Proceedings: NOBCChE 2001 - NOBCChE 2001 28th Annual National Conference of the National...

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Transcript of Proceedings: NOBCChE 2001 - NOBCChE 2001 28th Annual National Conference of the National...

  • ISSN 0896-2367

    Proceedings: NOBCChE 2001

    28th Annual National Conference of theNational Organization for the Professional Advancement of

    Black Chemists and Chemical EngineersApril 8-14,2001, Baltimore, MD

    Manuscript Date: August 31,2001

    Technical Program Chairman:Proceedings Committee Chairperson:

    Dr. Eddie C. GayMs. Dinah R. Campbell

    UB/TIB Hannover123 409 799


    Published by NOBCChENOBCChE National OfficeHoward UniversityWashington, D.C. 20059

    Volume 28

  • Proceedings: NOBCChE 200128th Annual National Conference of the National Organization for theProfessional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers

    April 8-14,2001Baltimore, Maryland

    ContentsAnalytical Chemistry I

    An Investigation of the Spectroscopic Properties of Chiral Calix[4]areneAmino Acid DerivativesKimberly Y. Hamilton, Sibrina N. Collins, and Isiah M. Warner 1

    Removal of Chromium / Lead from Water using Iron MetalVictor D. Sullivan Jr. 1

    Near-IR Time Resolved Fluorescence Detection in PMMA Micro-ChipsShawn D. Llopis and Steven A. Soper 2

    Use of Di-Alkyl Tartarate Surfactants in Capillary ElectrophoresisT. L Blackmon Robinson, Cedvet Akbay, and Isiah M. Warner 2

    Studies of Synergistic Effects of Cyclodextrins and Polymeric Surfactants inChiral Recognition using Various Spectroscopic TechniquesBertha Cedillo, Rezik Agbaria, Simon Mwongela, and Isiah M. Warner 3

    Comparison Study of Chromatographic Silanol Activity Test ProceduresSydana D. Rogers and John G. Dorsey 3

    Trace Analysis by GC/MS using Pulsed Splitless InjectionsTamara Dallabetta-Keller 4

    Biochemistry and Biotechnology I

    The Role of Protein-Protein Interactions in the Phase Behavior of Aqueous Protein SolutionsCamille O. Anderson, Harvey W. Blanch, and John M. Prausnitz 7

    Dimerization and Subunit Exhange of Lambda Cro Repressor byFluorescence Resonance Energy TransferGarrick L Florence, Alexander E. Fong, John W. Satumba, and Michael C. Mossing 8

    Proline Isomerization Limits Folding and Assembly Kinetics of Lambda Cro DimersJohn Satumba and Michael C. Mossing 9

    Nucleic Acid Vibrational Circular Dichroism, Absorption andLinear Dichroism Spectra of HeteronucleotidesBarry D. Self 9

    Proceedings: NOBCChE 2001, Volume 28, August 2001vii

  • Physical Chemistry I

    "F NMR Study of Fluorocarbons in Supercritical FluidsClarence W. Murray HI and Edward T. Samulski

    Spectroscopic Characterization of the Evolution of the Nonlinear Properties of2-Methyl-Nitroaniline Films from Nucleation to GrowthCarl E. Bonner Jr., Kang I. Seo, and William E. Malone

    Theoretical Study of the Structure of the Urea SystemC. A. Blumenberg andS. M. Black

    Post Hartree Fock Study of the Structure, Vibrational Spectra, andEnergetics of XBr and XBr* (X=H, F, CI, Br)Paul Nkansah, V. R. Morris, J. S. Francisco, and J. Edwards

    Dynamic Gravimetric Preparation of Hydrogen Sulfide Calibration Gas MixturesGerald D. Mitchell

    Organic Chemistry

    Synthesis and Application of Chitosan DerivativesDewayne Logan, Chad Petit, and William H. Daly

    Photophysical and Redox Properties of Organometallic Phenylene(Ethynylene) DimersCheslan K. Simpson and Michael D. Hopkins

    A Synthetic Approach to AmphidinolideA: "Conformation Matters"Lamont R. Terrell, Joseph S. Ward HI, Feng Geng, and Robert E. Maleczka Jr.

    Polymer and Material Science I

    Synthesis and Characterization of Novel Aromatic Schiff-Base Polymersutilizing A-B MonomersMalika Jeffries-ELandRichardM. Tarkka










    NMR and LC-NMR Characterization of Siloxane/Styrene Copolymers viaCombined Anionic Ring Opening Polymerization and Nitroxide-MediatedRadical PolymerizationAndre M. Morgan, Steven K. Pollack, and Kebede Beshah 16

    Charge Separation in II-VI Semiconductor Quantum Dot Quantum WellsReginald B. Little 17

    Quantum Monte Carlo for Difficult SystemsJohn Allen White Harkless and William A. Lester Jr. Yl

    Proceedings: NOBCChE 2001, Volume 28, August 2001viii

  • Process Chemistry

    Acid-Catalyzed Production of Peracetic Acid from Hydrogen Peroxide and Acetic AcidEmmanuel A. Dada, Babatunde I. Aremu, and Joseph C. Richards

    Concentrations of 27 Elements in Tap Water from Two Alabama Cities by ICP-OESAbua Ikent, Seyi Odueyungbo, Nosa O. Egiebor, and Kafui Nyavor

    Oily Wastewater Research at the Tuskegee UniversitySeyi A. Odueyungbo, Merilyn L. Hall, and Nosa Egiebor

    The Characterization of Double-Tailed Cationic Surfactants for Enhanced Oil RecoveryMaurice O. Iwunze

