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Transcript of NCVER No Frills Conference - Engaging employers in regional workforce development

  1. 1. Where is Robinvale? 2
  2. 2. Who we are.... POPULATION Robinvale Urban Centre Robinvale SLA Swan Hill Rural City Council Victoria Australia Population Entire 2,134 3,749 20,449 5,354,0 42 21,507,7 17 Population - Males 49.8% (1,062) 51.7% (1,940) 50.4% (10,3030) 49.2% 49.4% Population Females 50.2% (1,072) 48.3% (1,809) 49.6% (10,146) 50.8% 50.6% Population Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander persons 10.7% (229) 7.9% (296) 4.3% (886) 0.7% 2.5% The Robinvale SLA pop declined by 216 people 2006 - 2011. The ATSI pop declined from 13% to 10.7% of the Robinvale UC pop (loss of 59 people)
  3. 3. LANGUAGE SPOKEN AT HOME Robinvale Urban Centre Robinvale SLA Swan Hill Rural City Council Vic Aust English only spoken at home 52.3% (1,116) 59.8% (2,242) 83.2% 72.4 76.8 % Households where two or more languages are spoken * 40% (283) 34.3% (420) 13% 25.7 20.4 % Italian 3.2% (68) 5.3% (199) 2.6% 2.3 1.4% Tongan 13.3% (283) 8.0% (301) 1.6% - 0.1% Vietnamese 6.4% (137) 4.4% (163) 0.9% 1.6 1.1% * As many as 40 different languages in Robinvale Since 2006 the number of homes where English Only is spoken has decreased from 59.7% to 52.3%
  4. 4. In 2011 in Robinvale.... Single parents: 20.6%, in Aboriginal homes 49.4% (Robinvale SLA) Low incomes: 39.6% homes have an income less than $600/wk (23.7% nationally) 13.0% of households in Robinvale pay a rent value that is more than 30% of household income compared to 8.5% for the Robinvale SLA, 7.5% for the LGA and 10.4% for Australia. State housing authority rental: 27.0% homes (13.7% nationally) Homes with no car: 16.3%
  5. 5. Gross Domestic Product - GDP 500 million GDP in 50 km radius 2010 (REMPLAN) Estimated in 2015 to be close to 800 million Table Grapes, nuts, olives, vegetables, cereals, wine grapes etc Horticulture infrastructure estimated at 1.4 billion dollars 2225 fulltime jobs in region 850 in Ag/Hort 60% of Australias Table Grapes
  6. 6. Boundary Bend Limited Best Extra Virgin olive oil in the world 4 Gold medals in 2013, 14 & 15 3,500 hectares at Boundary Bend
  7. 7. 2.2 million trees Boundary Bend and Boort Vic 6060 Hectares in production Forecast 2015 BTP 25 million dollars - fully integrated business 79 EFT 80% of Australias Olive oil produced by Boundary Bend Limited
  8. 8. ALMONDS 70% of Australias almonds grown in Robinvale over 20,000 ha bearing EFT over 550 Olam sold their almond plantations at Robinvale for $200 million and leased back Select Harvests share price risen by over 70% since mid January 2015. Almond floor price $10.20 - 2014/15
  9. 9. Aim The aim of the Robinvale Agribusiness Workforce Development Strategy will be to provide a strategic approach to ensure the Robinvale region has a highly competent agricultural workforce now and in the future.
