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Transcript of Mommy misses you

  • 1. Mommy Misses You
    To My Little Ry Guy
    A goodnight Lullaby made by mommy
  • 2. No Matter Where we are we are always together
  • 3. I loved you when I found about you
    I loved you when I had you
    I love you now
    I will love you forever
  • 4. I miss your stinky diapers
  • 5. I miss your smiles Ryland
  • 6. I miss it when you are a little crabby
  • 7. But I really miss being able to make it all better.
    But I really miss being able to make it all better
  • 8. Hundreds of Miles may separate us
    But We will always see the same moon
  • 9. I know you miss your mommy but while Im away Im happy you can hold the hands of those that love you
  • 10. I miss grabbing you yummy snacks!
  • 11. And now your growing up wanting to cook your own food.
  • 12. Ive been talking to your teddy while you have been away
  • 13. Mr. Dont you give me that look
    Mommy will see you soon
  • 14. Hold your little wheels there
  • 15. Mommy Cries too Buddy
  • 16. Just remember
    It doesnt matter how far away we are or how long it may be until we see eachother
    You will always be my Ry Guy and I will always by your ma mama
    I love you
    Good night sweetheart