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ORCHESTRA APPRECIATION LUNCHEON. Dallas Symphony Orchestra League. HISTORY. Each year the League has recognized and thanked the DSO musicians by holding an Orchestra Appreciation Luncheon. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • ORCHESTRA APPRECIATION LUNCHEONDallas Symphony Orchestra League


    Each year the League has recognized and thanked the DSO musicians by holding an Orchestra Appreciation Luncheon.

    Through the years it has evolved from a formal, sit-down plated lunch in the Opus Dining room at the Meyerson to a less formal, more intimate affaire held in one of the Meyersons larger meeting rooms.

    Recently, the luncheon has been a buffet catered by one of our local restaurants.

  • Goal: To host a wonderful event for little as possible Chairman, Dale Cullum, approached the same group of ladies who volunteer their time and culinary talents to supply the scrumptious offerings at our annual Up Close and Classical event asking if they would also do all the cooking for the orchestra appreciation luncheon.

    Thankfully the ladies agreed!

  • MENU AND COOKING ASSIGNMENTSThis ambitious group, spearheaded by Nancy Labadie, quickly came up with a menu consisting of lasagna, salad, rolls and dessert, then distributed the cooking among themselves.


    Each volunteer arrived with her culinary and/or dcor creation and the room was immediately transformed.

    In between their morning and afternoon rehearsals, a full orchestra with many additional players for the Mahler Symphony which was being performed that week, enjoyed a home-cooked meal while visiting with staff and League members at the beautifully decorated tables.


    Because it is scheduled for a day on which the orchestra has two rehearsals almost back-to-back, musicians appreciate knowing they will have a hot lunch served to them right here at the Meyerson.

    This luncheon also provides an opportunity for volunteers and orchestra members to spend time together getting to know each other better.

  • TIMELINEFebruary, 2011Chairman approached Up Close chefs and began planning

    March, 2011Invitations sent to all orchestra members, some staff and all League membersSign up sheet placed in rehearsal area for orchestra

    April, 2011Committee met to finalize decorations, preview luncheon venue, meet with Culinaire staff who would supply ice, coffee, for luncheonApril 11, 2011 9 a.m. Committee and chefs arrive to decorate, set up

    11:30 a.m. Orchestra members arrive

    2:30 p. m. Clean up complete


    *Volunteers who could not attend or participate directly were offered the option of underwriting the cost of an orchestra member or members lunches). Many more volunteers participated by electing to do this.

  • By all accounts, this luncheon was a win-win!

    the orchestra appreciated the ladies home cooking, &most of the ladies chose to underwrite their contribution for the dinner costs keeping costs for the event at an all-time low.

    WIN WIN !!!