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This presentation will help writers to be motivated, feel focused and get rid of writer's block. Teachers can get loads of ideas to refine writing skills of students through a variety of teaching methodologies.

Transcript of Motivation presentation for spelt

  • 1. Motivating ESL Learnersto Refine Writing Skills By Saima Abedi

2. What is Motivation? Motivation is derived from the word motivewhich means needs, desires, wants or driveswithin the individuals. It is the process of stimulating people toactions to accomplish the goals. 3. REASONS FOR BEING AN UNMOTIVATED WRITER Lack Of Planning Writers Block Limited Vocabulary Monotonous Methods To Teach Writing 4. Activity 1 (Individual)Free WritingPick up your pen.Start writing as soon as the music starts and stop when it finishes. Write what ever comes to your mind . .Time: 5min 5. Safe JournalingPour Down Thoughts And Feelings On Paper Removes writers blocks Curtails down stress Generates, expands and preserves ideas Enhances creative and observational skills Analyzes mistakes and tracks progress 6. Background Music (BGM)Change Mundane Classroom Atmosphere Increases concentration Enhances creative skills Strengthens imaginative power. Improves behaviour and on-task performance 7. Activity 2(Group Work) Put the given strips (9) in order. Make sure that you have a reason for thissequence. Share your sequence with other participants.Time: 15min 8. ModellingProvide Useful Reading Material ForScaffolding Consolidates theme based vocabulary Exposes to appropriate structures Inspires and influences writers Learner understands what and how to do. Learner attains a control over behaviour. 9. Activity 3(Group Work)Mystery Objects: Choose an object. Describe the object, using theheadings below. Size: Shape: Colour: Smell: Taste: Texture:Time: 15min 10. Variety of Teaching MethodologiesDiversify Teaching Strategies Writing task becomes easy and interesting Examples: Brainstorming: Generates multitude of ideas and stimulates thinking Use of Graphic Organizers: Orders ideas ( e.g. Venn diagram, Five Ws Chart, Time line and Story Map ) 11. Interactive Games: Trigger students observationaland thinking skills. (e.g. Mystery Objects, Guessingand Code Breaking games) Supply Prompts: Provide building block (e.g. picture,phrase, dialogue, introduction/ starters ) Role Plays: Practice dialogue writing in a safeenvironment. 12. Activity 4 (Group Work)Role Play: Flunked in Exam Decide your role in group. Write and practise your dialogue with yourgroup mates. Enact Time: 20 min 13. Activity 5 (Group Work) Picture Story Put the pictures in the correct order Suggest a title for the story Compose the story using the given plan. Share your story with other groups. Time: 20min 14. Use of PromptsHelp The Learners To Improve Writing Skills Enriches writers knowledge Boosts creativity Enhances critical thinking skills Makes the learners comfortable Gives a direction to let creative juices flow Learner acquires own style. 15. Real Purpose for WritingMotivate Writers by Real Audience Use of prior knowledge Evokes interest Learners write enthusiastically.Examples: Describe any of your belonging without which you will be gloomy. Email to friend informing how you spent your weekend. Compose a letter to editor telling about the miseries of students lives. Debate about the necessity of mobile phones in school. Write directions of your house. 16. Activity (Pair Work)Code Breaker: Decode the message. Use the code key to break the code. Time: 5min 17. ConclusionUnderstand the power of writing as it controls lives and influences future. 18. Thank You