    Innovations: Strategy and Practice Symposium

    Intellectual Property Management as a Source of InnovationWendy M. Elliott

    Disruptive Innovations in the Chemical Industry: Lessons from History about theFuture of the IndustryChristopher Hollinsed

    Business Strategies and Structures for Disruptive Business EnvironmentsEdward M. Yokley

    Biotechnology in AgricultureAlicia A. Clay

    Creating an Environment for Sustained Technical InnovationVictor R. McCrary

    Polymer and Material Science II

    Synthesis and Physical Characterization of a Hinged, Photo-Responsive PolypeptideAlveda J. Williams and Vinay K. Gupta

    New Reactive Fluorophores for Optically Based Thermoset Cure MonitoringSteven K. Pollack and Calvin A. James

    Synthesis and Characterization of Chromium Nitride BasedTernary Transition Metal NitridesShalawn K. Jackson and Hans C. zur Loye

    Partitioning of Reactant Species in Heterogeneous Polymerizations inSupercritical Carbon DioxideKaren A. Kennedy, Joseph M. DeSimone, and George W. Roberts

    Phosphatidylcholine - Functional Surfaces via Sequential Grafting ReactionsSteven K. Pollack and Yemi S. Bullen

    Determination of the Degradation Mechanism from the Kinetic Parameters ofDehydrochlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride DecompositionKelly J. Jordan, S.L Suib, andJ. T. Koberstein
















    Proceedings: NOBCChE 2001, Volume 28, August 2001ix

  • NOBCChE Rohm and Haas Company Undergraduate Research Award Competition

    Studies on Novel Beta-LactamsEjae Baker and Monika Konaklieva

    Protein Adsorption at Fluid/Fluid InterfacesRiham Morcos

    The Pedestal Effect: How Robust Is It?Rossalyn K. Quaye and Theodore E. Cohn

    Solid Supports for Carbon Dioxide ApplicationsStephanie A. Crette, Laillah Rice, Joseph M. DSimone, Ruben G. Carbonell,William Tumas, and John Brady

    Finkelstein Halogen Exchange Reaction using Microwave Energy and aBinary Solvent SystemRichelle Williams, Alvin Kennedy, Yousef Hijji, and Solomon Tadesse

    Characterization of Fluorinated HPLC Stationary PhasesJami R. Wilson and Eric J. Williamsen

    Chemical Engineering I

    Finite Element Simulation of Incompressible Flows with Heat and Mass TransferAdetola A. Abatan, Shahrouz Aliabadi, and Jalal Abedi

    Mathematical Modeling of Myoglobin Facilitated Transport of Oxygen inGenetically Altered CellsH. Kushanie Tilakaratne, Steven K. Hunter, and Victor G. J. Rodgers

    Thermodynamic Modeling of GAC Sorption of Benzene-Toluene-Xylene Mixture in WaterSeyi A. Odueyungbo and Nosa Egiebor

    Flow Pattern and Temperature Variation in Filter VesselsIsaac K. Gamwo, Goodarz Ahmadi, and John S. Halow

    Fundamental Studies of the Mechanism of Alternating Current ElectroflocculationDennis Borie and Kafui Nyavor












    Proceedings: NOBCChE 2001, Volume 28, August 2001x

  • Polymer and Material Science HI

    Synthesize, Characterization and Properties ofProcessable Diacetylene-Functionalized PolyimidesNjeri T. Karangu, Mary E. Rezac, and Haskell W. Beckham 83

    Synthesis and Characterization of a New Engineering Polymer:Poly(Oxy-4,4'-Isopropylidenediphenyleneoxy Carbonyl-2,6-Naphthalenecarbonyl)Lianhong Tang and Dwight J. Patterson 84

    Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(Methacrylic Acid-G-Ethylene Glycol)Microspheres for Oral Protein Delivery ApplicationsDaphne N. Robinson and Nicholas A. Peppas 85

    Modified Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) Microfabricated Channels and theSeparation of BiopolymersMichelle Galloway, Steven A. Soper, and Robin McCarley 85

    Analytical and Environmental Chemistry

    Using Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy to Study the Structure of Humic AcidBretta F. King and Timothy A. Cross 86

    Determination of the Levels of Atrazine and Alachlor in the Lower Cumberland Basin usingSPE and HPLC with U.V. DetectionEmmanuel K. Quartey and Robert C. Wingfield Jr. 87

    Characterization of Human Atherosclerotic PlaqueSibrina N. Collins, Christy Ott, Serigne Thiam, Jane I. Murungi, James W. Robinson,and Isiah M. Warner 87

    Chip-Based Integrated Optics in Bio-SeparationsBryan G. Splawn and Fred E. Lytle 88

    Pollution Prevention Approach to the Analysis of Hanford Waste forIsobaric Metal Pairs by Ion Exchange Chromatography and ICP/MSAsopuru A. Okemgbo and Steven G. Metcalf 88

    The Stereoselective Differentiation of Amino Acids by using Phosphenium Ions in aFourier-Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Mass Spectrometer (FT-ICR)Rukeyser S. Thompson and Hilkka I. Kenttdmaa 89

    Proceedings: NOBCChE 2001, Volume 28, August 2001xi

  • Biochemistry and Biotechnology II

    Bioprocessing Strategies for Improving Heterologous Protein Production byAspergilli SpeciesMichael Gyamerah, Marichetti Gowthaman, Jeno Scharer, and Murray Moo-Young

    NMR Studies of l-Butyl-3-MethylimidazoIium Salts in Different SolventsAllan D. Headley and Nichole M. Jackson

    Altering the Intermediate in the Equilibrium Fo