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Transcript of OPORTO - · PDF file Oporto is a nation. Oporto has a thriving culinary scene. The city...


    Discover the welcoming and expansive culture of Oporto, Portugal’s second largest city after the capital, Lisbon. Rich in medieval and Renaissance history, the city shimmers with Baroque, Romanesque and Gothic architecture, some of it mind-bogglingly lavish. Beautiful landmarks abound here in a city bustling with commerce and art.

    Further afield, wine country spreads across the Douro Valley, the origin of port wine. Vineyards are sun-dappled, heavy with fruit and as hospitable as the city.

    See why locals insist on the mantra, o Porto é uma nação — Oporto is a nation.

    Oporto has a thriving culinary scene. The city favorites are tripas à modo do Porto or tripe, offal and trotters with veggies and francesinhas, an open sandwich with steak, sausage and beer- flavored sauce.

    Sardines and octopus are also popular and usually served with boiled

    potatoes and red peppers. Try any of the seafood stews or risotto, too.

    Finish meals with any of the delightful local cheeses and a glass of Porto or port wine. This sweet, red wine comes from the Douro Valley and has a higher alcohol content than many wines.

    Shopping in Oporto reveals a strong bent toward home goods, particularly cork and vintage items. Portugal is a major world producer of cork. Look for serving ware, bar items, decor and even woven items like bags and scarves. Puchandos bags from the 1950s make a unique souvenir.

    Vintage trinkets range from textiles and art to kitchenware and furnishings. The Ribeira Quarter offers boutiques and showrooms for browsing or buying pleasure.

    A bottle or two of port wine is always appreciated back home, too.

    Experience the wonderful treasures of Oporto, The Invincible City.

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    1. RIBEIRA QUARTER Explore this exciting medieval district, a UNESCO World Heritage site, on the River Douro.

    2. SÉ DO PORTO Contemplate this 12th century Romanesque fortress and cathedral with Gothic towers.

    3. CLÉRIGOS TOWER Discover the amazing view from this high Baroque tower, intended to mark the Ribeira from sea.

    4. PALÁCIO DA BOLSA Tour this Neoclassical wonder, a former stock exchange with ornate decorations and skylights.

    5. SÃO FRANCISCO CHURCH Marvel at the pure gold carved interior of this Baroque church, one of the most lavish in Europe. BEYOND CITY CENTER

    RIVER DOURO Cruise or walk this major Iberian Peninsula river to see historic neighborhoods and architecture.

    DOURO VALLEY Visit the world’s first demarcated wine region, a sunny area full of quintas or wine-making villas.

    See the beauty of this fascinating town during a panoramic city tour. View the Clérigos Tower, City Hall and Oporto Cathedral. Journey on to the Ribeira Quarter’s Palácio da Bolsa or Stock Exchange and São Francisco Church for a mix of Gothic, Romanesque and other architecture. Wind down with free time in the Quarter.

    Discover the city of Oporto and ride a charming river boat down the River Douro. Pass the Cristal Palace, Clérigos Tower and the cathedral Sé do Porto before arriving at Ribeira Quarter for a river cruise. Float past historic neighborhoods to a winery to sample the town’s eponymous port wine.

    Experience an amazing visit to the Douro Valley, the world’s first demarcated wine region. The first stop is Amarante, home to artists and writers, for a short walk and independent exploration. Later at a local quinta or winery, learn the history of port wine with a traditional Portuguese buffet lunch and wine samples.




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