NOBCChE 40th Annual Conference | Indianapolis | October 1-4

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40 Years Strong: Creating a Transformative STEM Workforce

Transcript of NOBCChE 40th Annual Conference | Indianapolis | October 1-4

  • The National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) presents

    JW Marriott Indianapolis, INOctober 1-4

  • Table of Contents

    Welcome Letters 1

    Hotel Layout 8

    Conference Sponsors 10

    Conference at a Glance 12

    General Conference Information 15

    NOBCChE Endowment Education Fund 22

    Program Schedule in Detail 26

    Historical Distinguished Lectures 53

    Workshop Descriptions 56

    2013 NOBCChE Award Recipients 61

    Highlighted Conference Speakers 74

    2013 Exhibitors 86

    Planning Committee National Conference 87

    Future National Annual Conferences 93

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  • Lilly Research Laboratories A Division of Eli Lilly and Company Lilly Corporate Center Indianapolis, Indiana 46285 U.S.A.

    October 1, 2013Corporate Component Name

    On behalf of the NOBCChE Executive Board and Administrative Officers, we gladly welcome your participation at our 40th Annual Conference. Presiding over these committed scientists, sponsors, students and parents for the 2013 Annual Conference is an honor - thank you! Please take this week to forge and renew your relationships with your mentors, students, colleagues and newfound friends and you will find this weeks event a worthwhile experi-ence. This years conference theme, 40 Years Strong: Creating a Transformative STEM Workforce, serves to highlight the critical contributions under-represented scientists in academia, government, and industry can make to address the Nations critical challenges in energy and resource management, healthcare and health maintenance, green chemistry, and chemical bioinformatics. And to make those critical contributions, the Nation and the world needs an eminent cadre of people of color in science and technology - the mission of NOBCChE! Ive thoroughly enjoyed my association with NOBCChE since 2008 and have great passion for its mission. In this age when the importance of science and technology has never been more important to the future of our country, we need all our bright minds positioned to contribute to that goal. Please take this opportunity to celebrate your success and learn from the accomplishments of others. Sincerely, William F. Heath Jr., Ph.D. Senior Vice President Product & Clinical: Design, Development & Delivery

    Conference Attendees,

    Welcome to Indianapolis!


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  • N BCChE National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers

    A D M IN IS TRATIV E S TAFF ! ! !! ! ! !

    Presiden t Ju d son H aynes, Ph.D.

    The Procter and Gam ble Com p any Cincinnati, OH !

    V ice-Presiden t Talitha H am p ton Merck & Co., Inc. West Point, PA

    !S ecretary Sharon J. Barnes, Ph .D., MBA/ HRM The Dow Chem ical Com p any Freep ort, TX

    !T reasu rer Dale Mack, BS, RSO Morehouse School of Med icine Atlanta, GA

    !N ation al S tu den t R epresen tativ e TBD

    !M idwest R egion al Chair Pau l Ard ayfio, Ph .D. Eli Lilly and Com p any Ind ianap olis, IN

    !N ortheast R egion al Chair Tom m ie Royster, Ph.D. Rochester, N Y

    !S ou theast R egion al Chair Miqu el Antoine, Ph.D. Johns H op kins App lied Physics Lab Lau rel, MD

    !S ou thwest Region al Chair Marsha Cole, Ph.D. United States Dep artm ent of Agricu ltu re N ew Orleans, LA

    !West Regional Chair Ronald Lew is, II, Ph.D. San Diego, CA



    Bobby Wilson, Ph.D., FASI, Chairman Texas Sou thern University H ou ston, TX

    !Bernice Green , BS, V ice Chairman Sp elm an College Atlanta, GA

    !Ella Davis, MBA, M ember at Large Center Squ are, PA


    !R. Dale Wesson, Ph .D., M ember at Large University of Maryland Eastern Shore Princess Anne, MD

    !Alvin Kennedy, Ph.D., M ember at Large

    Morgan State University Lau rel, MD

    !Malind a Gilm ore Ph.D., M ember at Large Alabam a A&M University N orm al, AL

    !Perry Catchings, MS, MBA, M ember at Large Prim e Organics Boston, MA


    !P.O. Box 77040

    Washington, DC 20013-77480 800-776-1419

    September 3, 2013 NOBCChE Members, Sponsors and Supporters,

    It is my privilege and honor to welcome you to the 40th NOBCChE Annual Meeting (AM40) in Indianapolis, Indiana.

    On behalf of the NOBCChE Executive Board and Administrative Officers, we are delighted to be hosting AM40 in Indianapolis - a beautiful city with outstanding facilities for a meeting such as ours. We gladly welcome your participation and are happy for this opportunity to bring together such a diverse group of top scientists, educators, managers, administrators and students during the week.

    This year we are celebrating NOBCChEs 40th Annual Meeting. What a momentous occasion! NOBCChE has seen sustained growth over the past 40 years and we have successfully deepened our engagement in the pursuit of advancing our mission. When I reflect on this milestone, I am personally moved and pleased by the multitude of examples of NOBCChEs mission in action! We have some exciting surprises for you at this years meeting, this milestone truly calls for special celebration.

    This years theme, Creating a Transformative STEM Workforce focuses on delivering a transformative meeting experience that will inspire participants to be a powerhouse in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). At AM40, you will he