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MLC Practicum

MLC Practicum

Misti ThorntonMisti.Thornton@usm.eduUniversity of Southern MississippiJuly 23, 2016

Mississippi Library Commission

Established in 1926Advises school and public librariesAdvises communities on establishing librariesEncourages growth and provides advise on how to establish, maintain and develop libraries in the state


Acting mobile librariesProvides library services to cities, towns and rural areasProvides services to users who have difficulty accessing libraries

Advances in the LibraryThe card catalog has been replaced with systems that can be searched electronically

TWX machines created a punched tape that was used for interlibrary loan purposes. Interlibrary loans are now commonly done electronically

Libraries have also held demonstrations and programs that assist the surrounding community with various skills. Show in the picture is a spinning wheel.

The library and library services are available to every one.

MLC Practicum

Created a numbering system for pictures that concurs with finding aidCreated finding aid for pictures of libraries from all over MississippiUsed metadata to describe each picturePerformed research to identify some objects in picturesScanned each picture Results will be uploaded into ContentDM so that pictures will be available to the public

Questions?Thank you for your attention