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My own poems . By Abdulrahman Darwish 5E. Contents . Baking Cakes Miss Hitch Sweets The Dragon Summer Good and Evil My Limereck School Oh School Bed. Baking Cakes. I like to bake a lot I always put my cake in a pot. Unfortunately they come out too hot. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My own poems

Baking CakesI like to bake a lotI always put my cake in a pot.Unfortunately they come out too hot.Decorating I put on a dot.SplotIt looked like a blood clotI touched it, it was really hotMy brothers cakes smell like foot rot.And we always get plague spot.None of us like them a lot.

Miss HitchIt was a hot dayI was going to my friend Miss HitchBut I forgotShe was a witchI quickly turned aroundOn my way I saw a catShe was bigAlso she was eating a ratI held her in my handI called her MeaterI called her thatBecause she was an EaterI ran home with herFirst thing I saw my momStraight away she said I am going to a prom

The Dragon

A dragon the fiery monsterHunched his long necksent out bursts of flameEmitted black smoke

SummerSummer is hot water mixed with hot fire.When all the children loveTo forget about schoolAnd just have fun.

Good and evilGood Kind ,Gentle Singing, Amazing, First Rating Sweet, stupendous ,Angry, Degenerate Screaming,Screeching,SnickeringEvil, Mean Wicked

My limerickThere was was a man called JimWho didnt know how to swimHe fell in a poolAnd thought it was a coolBut that was the last of him.

School Oh SchoolI wonder who is the guy who invented schoolWhy cant we push him in our pooI I want to feed him spider and snakesAnd Hit him in the head with two big rakesWhy dont we have a computer in our headAnd also upgrade it every yearThere is one problem said MattNo invented that.

BedI went to school with my bedThey laughed at me especially EdThey asked me whyI said give it a tryBecause now you will smell like French bread