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A survey of over 3,000 young Irish mothers about brands, mobiles, the web, advice and life in Ireland. Survey conducted on in May 2012.

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  • 1.21st June 2012

2. Background to the Study1. The Bloom Boom2. Purse Stings3. Brand Babies4. Word-of-Mom5. Smartphone MomFollow the Mommy 3. A unique research partnership to provide unrivalledinsights into Irelands fastest growing demographic group:young familiesWe have developed a number of research services qualitative & quantitative to help marketers succeed inmeeting the needs of this groupToday we share the results of our most recent survey of3,111 moms who are members of eumom, conducted inMay 2012 4. Profiles Social Regions MaritalAgeClassStatus 5. Profiles 6. Profiles 7. Profiles 8. Ireland is unique in Europe in that we areexperiencing a baby boom (despite therecession!), and it looks set to continue forsome time 9. Irelands baby population is growing along with the number of parents in their early thirties:CSO 10. The number of births now back to levels last seen in 1970s (and 1890s!):CSO 11. The combination of surging 30-somethings and rising age atbirth of first child will contribute to rising birth numbers: 12. Young families will account for growing share of spending: 13. Families with children account for nearly two thirds of alldisposable income and over 70% of spending:= 56 billion of spending in 2012 14. The Bloom Boom: Irish families with children will account for a growing share of consumer spending over the next five years, and will lead the recovery in Irish consumer markets. 15. Irelands young families have not escapedthe recession far from it and many arekeeping very tight control of their spendingpurse strings 16. Irish moms are mainly responsible for groceries: 17. Household incomes are under pressure: While household expenditure keeps rising: 18. Food and grocery spending is rising:As is spending on baby products: 19. Purchasing baby items in preparation for birth of next babybase: expecting moms (n=898) 20. FtM Purse Stings: Changing family circumstances changes the income and spending profile for households regardless of the economic cycle and will continue to do so even as the economy recovers. 21. Becoming a parent opens up a new world ofproducts, services and brandsand new purchase decisions 22. New relations 23. Outlets used to purchase baby products 24. Skin care brand preferences & trendsSource: Amrach/eumom omnibus July (in brackets) & December 2011 25. Skin care brand leader challenges 26. Medical brand preferences & trendsSource: Amrach/eumom omnibus (July) & December 2011 27. Medical brand leader challengesSource: Amrach/eumom omnibus July & December 2011 28. Nappy cream brand preferences & trendsSource: Amrach/eumom omnibus July & December 2011 29. Nappy cream brand leader challengesSource: Amrach/eumom omnibus July & December 2011 30. Category switching behaviour and intentionsSource: Amrach/eumom omnibus July & December 2011 31. Other category switching behaviour and intentionsSource: Amrach/eumom omnibus July & December 2011 32. FtM Brand Babies: Although Irish moms have strong brand preferences, they are now more likely to consider alternatives and even to switch. 33. Young Irish moms are the most networkedgeneration of moms ever whether onlineor offline and their ability to influenceand be influenced is unprecedented 34. The web is now a powerful source of advice for momsCategories researched online in past 3 monthsBaby/ Parenting 78%Clothing/ Fashion 61%Banking Services54%Food/ Cooking 48%Medication/ Medical39%Travel 37%Health/ Fitness 29%Home Goods27%Cars17%Electronics 13%Financial Products12%Telecommunications7% 35. Baby & Parenting Advice 36. Clothing & Fashion 37. Banking & Financial 38. Food & Cooking 39. Medical & Health 40. Travel 41. Home Appliances/Furniture 42. Cars 43. Telecoms 44. Most helpful online 45. Moms are the net use of social networks 46. Most trusted websites for advice (freeform responses) 47. FtM Word-of-Mom The most connected generation of moms ever is now confident taking and giving advice online and will increasingly make decisions based on that advice. 48. Mobile Phone That Smartphone Goes OnlineOwnership Yes, it has internetconnectivity85%33% 67% 15%Yes, it is a smart phone(Base All mums/expecting mums - 3111) (Base All mums/expecting mums whoseMobile phone connects to the internet - 3013)54(Q. 12/15) 49. Smartphone PenetrationIrish Mums Smartphonein Ireland Ownership43% 64% In the US Moms are 61% more likely than other women to own a smartphone*Google(50% vs. 31%) + moms are 80% more likely than other women to own a tablet (27% vs. 15%). (Base All mums) media-influences-moms-purchasing- decisions#ixzz1yHGTZ0Fi55 50. 57% ofIrishMomsaccess the internet via mobileat least once per day 56 51. Mobile or PC for Internet?MobileMoreBoth the same amount10% 57% PC33%More 57 52. UK Asda study found 27%of mothers give theirphones to their children tokeep them entertained.How aboutIrish moms? 53. Yes, allow childrento use mobile phoneentertain themselves30%(Base All mums/expecting mums - 3111) 3 in 10 mums allowing their children to use their mobile phone to entertain themselves. This is higher among those with children over 36 months (46%) 59 and bigger families with more than two children (45%).(Q. 16) 54. Favourite Apps?Social NetworksNews Weather Map/travelPhoto/VideoGamingMusicMusic Banking/Entertainment Financial(Base All mums/expecting mums with a smart phone - 2090) 60 (Q. 17/18) 55. Visitor ChangesVisitors to Visitors to May/June 2011May/June 2012 Mobile MobilePC 19% 38% PC81% 62% 10% of total global Internet traffic comes from mobile devices, up from 5% last year 61 56. Which Smartphone? 1. iPhone (54%) 2. iPad (16%) 3. Sony Ericsson 4. Samsung GalaxyGoogle Analytics eumom.ie62 57. Mobile Shift - ExamplesHearst Magazines; in 2011 5% of traffic from mobile now20%Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Esquire , GoodHousekeepingIrish Times in 2011 17% traffic via mobile now 30% 63 58. App InnovationTOMYs The First Years Convertible Car Seat with iAlerthigh-tech car seat includes a built- in monitoring system that alerts parents via a smartphone app if a child is unbuckled/unsafe+ Appslike EsquiresHardest Puzzle Ever game and InStyles excellent hairstyling app for the iPad64 59. Reaching Moms Dedicated App not necessary for brands Advertising on Apps games, photos, finance Personalised deals Segmentation, genderpreferences User reviews, recommendations 65 60. Segment DifferencesMoms more likely than other women to... Recommendcompanies/brands via socialsites Talk aboutcompanies/brands theyfollow on Facebook Link to acompany/brand ad( Males prefer dragracing, while females preferword games ( 61. Irelands baby boom and the surge in spending by young families will be the biggest opportunity of the decade ahead But it wont be easy: not only is competition tense (and loyalty fragile), but moms are increasingly sophisticated in their access to multiple sources of information, advice and influence including each other Those brands that can win the trust of Irish moms and remain relevant through the crucial stages of young family development will reap long-term benefitsSo just follow the mommy 62. Do you have a question for Irish moms? Contact us at:Amrach Researcheumom11 Kingswood Business Centre101 Monkstown RoadCitywestBlackrockDublin 24 Co. DublinT. 01 410 5200T. 01 280 5050E. gerard.oneill@amarach.comE. rose.kervick@eumom.ieW. www.amarach.comW. www.eumom.ieB. 63. Do you have a question for Irishmoms?The Amrach Research/eumom.ieOmnibus - research Irelands mostinfluential consumer group 64. Do you have a question for Irishmoms?The Amrach Research/eumom.ieOmnibus - research Irelands mostinfluential consumer group