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Transcript of New solution for WCDMA/GSM Air Interface Brochure.pdf · PDF filePacific Rim Mobile...

  • Pacific RimMobile Technologies

    AR-7200 Air Recorder New solution for WCDMA/GSM Air Interface recording The AR-7200 records the WCDMA/GSM air interface for later reproduction, replicating a real-time environment. It records the radio signals between Node Bs and UEs, stores them in its internal hard disk drives and plays them back in I/Q data. The AR-7200 is the ideal companion for the AP-6000 Air Protocol Analyzer when multiple UEs have to be analyzed during the same period of time. The AR-7200 can also be used with other devices supporting analog I/Q inputs. Key Features RF down conversion and I/Q demodulation Store DL & UL I/Q base band signals to Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Play back I/Q base band signals from HDD for analysis with an AP-6000 Functions on frequency bands I, II, III, V, VI and IX in 3GPP UMTS/WCDMA Dual RF units 12-bit analog to digital converter / 14-bit digital to analog converter Up to 1 hour of recording (2 frequencies) 2 buffer modes (single or ring) Data export/import function WCDMA cell search function

    AR-7200 Air Recorder Block Diagram

    RF 1

    RF 2

    ADCs HDD controller


    HDD x 16




    I/Q signals (DL & UL) x 2R

    (DL & UL) x 2R

    (1.2TB) DACs

  • Pacific Rim Mobile Technologies

    AR-7200/AP-6000 System Diagram By using both the AR-7200 and AP-6000 a user can playback the air interface several times selecting each time a different UE and analyze that particular call.

    For further information:

    I/Q Signals

    AP-6000 AR-7200 Air Protocol Analyzer Air Recorder

    Benefits Saves time during debugging, problem analysis and system optimization Replicates the entire communications air test environment Provides the ability to repeat a particular tested scenario No physical connection required to Node B, Network or UE AR-7200 Specifications Functions Description

    RF Frequency 2.1GHz, 1.9GHz, 1.7GHz, 800MHz Band width: 5MHz; Channel raster: 200KHz Number of RF Units 2 AGC Implemented ADC bit width 12-bit Storage Number of channels 8 (2 RF Units x DL & UL x I/Q) Maximum store time 1 hour / 2 Frequencies (1.2TB) Ring buffer function Supported, 1 hour data can be stored Interface RF in SMA x 2 ports Analog Output DL: I, Q channels / UL: I, Q channels / 2 Units Reference Clock Output BNC (10MHz) Reference Clock Input BNC (10MHz) External Digital Input BNC x 2 ports On Board PC CPU Celeron 2.0GHz Memory 512MB (DDR2700) HDD 80GB LCD 800x600 (touch screen) LAN 2 Ethernet ports USB 2 ports OS Windows XP Professional Optional Trigger In External start/stop trigger GPS data logging Serial interface for GPS unit Stored data export software Binary data file WCDMA monitor software P-SCH profile view & primary scrambling code search GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900MHz. Factory upgrade option.

    RF unit needs to be replaced Unit Physical dimensions W 43 x D 55 x H 20 (cm) / Approx 30Kg AC power AC100v, AC220v / 50, 60Hz Maximum 350VA

    Note: These specifications can be changed without notice

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