Organic Field Effect Transistor

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This Presentation contains brief information about organic field effect transistor and its future application, advantages and disadvantages.

Transcript of Organic Field Effect Transistor

  • 1. Organic Field Effect Transistor Santosh B10130

2. Introduction Bardeen, Shockley, and Brattain invented the world's first transistor in 1947The first OFET was reported in 1986.It was based on a film of electrochemically grown polythiophene.Four years later, the first OFET employing a small conjugated molecule (sexithiophene) was fabricated. 3. Device operation OFETs are composed of three terminals 1. source 2. drain 3. Gate as well as a semiconductor layer and an insulating layer between the semiconductor and gate. 4. There are two common device configurations used in OFETs 1. Top contact 2. Bottom contact 5. Top contact When the source and drain electrodes are evaporated on the top of the organic material. 6. Bottom contact When the source and drain electrodes are evaporated on the dielectric before depositing the organic semiconductor. 7. Characteristic of OFETs When we are applied voltage to the gate induces an electric field through the dielectric and causes the formation of an accumulation layer of charges at the interface of the semiconductor deposited. OFET characteristic can be classified as: a. Transfer Characteristic b. Output CharacteristicThese characteristic depends on whether Vgs is varied while Vds is kept constant, or Vds is varied while Vgs is kept constant. 8. Characteristic of OFETs Transfer characteristic 9. Characteristic of OFETs Output characteristic 10. Organic Molecule - PentacenePentacene Molecule Organic semiconductorComposed of five Benzene ringsPolycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbonEasy to synthesizeHigh carrier mobility 11. Pentacene mobility v/s other organics 12. Organic Field effect Transistor AdvantageDisadvantageCost effectiveThermal stabilityLarge Selection of MaterialChemical Stability (Oxidation)Lighter and flexible 13. Future of OFET Skin Cancer treatments Portable compacts screensSmart textile 14. References 1. 2. https://smartech.gatech.edu3. 15. Questions???