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This project use IR for obstacle detection

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  • 1. JAI NARAIN COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY & SCIENCE , BHOPALGuided By:- Submitted To:- Submitted By:- Mr. AmitMr. Ashok Harish Bhute Sawaskade Agrawal Mukesh Kr.Sharma Nikita Kaushal

2. OBSTACLE AVOIDINGROBOT WITH VACCUME CLEANER 3. What is robot?A robot is a mechanical or virtual intelligentagent that can perform tasks automatically orwith guidance, typically by remote control. Inpractice a robot is usually an electro-mechanicalmachine that is guided by computer andelectronic programming. 4. Role of robotics in todaysworld ROBOTICS is fast growing and interestingfield. It is simplest way for latest technologymodification. The ROBOT has sufficient intelligence tocover the maximum area of provided space. 5. IR Obstacle Avoiding Robot This robot uses IR (Infra Red) sensors andtwo IR transmitting circuitry. When theobstacle comes in path of robot IR beam isreflected from the obstacle then sensordetect the obstacle and decides to avoid theobstacle by taking left or right turn. 6. With Vacuum Cleaner .. A blower is used in it having on/off switchwhich will suck the dust and other smallparticles come near it and do the work ofcleaning and behave as vacuum cleaner. 7. Block DiagramRIGHTMOTORFRONT MICRO-CONTROLLER MOTOR SENSORDRIVERLEFT MOTOR 8. DescriptionBasically circuit consist of following blocks: Sensors Microcontroller Driver Motors Blower 9. Circuit Diagram 10. Transmitter 11. Receiver 12. PCB Layout 13. Receiver 14. Software Used ExpressPCBThis is software use to design pcb layout itis very easy to use have various componentto work with let us see how it work.Since itis difficult to make a layout without having acircuit diagram, constructing a circuitdiagram in ExpressSCH is stronglyrecommended. 15. Applications It can be used for avoidingconcealed paths. It is use as weight lifter. In Mines. 16. Future Scope Of This Project Adding a Camera:If the current project is interfaced with a camera (e.g. a Webcam) robot can be driven beyond line-of-sight & range becomes practically unlimited as networks have a very large range. 17. Use as a fire fighting robot :By adding temperature sensor, water tankand making some changes in programmingwe can use this robot as fire fighting robot. 18. Component Used Microcontroller [89C2051] L293D 7805 TSOP4838 Motor PCB Battery Crystal Oscillator (11.059MHz) Capacitor 19. Transistor Tyres Blower Connector Resistor 20. ConclusionThus, we believe that our project will be beneficial for various purposes & hence our efforts will be fruitful. 21. References The 8051 Micro controller and Embeddedsystems.(pearson Education)By-M.A.Mazidi Wikipedia - The free encyclopedia http://www.8051projects.info/ http://www.instructabal.com/ http://www.alldatasheet.com/ http://www.datasheetcatalog.com