Ottawa Mandarin School Adult Class 2011-12 Week 01: September 17, 2011 Instructor: Daniel C. Lee...

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Transcript of Ottawa Mandarin School Adult Class 2011-12 Week 01: September 17, 2011 Instructor: Daniel C. Lee...

  • Ottawa Mandarin SchoolAdult Class 2011-12 Week 01: September 17, 2011Instructor: Daniel C. Lee


  • PlansTones!ActivityIntroduce ourselvesOverview of classEmphasize tones


  • TonesTones are as important as pronunciation

    Eyes Glasses

    Sight Strength

    There are only 4 tones in MandarinPlus a light tone (5th)*

  • 1st tone is high and flat*LowPitchTimeLadiesGentlemenHighJust like singing and holding a note.

  • Frequently seen characters of 1st tone Present (old usage) + Day = Today




    1st tone in pinyin is a flat line above the vowelNo symbol is needed in zhuyin*

  • 2nd tone goes Up*HighLowTimeWhen emphasized, the 2nd tone keeps going up!Pitch of 1st tonePitchThink of the Canadian eh?

  • Frequently seen characters of 2nd tone peoplepeople, others


    whowho's family

    2nd tone in pinyin is an upward stroke above the vowelSame in zhuyin*

  • 3rd Tone is low, goes Down then Up*HighLowPitchTimeIn normal (fast) dialogues, the 3rd tone is so short that it sounds flatPitch of 1st tone

  • Frequently seen characters of 3rd tone Imy family

    youyour family

    goodgood person

    3rd tone in pinyin is a check-mark above the vowelSame in zhuyin*

  • 4th Tone goes Down

    *HighLowPitchTimePitch of 3rd tonePitch of 1st toneWhen emphasized, the 4th tone can start above the 1st tone and goes below the 3rd tone.Think of swearing.

  • Frequently seen characters of 4th tonebeI am

    bigevery body


    4rd tone in pinyin is a downward-stroke above the vowelSame in zhuyin*

  • *HighLowPitchTimeLight tone (5th tone) is in the middle and goes downPitch of third tonePitch of 1st toneIt can be viewed as a very short 4th tone

  • Frequently seen characters of 5th tonepossessive apostrophe

    my yours


    Light tone in pinyin does not require a symbolIn Zhuyin, it is a little dot*

  • If you go to a speech contest*HighLowPitchTime1st tone2nd tone3rd tone4th tone

  • Whispering to close friend*HighLowPitchTime1st tone2nd tone3rd tone4th tone

  • Practices1-2-3-4, One-Two-Three-Four1-11-21-31-42-12-22-32-43-13-22*-33-44-14-14-34-4


  • 1-1-11-1-21-1-31-1-41-2-11-2-21-2-31-2-41-3-11-3-21-2*-31-3-41-4-11-4-21-4-31-4-4



  • 3-1-13-1-23-1-33-1-43-2-13-2-23-2-33-2-42*-3-12*-3-23-2*-32*-3-43-4-13-4-23-4-33-4-4


    1-4-3-2-13-2-1-4-31-2-3-1-3-1-3 (Do-Re-Me-Do-Me-Do-Me)


  • Activity 1.1 Introduce yourself

    Hello everybody.

    I am

    Response:!How do you do!


  • Additional information (opt.)How long have you learned Chinese?Chinese heritage/backgroundSpecific wishes? (welcome to tell me later)


  • Activity 1.2 Say a 3-tone comboand see if we can tell




  • Class OverviewMaterial will be available online for download. A printed copy will be provided (no colour though) in class.

    If you missed a class, you can get the material here.


  • Class OverviewEach week we will cover a specific topicWeek 1: 4 TonesWeek 2: VowelsWeek 3: Consonants

    If you want a specific topic covered, please let me know!Daniels email:


  • Class Overview

    Most topics will be independent of the official textbook (if required for class, I will tell you in advance).

    There will be a simple homework EVERY WEEK, followed by a simple quiz on the following week.


  • Native speakers emphasizes the tone of the keyword and let go the others*

  • Keyword in 1st tone lifts high*HighLowPitchTime I say I SAY1st tone1st tone3rd tone3rd tone

  • Keyword in 2nd tone extends*HighLowPitchTime whose...WHOSE2nd tone2nd toneLight toneLight tone

  • Keyword in 3rd tone extends*HighLowPitchTime HelloI am good!3rd tone2nd tone3rd tone2nd tone

  • Keyword in 4th tone extends**HighLowPitchTimehe is he IS1st tone1st tone4th tone4th tone

  • Practices in one-two-three-fourRun 1: no emphasizeRun 2: emphasize the 1st wordRun 3: emphasize the 2nd word



  • 1-1-11-1-21-1-31-1-41-2-11-2-21-2-31-2-41-3-11-3-21-2*-31-3-41-4-11-4-21-4-31-4-4


    *Run 1: no emphasize Run 2: emphasize the 1st word Run 3: emphasize the 2nd wordRun 4: emphasize the 3rd word

  • 3-1-13-1-23-1-33-1-43-2-13-2-23-2-33-2-42*-3-12*-3-23-2*-32*-3-43-4-13-4-23-4-33-4-4


    *Run 1: no emphasize Run 2: emphasize the 1st word Run 3: emphasize the 2nd wordRun 4: emphasize the 3rd word

  • HomeworkPractice all 3-tone combos once every day with one-two-three-four

    Quiz next week ListeningMust understand what your neighbor says! *