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Smile odentMarketing Plan for new toothpaste1

-Prepared by-

Ali Arfi Shafat ChowdhurySabiha Shobnom MonikaM.D. Mostafijur RahmanS.M. Nawroj ArefinSamia Safrin Urmee2

IntroductionBangladeshi toothpaste brand focusing on oral care for lower income people.Affordable PriceStronger, whiter, healthier teeth and extra fresh breath.Blue color3

Current Marketing SituationAvailability Of New Option


Current Marketing Situation3 varientsSmile odent sensitive5Smile odent pro-health

Smile odent fresh breath

SWOT Analysis6

SWOT AnalysisCustomers confuse which flavors to choose as it seems like all has the same functions.Colors and design on the packaging is rather pale compare with the others.

Contains no sugarClinically proven active ingredients to help relieve sensitivity within 2 weeks.Proven carried protection of fluorideA variety of flavors and choices.Helpsprotect against cavities,maintain healthy teeth and gums.7

SWOT AnalysisMost of the people would prefer to choose normal toothpaste because it is cheaper and they do not know it can also be used as normal toothpaste.Some customers dislike the taste of Sensodyne, as it does not have strong taste like normal toothpaste.Malaysian growing awareness of hygiene and product innovation.With changing diet, tooth sensitivity is increasingly felt by all age groups.8

Marketing StrategyTargeting:Defining the abilities of the company and resources needed to enter a marketAnalyzing competitors on their resources and skillsConsidering the companys abilities compared to the competitors' abilitiesDeciding on the actual target markets.


Marketing strategyPositioning: Product attributes Product benefits Beliefs and values

Product line:More hygiene among the entire toothpaste brands in the market proved by BSTI.Safety, germ free, good smelled, healthy, hundred percent secure product.



Marketing strategyDistribution:11

Marketing strategyAdvertising:BillboardRadioTV CommercialSales promotion:Using cricket team player or local movie hero for the promotion of product.Emotional and rational messages.12

Marketing StrategyBrand NameSmile ODentSizePrice1. Smile ODent Fresh Breath25gm15Tk50gm32Tk100gm48Tk2. Smile ODent Pro Health25gm17Tk50gm34Tk100gm49Tk3. Smile ODent Sensitive25gm19Tk50gm36Tk100gm52TkAbove all will be available5gm4Tk



Objectives and issues Reduce the spread of oral care associated infections Provide a best product in an affordable price Bring smile in everyones face.14

Action planTargeted mallingsSeminarsNetworkingStrategic alliancesReferralsMedia placements15

Controls Earnings to the marketing department in order to determine company statistics. Report all toothpaste coupon usage by retail chain and region.Count of the number of members from:SmileODent SmileFacebookTwitter andMyspace.


ConclusionTeeth are the strongest part of human body. But to take care of your teeth you need to brush regularly. Our target markets dont have the idea of it. We will create awareness of using toothpaste. We believe our product will be successful. We acknowledge that there are lots of big competitors around and it will quite tough to compete with them. But our product has some unique values and specifically for specific target market. We are offering good quality product at affordable price range. We will focus on quality and we will be consistent on quality. Our target customer will be loyal if we keep continuing quality product with affordable rate.