  10. 10. Outputs 10 validated job skill profiles for use by employers, group training companies, recruiters, Registered Training Organisations, schools and youth organisations Skillsbook system Best fit qualifications report for each job role Common skills across all positions Common skills across non-managerial for entry level skills and managerial positions Map of entry level skills
  11. 11. Outputs 34 self-evaluations, 3 company reports & an overall report Areas of greatest strength across all positions Skills in greatest need across all positions Strengths and needs across managerial positions Strengths and needs across non- managerial positions 30 resources
  12. 12. Position Best match qualification Fit Regional manager AHC51710: Diploma of Rural Machinery Management 85% Leading hand AHC30610: Certificate III in Production Horticulture 72% Farm hand AHC30610: Certificate III in Production Horticulture 63% Farm manager 2IC AHC40310: Certificate IV in Production Horticulture 64% Irrigation Manager 2IC AHC41112: Certificate IV in Irrigation 72% Maintenance manager AHC30610: Certificate III in Production Horticulture 56% Irrigation manager AHC41112: Certificate IV in Irrigation 71% Quality Assistance TLI11310: Certificate I in Logistics 81% Forklift operator TLI11310: Certificate I in Logistics 81%
  13. 13. Common units across all positions Evident in % positions AHCMOM202A: Operate tractors 80% AHCMOM304A: Operate machinery and equipment 80% AHCCHM304A: Transport, handle and store chemicals 80% AHCCHM401A: Minimise risks in the use of chemicals 80% BSBCMN412A: Promote innovation and change 60% TLILIC2001A: Licence to operate a forklift truck 60% AHCWRK401A: Implement and monitor quality assurance procedures 60% AHCBUS501A: Manage staff 60% AHCBIO303A: Carry out emergency disease or plant pest control procedures at infected premises 60% AHCMOM305A: Operate specialised machinery and equipment 60% AHCWRK308A: Handle bulk materials in storage area 60% AHCMOM306A: Ground spread fertiliser and soil ameliorant 60% AHCIRG301A: Implement a maintenance program for an irrigation system 60% AHCMOM302A: Perform machinery maintenance 60% AHCMOM315A: Operate chemical application machinery and equipment 60% TAADEL301C: Provide training through instruction and demonstration of work skills 60%
  14. 14. Entry level skills Forklift licence Stock control and stock takes HACCP, safety and induction Customer service and quality Information technology and devices Numbers and calculations Communication and team work Environmental sustainability and clean up plant, equipment, worksite Manual handling, loading goods, pallets Basic admin tasks and trouble shooting
  15. 15. Areas of greatest strength across all assessments Unit code Unit title Number of employees AHCMOM202A Operate tractors 15 AHCMOM304A Operate machinery and equipment 12 AHCMOM203A Operate basic machinery and equipment 6 AHCCHM303A Prepare and apply chemicals 6 AHCMOM305A Operate specialised machinery and equipment 5
  16. 16. Skills in greatest need across all assessments Code Name Number of Employees HLTFA311A Apply first aid 8 AHCWRK401A Implement and monitor quality assurance procedures 8 AHCIRG306A Troubleshoot irrigation systems 7 AHCMOM502A Implement a machinery management system 7 HLTFA302C Provide first aid in remote situation 6 AHCCHM302A Fumigate soil using chemicals 6 AHCPCM301A Implement a plant nutrition program 6
  17. 17. Outcomes Managers need: Oxy acetylene welding First aid Technology digital capabilities Irrigation system performance Identify plant specimens Sample soils, interpret results, monitor and manage soils
  18. 18. Outcomes Non-managers need: First aid Fumigate soils, emergency disease & plant pest response Troubleshoot irrigation systems Machinery maintenance Quality assurance
  19. 19. What else? Provide training via on the job instruction Understanding client requirements (espec international markets)and applying quality assurance Innovation, environmental sustainability, lean processes and approach, change management, performance development and management, future orientation Capabilities digital, entrepreneurship, international - delegations, markers and trade missions, R&D, supply chain capability
  20. 20. Workforce Development Strategies Food to Asia Skills Framework Australia Award Fellowships Industry Skills Fund Digital skills development (in context) How to train/instruct others on the job Technical skills & short courses first aid, plants diseases & pests, soils, welding Quality assurance & process innovation (project based learning)
  21. 21. Workforce Development Strategies Australian Apprenticeships (incl School Based) VET in Schools Recognition of Prior Learning Work experience/placement Coaching and mentoring Work based learning projects Networks &/or Communities of Practice
  22. 22. Workforce Development Strategies Agribusiness Passports skill sets designed off the back of the profiling. Training to be delivered onsite utilizing the Sunitafe mobile training transporter Agribusiness Scholarships Aimed at local secondary students
  23. 23. 26 Bhutan delegation to Sunraysia best of regions
  24. 24. Workforce BluePrint: WPAA (all things VET) Keep up to date: LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: @WorkforcePlan and @waperry Workforce Planning Tools: 4245718?trk=myg_ugrp_ovr Connect 27