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Community College of Philadelphia Mommy Wars English Assignment

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  • 1. Home Moms vs. Working MomsMOMMY WARS

2. 6/4/2012THIS HAS BEEN DEBATED FOR MANY YEARS Today the debate continues. Where do you stand on this issue? How does your choice affect your children? What would you do differently, if you could? How is the time spent with the child? What ever the decision, are you ok?English 098-108 Professor Blyweiss2 3. English 098-108 Professor Blyweiss 6/4/2012 YOU ONLY GET ONE CHANCE TO DO IT RIGHT Parenting is the most important job you willever do in your life. You only get one chance.For parents on both sides of the argument the decision is not made easily.Research on both sides of this issue has been studied and debated and willcontinue to reach no comfortable compromise depending on who you speak withregarding the circumstances.Not all families are the same and not all circumstances are able to have a choiceone way or another.Both sides on the issue matter for the sake of the child / children ONLY! 3 4. English 098-108 Professor Blyweiss 6/4/2012 ACCORDING TO HEIDI BRENNAN Heidi Brennan, Public Policy Advisor Member of the Board of Directors for The Family and Home NetworkIts damaging for parents to be away for more than a few hours a day.The early relationship between infants and preschoolers is the foundation of allsubsequent personality development.However. Per Dr. Phil there Is no evidence to support that claim. 4 5. English 098-108 Professor Blyweiss 6/4/2012ALSO BY DR. PHILChildren who are in quality day care and child development centershave increases in cognitive skills, intellect, social skills and socialcomfort.Dr. Phil McGraws credentials include several degrees. He got his BA in psychology from Midwestern State University, and he got his MA in experimental psychology and his Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of North TexasDr. Phil is not a medical doctor, but he does have a PhD from the University of North Texas in Psychology. He is fully licensed.5 6. English 098-108 Professor Blyweiss 6/4/2012THE ECONOMY PLAYS A PART IN THE DECISIONMelissa Milkie, PhD, associate professor ofSociology at the University of Maryland, College Park, believes that many factors such as family demands, number of kids, ages of the youngest child, and the time constraints prevent many of todays mothers from entering or staying in the workforce even if they want to remain on the job.Recession for who? 6 7. English 098-108 Professor Blyweiss 6/4/2012THE DECISION SHOULD BE THE PARENTS Society has fed us so much, over the yearsabout so many issues that impact our lives on abasis of personal opinion its not even funny. What works for one family may not work forothers. At this time, I would like to introduce the conceptand idea at the same time of a nationwide studyof who and how this decision affects and effects. Since I would need the nation, Ill start with me.7 8. English 098-108 Professor Blyweiss 6/4/2012THIS IS JUSTICE KENNEDY At 6 months Justice started an Early Child Care andDevelopment Learning Center. He looks forward to seeing his friends everyday. When told its time for school, he smiles in anticipation. Making sure you find the right care giver is vitallyimportant. I had to interview more than one center. I had take cues from my child by paying attention to theenergy he felt around everyone, he was going to bearound. Its an important part of the process. More important itsone of the top things to pay attention to. (For my securityin the decision, I had to make sure trust was there) 8 9. English 098-108 Professor Blyweiss 6/4/2012JUSTICE KENNEDY 9MNTHSAttends an Early Childcare & DevelopmentLearning Center.His teacher has a Masters in EducationThe assistant teacher has an EarlyChildhood Education Degree.All the staff has to past a criminal and childabuse clearance.Parent participation in the centers play agreat role of trust for the child. Justice has made his every milestone: growth,socially, personality and intellect wise.9 10. English 098-108 Professor Blyweiss 6/4/2012IT ALL BOILS DOWN TO TIME AND TIMING Quality time spent with our children is very important. Quantity of time is also very important.Both sides of the argument agree. To juggle parenting, work, school, and the maintaining of a household can be very strenuous andfrustrating. The fact that one mom may do it longer during the day, does not make the task IMPOSSIBLE! Employers are not suppose to discriminate on the basis of having a small child or children. Remember : Its an illegal question to ask during an interview. Make the decision based on your individual circumstances and the needs of the child. Start on a trial basis whichever decision you make. Its not written in stone you have to even chose at all. There are more Hybrid new moms on the rise. Work from Home is ratting in the million dollarindustry ranking. We all strive to make a living, however very few of us really live. The example we set for ourchildren is important to them for you. They still need to know you love them by being there in whatever capacity you can. One way or another, your child will know who you are and the sacrifices some parents have tomake. Most importantly, taking good care of yourself is the main issue. Resources are available for assistance in any area you may need the extra support in.10 11. English 098-108 Professor Blyweiss 6/4/2012 FROM MY FAMILY TO YOURSThank you.I ask my children everyday, What do you want tobe when you grow up?Then I tell them with hard work you can doanything and be anything you want with hardwork, determination, dreams, goals and passionfor what you want to accomplish in life. 11 12. English 098-108 Professor Blyweiss 6/4/2012MR. & MRS. BARACK OBAMA & FAMILYOBAMA 2012It Does Take A Village 12