over 10 deaths. Keep cool. - Chris Forrester

    Senior Reporters- Kamil Watson, Deanna Brading

    WEDNESDAY 06.20.12

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