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My Awesome Poems!!!. By Akshara. R Grade 6, Dragons. A Feelings Poem. By Darwin Bell. Excited is the the color Green. It smells like a new dish being made, It tastes like fresh broccoli, It feels like someone tickling you, It sounds like the giggles of a dozen children whispering, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Awesome Poems!!!By Akshara. RGrade 6, DragonsA Feelings PoemExcited is the the color Green.It smells like a new dish being made,It tastes like fresh broccoli,It feels like someone tickling you,It sounds like the giggles of a dozen children whispering,It looks like green grass, swaying in the wind.Excited is you, playing with your friends, and having the time of your life.

By Darwin Bell

By Phillip Klinger PhotographyA Prepositional PhraseInto the mall,Down the stairs,Across a clothes shop,Past ladies with new dresses,Through the hallway,Into the toilet,Into a stall,FLUSH!

By tabula_electronicaAn Alliteration PoemFlowers flitter then flutter about,As leaves lift of trees, And their families float offin the billowing breeze.While they see them leave.

Stars shine in the shiny nightBright and bold and blaring,Like a billion brilliant beaming lights,Which dazzle in the night.

Chocolate is cheesy in the cold,A feast you can feast on,which never gets oldTo me my chocolate is like gold,Like sweet and sugary cookie mold.

By aresauburn

By Matti Mattila

By theimpulsivebuyA Personification PoemI wake up and see,A misty fog,Darkening by the minute,Scaring me to my heart.

I wake up and see,My window smashing open,My curtains drifting in the howling wind,And trees swaying violenty.

I wake up and see, The sun blazing through the glass,And into my sleepy eyes,Trying to protect themselves.

I wake up and see,What a clear blue sky,With clouds tearing themselves apart,And a proud view standing high.

By Cova.69

By tanjila

By thienzieyung

By gfoster67Haiku PoemToday and today,Also-a kite entangled,In a gnarled tree.

So many breezes,Wander through my summer room,But never enough.

As simple as that-,Spring has finally arrived,With a pale blue sky.

By martha_jean

By Stephen DownesThis poem was written by Issa.HaikuFlowers grow gracefully,When the sun shines and rain drops,What a beautiful sight.

By dominiqs

Rain, by BidgeeA Tanka PoemI feel the cool breeze,Whistling through the fallen leaves,Trees sway to and fro,Leaves of different colors fall,Red, yellow, brown, and green drift off.

By Mike Bingley

By MaybemaqA Quatrain PoemA boy is hiking,Up a mountain,Hes making great progress,Until, he gets hit.

Hes hurt,And sorrowful,For he thinks his life is gone,Until this guy came along.He says to the boy,Will you be my friend?Since you look depressed,You need somebody to lean on.

So the boy agrees,And they become friends, Then soon they continue,Their hike to the top.

By :: Radar Communication ::