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Newell School Board. By: Joe J. Members. Donald Alexander- Chairman Kimberley Jackson- Vice Chairman Gary Nelson Jennifer Srstka Julie VanDerBoom Leanne Wells Todd Williamson . School Board Duties. Advocating on behalf of all students Policy-Making - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Newell School Board

Newell School BoardBy: Joe J.

Members Donald Alexander- Chairman Kimberley Jackson- Vice ChairmanGary NelsonJennifer Srstka Julie VanDerBoom Leanne Wells Todd Williamson

School BoardDutiesAdvocating on behalf of all studentsPolicy-MakingHiring & Evaluating the SuperintendentPlanning, Goal Settingand EvaluationMaintaining fiscal responsibiltiyProviding safe and secure school facilitiesOpen, honest communication

How to Become a Member You must be at least 18 years old

You must be a resident of the school district

Eligible voter of the district or representative area

Have a petition signed by 20 registered voters that vote in the school district

Petition must be returned to the school district at least 39 days before the electionGet elected

Why Should YOUrun for School Board? According to the Assoc. School Boards of SD - ...You and your fellow board members will shape thefuture of your community and society by establishing education goals that help students reach high levels of achievement.To share your time, talents, leadership and talent to benefit the education of the children. To build a bond between the Board and the community

When Meetings AreSchool Board meetings are: 2nd Monday of every month At 7:30 P.M. Newell High School Ag-Science Building Committee meetings are scheduled on an as needed basis

Committees Budget and Negotiations- develop the next school year budget, work agreement and contract negotiations Policy- review policies, make recommendations for changes, create new policies Buildings and Grounds- Continue the design build process, work with contractors District leadership- consists of one board member, Superintendent, Principal, SPED Director, Activities Director, 3 Teacher Leaders, and 3 Parents, Review and discuss different aspects of the school system and how we can improve

Interview I recently interview Newell School Board member Kimberley Jackson. Q. Why did you run for school board? A. Everyone has a civic duty to be active in their community, and their children's education. This is my way of fulfilling that obligation.Q. What do you personally believe is the role of the school board member?A. Use the opinions of those who elected you to guide the school administration.Q. What is the toughest thing about being on the school board? A. Feeling the responsibility of the education of over a hundred children.

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Interview with Kimberley Jackson 1/20/2014

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