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Transcript of Oporto - FIND_LIFE_EN

  • Let yourself go. Find life.

    porto e norte

  • PerfectMoments

    Live your holiday at the pace of discovery. Turn every moment into a unique occasion.

    Let yourself be taken by the regions charm, reected in its architecture, in the array of lights and colours of its villages, and in the welcoming tradition of its inhabitants. Hop between the main cities and plunge into the harmonious mixture of the traditional and the contemporary, which is so characteristic of Porto and the North of Portugal. Take a stroll through the commercial streets and discover the reection of the future in the works created by internationally renowned clothes, shoe and jewellery designers. Share great moments with beloved ones, surrounded by all the comfort you may experience. Trust these moments to your memory, so you can remember them later as a dream always worth revisiting.

  • Under aContemporary SkyAwaken your spirit to new achievements and let the charm of Porto and Northern Portugal seduce you.

    Enjoy the good life in cities full of culture and entertainment. Take leisurely strolls through the main spots of interest and enlist your spirit of adventure in order to discover much more than you can nd inside compact tourist guidebooks. Take a plunge into the myriad of things you may experience in Porto and the North of Portugal, between visiting a Modern Art museum and enjoying a dance, theatre or music performance. Relax by sitting at an esplanade table, just letting time go by, or talking about what you have seen and what you have yet to see. Discover life at the turn of each corner in Porto and Northern Portugal.

  • Passion of the Senses

    Let your hair down! Surrender to the passion of the senses. Enjoy nightlife at its best, because in Porto and Northern Portugal the night is always young.

    Start by sipping a drink, whilst admiring a view of the city or of the sea, and forget about time. Find a bar or a nightclub and allow conversation to ow. Try your luck at a casino and then head to a nightclub, where you can dance until well after sunrise. On summer nights, tune into the spirit of Rock festivals and share the invigorating green atmosphere of Porto and the North of Portugal with thousands of people whilst listening to the most infectious songs of the moment. Share and experience the emotion of glorious football matches in modern and majestic stadiums. Come down to the streets in June and mingle with the crowds of the Popular Saints celebrations, who celebrate in every corner of the city by eating sardines, singing and drinking sangria or wine.

  • In Full Spirits

    Make a toast to your best holiday ever with a glass of Port and discover the soul of a country.

    Choose the best company and surrender to the pleasures of food, as you embark on a voyage through a thousand regional avours and gastronomic secrets. Allow renowned Chefs to prepare the most appetizing dishes for you, using the most succulent and tender meats from the regions green pastures, with all the science and art they possess. Add a quaint country touch to your meal by tasting the smoked sausages prepared in places lost in the mountain ranges. As you enjoy your glory days in Porto and the North of Portugal, crown it all by letting the tastes of seafood and fresh sh from the ocean coast conquer you. Make a toast with a sparkling wine and let your spirits soar with Green, or with the much appreciated Douro wines. In the land that gave the world Port wine, discover the dierent hues of this enticing nectar in a wine tasting event at the century-old cellars and discover a lifelong love.

  • HistorysSecrets

    Plunge into the life and history of villages by visiting those unknown or forgotten places.

    Enjoy the historical testimony of a people and its culture, in the region that witnessed the birth of Portugal nine centuries ago. Let your eyes roam, from the walls of medieval Castles, across the villages nestled on the mountain slopes. Visit the old shing villages and relive the enlightened spirit that led to the expansion in the era of the Discoveries, when the Portuguese ventured across the seas in fragile sailing vessels to discover the New World. As you tread the paths of faith, feel the devotion imbued in religious architectural landmarks, so numerous in a region with such a strong sense of devotion. Let yourself be enchanted by the century-old works of art preserved in museum collections. Relax from days lled with culture and entertainment in manors and castle houses, where you will enjoy the most rened hospitality.