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  • NCPS Just Culture Collaborative – Just Culture Certification Workshop Information

    Dates and Time: June 9-11th, 2015, from 8AM to 5PM each day. Please arrive on time and plan to attend the entire

    session for each day of the workshop.

    Location: UNMC’s Harold M. and Beverly Maurer Center for Public Health Room 3013. This room is on the

    third floor and in the northwest corner of the building.

    A campus map is included. The Center for Public Health building is indicated on the map, and is near

    39th St. and Dewey Ave.

    Parking: Parking is available on the UNMC Campus in Lot 15S, which is the student section of Lot 15 that

    wraps around the Center for Public Health and Student Life Center (see campus map included –

    portions of Lot 15S are indicated by the shaded red lines). Student parking stalls are marked with

    WHITE stall lines painted in Lot 15S. Yellow stall lines are designated for employees only, so please

    park only within WHITE stall lines in Lot 15S. No parking tags or other indicators are needed to park

    in Lot 15S.

    Driving Directions: The Element Omaha Midtown Crossing parking structure on 33rd and Dodge St Omaha, NE 68131 to

    UNMC Parking Lot 15S near South 39th St. and Dewey St. A map is included.

     Head South on S 33rd St toward Farnam St

     Turn right onto Farnam St

     Turn left on S 40th St

     Turn left onto Dewey Ave

     Turn right onto S 39th St – S 39th St will take you into the parking lot, look for Lot 15S signs

    If you are staying at The Element, this hotel offers a shuttle service to and from UNMC. If you are interested in using this

    shuttle service, please contact the Element’s Front Desk to arrange pick-up and drop-off times.

    Agenda: A copy of the certification course agenda is included, and includes the course objectives.

    Materials: All materials necessary for the certification workshop will be available on the first day of the workshop. You

    may wish to bring additional paper and a pen or pencil to take notes. If you have not already done so, please make sure

    you complete the online Just Culture pre-certification course training modules prior to the start of the workshop.

    Instructions to access this online training were sent via email in late April/early May.

    Meals: Water, coffee, lunch, and a morning and afternoon snack will be provided during each day of the certification

    workshop. In addition, there are vending machines available in the Center for Public Health building. There is also a

    convenience shop located in the Michael F. Sorrell Center for Health Science Education, just a minute or two walk from

    the Center for Public Health building.

    Dining in Omaha: A list of restaurants in the Midtown Crossing, Dundee/Happy Hollow, Aksarben Village, and Old

    Market/Downtown areas of Omaha is included.

    If you have any additional questions, please contact Vicki Kennel at [email protected], or Ann McGowan at

    [email protected] If additional direction or information is needed during the workshop, you may contact Vicki

    Kennel at (402) 699-0280.

    mailto:[email protected] mailto:[email protected]

  • Park in Lot 15S

    College of Public Health


  • UNMC Lot 15S

    Element Hotel

    Parking Structure


    Farnam St.

    Dewey Ave.

    S 4 0

    th St.

    S 3 3

    rd St.

  • 1

    The Just Culture Three Day Certification Course Agenda Nebraska Coalition for Patient Safety (NCPS)

    Day 1

    Morning session

    8-10:00 Introduction to just culture · What is workplace justice today · Just culture” A simple model · Check on Learning Exercise: A tale of two citizens · The “Guilty Mind” (US V. Morisette)

    10-12:00 Who we are as human beings · Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of happiness · Imposers and Duties (Palsgraf v. Long Island RR) · Human Intentions · Introduction to the three behaviors

    Afternoon Session

    12-1:00 Lunch

    1-5:00 Managing the Socio-Technical System · What we must believe about the Management of Risk · Managing System Design · “Wing Walkers” · Managing Human Behaviors · The Reasonable Person Standard · Mislabeled Specimens: A Case Study · The 16 Design Laws of a Just Culture

    5-6:00 Advisor Remains for questions as needed Advisor will offer a 5-10 min. break every hour and fifteen minutes

  • 2

    Day 2

    Morning session

    8-12:00 Outcome Engenuity’s Just Culture Algorithm

    · Duty to produce an outcome · Duty to follow a procedural rule · Check on learning exercises: Scenarios (group learning)

    Afternoon Session

    12-1:00 Lunch

    1-5:00: Just Culture Algorithm (cont.) · Duty to avoid causing unjustifiable risk or harm · Check on learning exercises: Scenarios (group learning) 5-6:00 Advisor Remains for questions as needed Advisor will offer a 5-10 min. break every hour and fifteen minutes

    Day 3

    Morning session

    8-10:00 Outcome Engenuity’s Just Culture Algorithm (cont.) · Repetitive human errors · Repetitive At-Risk behaviors · Check on learning exercises: Scenarios (group learning)

    10-12:00 Just Culture Implementation, Measures, and Questions · JC Measures · Final Questions · Closing comments

    Afternoon Session

    12-1:00 Lunch

    1-5:00 Review of One Day Just Culture Managers Course (Train the Trainer) Advisor will offer a 5-10 min. break every hour and fifteen minutes ·

  • 3

    Course Objectives

    Attendees will be able to champion, mentor, and train staff on the Just Culture

    concepts to reduce errors and adverse events through:

    A. The application of the 5 skills (Values, System Design, Behavioral Choices, Learning

    Systems, and Justice).

    1. Values – Defining and understanding competing values.

    2. System Design – Managing the quality of the system design.

    3. Behavioral Choices – Managing the quality of the behavioral choice.

    4. Learning Systems – Use of learning system principles to encourage reporting

    and learning from errors, while using investigative rules and concepts to

    analyze errors and events.

    5. Justice – Establishment of fair and consistent guidelines to affect


  • Omaha Restaurants near the UNMC area

    Midtown Crossing area

    From Dodge to Harney St, between 33rd St. and

    Turner Blvd.

     Black Oak Grill

     Cantina Laredo

     Chicago Dawg House

     Crave

     Delice European Bakery & Café

     The Grey Plume

     Ingredient

     Lenny’s Sub Shop

     Pana 88

     Saints Pub + Patio

    Dundee / Happy Hallow area

    From Dodge to Cuming St., between 52nd and

    46th St.

     Pitch Pizzeria

     Dario’s Brasserie

     Goldbergs

     The French Bulldog

     Amsterdam Falafel and Kabob

     Marks Food, Wine, and Sprit

    Aksarben Village area

    From Pacific to Center St., between 72nd and 60th


     DJ’s Dugout

     Dudley’s Pizza and Tavern

     Jones Bros. Cupcakes

     Mai Thai

     Ponzu Sushi & Grill

     Spirit World

     Voodoo Taco

    Old Market / Downtown area

    From Farnam to Jackson St., between 13th and

    10th St.

     Billy Frogg’s Grill & Bar

     Blue Sushi Old Market

     Jackson Street Tavern

     J’s on Jackson

     M’s Pub

     Matsu Sushi

     Old Chicago

     Pepperjax Grill

     Rock Bottom Brewery

     Roja

     Spaghetti Works

     Stokes Grill & Bar

     Twisted Fork Grill & Bar

     Upstream Brewing Company

     Zio’s Pizzeria

    NCPS Just Culture Collaborative - Information for Certification Workshop UNMC Campus Map and Just Culture Parking in Lot 15S Driving Directions Map NCPS JC Certification Course Agenda Omaha Restaurants near the UNMC area