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  • Having trouble developing the perfect

    Branding Imagery?Modified Photo Credit:

  • Have an idea but cant quite capture the ESSENCE of your business?

    Image Credit:


  • I specialize in Unique Design and Relatable Branding.

    Image Credit:

  • Photo Credit: Molly Yoon

    Molly Yoon.My name isImage Credit:

  • Im a Graphic Design student at

    Full Sail University.Modified Image Credit:

  • Im an Artist. Modified Image Credit:

  • Wife and Mother. All Photo Credit:Molly Yoon Image Credit:

  • Conquerer of Chaos.Modified Image Credit:

  • Humanitarian.Photo Credit: Molly Yoon

  • From a young age I created Purposeful Art.Photo Credit: Molly Yoon

  • Modified Image Credit:

    And with my first computer, were joined my two loves

    TECHNOLOGY ART =+ LOVEModified Image Credit:

    Modified Photo Credit:

  • Image Credit: Photo Credit:

    My Professional Mantra: Live. Love. Design.Image Credit: Molly Yoon

  • Meaning I take chances, work hard and sometimes fail. I learn and grow

    and try again. I LIVE.Modified Photo Credit:

  • I put LOVE into everything I do.Image Credit:

  • Image Credit:

    DESIGN is part of my DNA.

  • I maintain Proper Work Ethics.Image Credit:

  • Im Responsible and Organized.Modified Image Credit:

  • Im Professionally Personable.Modified Image Credit:

  • Photo Credit: Molly Yoon

    Im Passionate and Driven.

  • My Skills Set is Diverse.Image Credit:

  • IncludingAdobe Software.Modified Image Credit:

  • Im an Analytical Problem-Solver. Modified Image Credit:

  • Microsoft OfficeModified Image Credit:

  • Resourceful NetworkerModified Image Credit:

  • Modified Image Credit:

    Multi-Platform Literate Modified Image Credit: Modified Image Credit:

  • I have an extensive Educational Background.

    Image Credit:

  • I am Self-Taught thru Natural Curiosity.

    Image Credit:

  • I sketch, Paint, Sculpt and Create, Everyday.Modified Image Credit:

  • Ive attended Art School.Modified Image Credit:

  • Full Sail University, Graphic Design, Bachelors of Science.

    Modified Image Credit:

  • Continuing Education-AIGA, HOW Design Live, MBS Hopeful,, TED Talks, Community Arts Programs.

    Image Credit:


  • My Portfolio is comprehensive. Modified Image Credit:

  • My Logos.

    Image Credit:

    All Logo Credits: Molly Yoon

  • My Magazine and Page Layout designs.

    All Image Credits:Molly Yoon

  • Custom GraphicsImage Credit:Molly Yoon

  • Images and PhotographyAll Photo Credits:Molly Yoon

  • Check out my work at:

    Modified Image Credit:;

  • Id like to work for you. Lets talk soon.

    Modified Image Credit:

  • Thank you for viewing my Project!Image Credit: