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NOBCChE remembers Dr. Theophilus Sorrell

Transcript of NOBCChE News | Spring 1987 | Volume 8 | No. 2

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    ... About This Issue ofNOBCChE News By Mutlu O. Fagbayl, President Rochester NOBCChE

    This issue of the NOBCOl E News is dedicated to Dr. Theophilus Sorrell -"Theo"- Editor of NOBCChE News from 1979-1987. The newsmagazi ne has evolved over the years under Theo's stewardship to become the excellent magazine that it is today.

    Theo's 'team,' which included his wife Ellen and the printer Mr. Joseph P. Chakalis of H.B. Light Engraving, Inc. in Rochester (New York), are the real stars who made possible this issue of the newsmagazine. Without Theo's fool-proof organizational structure, as well as Ellen and Joe's

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    assistance, this issue could not l1ave come out so soon aller Theo's death. Theo, J:llcn, and Joe are the real stars behind !his issut:.

    The foundation tl1al l11cy l1avc laid ensures that future issues of Ilic newsmagazine will enjoy the cxc:cllcncc 111

  • '

    Dr. Theophilus Sorrell ... was born in New Orleans, Louisiana on March 15, 1949, He spent his early years

    in Houston, Tex. before moving to Baltimore, Maryland where he attended Publi(' Schools and was graduated from Baltimore City College t1iflh Sc:l1ool. lie matriculated at Morgan State University where he received a B.S, in Chemistry, After a tour with the United States Army Chemical Corps from 1970 to 1972 in Viel Nam, he continued his studies at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland where he received his M.A. and Ph.D. in chemistry. His doctoral dissertation: "Bonding and Non-bonding Interactions in Some Copper (II) and Cobalt (III) Chelate Complexes with Purines, Pyrimidines and their Nucleosides: Some Preparative, Crystallographic, and Proton Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies." was published in 1976. He was a post-doctoral Research Associate at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois from 1977 to 1978,

    lie was a member of Beta Kappa Chi, l'romcthcan Kappa Tau, and received Academic: schotarshi p rec:onni t ion from t %7 to I 970, lie was an academic: f'cllow at John llopkins University from ID72 until I D7i, llh post doctoral awards Included the National Institutes of llealth Clrant No, I F.Yl llLO~.'i6t 01. lie joined l'.

  • ' NOBCChE '87's Three-Track Curriculum By Gwendolyn L. Evans, Newsletter Editor, Western Region

    What lies ahead for the informed and the curious who plan to venture West for the Fourteenth Annual National Conference of NOBCChE is a three-track curriculum that will challenge and charm the intellect of all present. Running concurrently will be a technical session track, a professional development track, and a forum series track that will explore the future of education and the workplace and survival strategies. With these choices, conventioneers will have a variety of activities from which to choose. Each of these events is informative, mentally stimulating, and action-packed with controversial content and dynamic presenters. Technical Sessions

    NOBCChE '87 has attraced approximately lOO technical papers from across the nation. Additionally, a group of scientists from Africa will attend the conference and present papers. Presenters will discuss their current research in chemistry, chemical engineering, and other subjects, outlining their latest research advances. An impressive list of invited technical papers will give attendees audience to noted black researchers from across the country. Conventioneers will also have l11c opportunity to view science pnljecls prepared by elementary and l1igl1 sc:lwol students form Northern and Southern California, Please note tliat all papers presented at NOBCCh~: '87 me due to t11c technical committee by April 30, t 9fl7, for inclusion in the conlerence proceecllngs, Papers need not be camera ready, hut all arl must be camera-ready, The commillee will forWclrcl more inlonnatlon to all presenters. Professional Development

    An intricate Ingredient for conference activities, the l'rolessional Development track offers choice food for growth and tllOUfJht. Need to enhance your power to negotiate? Don't miss the professioanl development series on "Effective Negotiating" by Mr. Ron B. Brown, President of Banks Brown, Inc. Interested in embarking on your own high-technology business? The professional development session on "Entrepreneurship" is a must. Dr. Frank S. Greene, Jr., President and Founder of


    ZeroOne Systems, Inc., will moderate a panel of black entrepreneurs who will discuss their experiences. Panelists are Mr. Roy Clay, !'resident of Rod-L-Electronics; Mr. Peter Thomas, President of Opportunity Capital Corporation; and Dr. James Porter, President of l'.ncr~JY and Environmental Engineering, Inc. l'lanninn on moving up in the company? l'or cxrcllcnl advice attend the professional dcvelop111c11l session 011 "Working Your Way Thro11gl1 lhc Corpomtc tlierarchy." Co-prcsc11ti11g arc Mr. Micl1acl l'ayne, Manager of llunrnn Hc,ourc:cs lor the t'.ncrm Chemicals Division ol l'.xxon Cl1c111ical Company, and Mr. Ernest 11. Urquliarl, Manawr. l'.mployee Relations and Developmcnl al Ori ho Pharmaceutical Corporal ion,

    Contemplating cultivalinn your leadership qualities? Sign up lor ll1e "Qualities of Leadership Worl1shop." This workshop is specil'ic:ally clcsignccl lo assist black professionals in hcrnn1inn /ully improved in their profc.s.-.irn1nl pnlormance as well as in illl:ir personal lives. It teaches partic:ip fl~. I /~1ifif . , y:~: I L~ ~ '~~1

    y - . . :

    organic, Organic or Polymer chemis-try, we invite you to contact us. Opportunities exist at our suburban Westchester, NY facilities in Ardsley and Hawthorne, and at locations in Summit, NJ; St, Gabriel, LA; Mcin-tosh, AL, and Greensboro, NC. Please send your resume, in strict con-fidence to Lorraine Webb, Corporate Human Resources, Dept. NCC, CIBA-GEIGY, Ardsley, New York, 10502. An Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/H!V.

    CIBA-GEIGY Progress Through Innovation


  • ~' Highlighting NOBCChE '87 Speakers By Gwendolyn L. Evans, Newsletter Editor, Western Region

    Banquet Master of Ceremony

    Dr. Goldsberry will emcee the banquet ceremonies at NOBCChE '87. He is back by popular demand following his sterling delivery at the Atlanta Meeting last year.

    President and Chief Operationg Officer at Parker Chemical Company, Madison Heights, Michigan, Dr. Goldsberry is responsible for worldwide operations of specialty chemicals and processes for metal and plastic surface treatments. Parker Chemical Company is wholly-owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Chemical Company. Prior to joining Parker Chemical Company. Dr. Goldsberry was Vice President and General Manager at Occidental Chemical Corporation, Parker Surface Treatment Products, and Vice President of Business Development and Planning at the Houston branch of the corporation.

    Dr. Goldsberry's experience also includes Director of Corporate Planning Operations at Gulf Oil Corporation. Management Consultant with Boston Consulting Group. and Product Manager at Hewlett Packard Company. As a research chemist with NASA Ames Research Center, he was involved with synthesizing a new class of plastic materials and testing their stability to ultraviolet light. As a result of this research, he contributed articles to several


    Dr. Ronald t:. Goldsberry ...

    /'resident and Chief Operating Officer, l'arf(er Chemical Company

    publications and obtained a patent. Dr. Goldsberry received a l'h.D. degree in

    inorganic chemistry from Michigan State University, a B.S. degree in chemistry from Central State University, and an MBA in finance and marketing from Stanford University. He served for two years in the United States Army as a captain.

    Dr. Goldsberry holds board membership with the Michigan State University Al um i ni Association, the Michigan State University Development Fund. the Black Executive Exchange Program. WTVS-Channel 56, Boy Scouts of America, Cranbrook Educational Community, William Beaumont Hospital and the American Can Company.


    Banquet Speaker

    Dr. Cole is the Speaker for NOBCCh E '87's banquet program.

    Hailing from an illustrious career in academia. Dr. Cole is currently Chancellor of the West Virginia Board of Regents and Chief Executive Officer of the Public Higher Education System in West Virginia, a conglomerate of fifteen institutions and some 70,000 students. Prior to these appointments, he was President of West Virginia State College, Institute.

    Before journeying to West Virginia. Dr. Cole worked at Atlanta University for sixteen years. He advanced from Assistant Professorof Chemistry. Simultaneously, Dr. Cole served as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost and Director of the Resource Center for Science and Engineering, the first of three such centers established in the United States. Among his many accomplishments at Atlanta University, Dr. Cole has to his credit the initiation of three new programs that he achieved through external funding: the M.S. program in industrial chemistry in 1971, the D:A. program for potential college chemistry teachers in 1975, and the Ph.D. program in chemistry in 1980.

    Dr. Cole was also a visiting professor of chemistry at Jackson State Unive.rsity,

    Dr. Thomas W. Cote, Jr . ...

    Chancellor, West Virginia Board of Regents Chief Executive Officer, Public Higher Education System, West Virginia

    Massachusetts lnsti tute of Technology, and University of Illinois, and a research chemist with Celanese Fibers Company and Proctor and Gamble. Among his professional activities is his membership in the following organizations: National Science Foundation, Committee of Equal Opportunity in Science and Technology and Chair of the Subcommittee on Minorities; NAFEO. Committee on Science and Technology; Argonne National