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Mission Impossible Evaluation

Mission Impossible EvaluationAnnabelle Madziahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0LQnQSrC-g

Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol

The film was released in December 2011 and is an American action spy thriller film. The film is the fourth mission impossible film following all the others in the series. One of the main characters in the film is Tom Cruise who is one of the biggest Hollywood actors. Toms role is to act as an IMF Agent named Ethan Hunt alongside three other agents. Hunt and the team have been blamed for a terrorist attack that they did not do and somehow him and the others have to face the impossible mission into clearing all of their names and preventing another attack.


The film is a typical action thriller film this is shown throughout the trailer which follows many codes and conventions. From the moment the audience begin watching the trailer it Is clear that it is an action film this is because within the first 20 seconds there has already been a massive explosion. As the trailer then continues it becomes even clearer that the film is about agents this is because the narrative of the whole trailer is to inform all the agents on what their mission is about and what it involves. The use of the non-diegetic music throughout also adds to the action theme as towards the very end of the trailer the music starts to become very fast pace which links in with all the snippets of violence and explosions that take place towards the end. The very famous recognisable music has been used at the very end this could be because if people hear the music then they are more likely to look at the screen to see what is playing as they might have heard the music before.


The opening shot that the audience first see is the mpaa shot- this is where it informs the audience on the ages that are allowed to view this trailer. The trailer has a green background which means that it is appropriate for all audiences. After this shot it then shows the institutions that have been used, these are the companies that have helped produce the films. The institutions that feature in the mission impossible films are paramount and bad robot- both of these institutions are very popular meaning that people could automatically think that the film is going to be good as it has been produced by big companies. The first main shot in the trailer is a birds-eye view shot this means it is showing the audience where they are located. Then suddenly the clip jumps to another part in the trailer where a special effect has been used to make an explosion happen. This is the very first shot which shows the audience that the film is an action movie. Close-ups are also used throughout the trailer in which shows the faces of characters. Here we can see when the characters are stressed out but also very dedicated in completing their mission. At the very end of the trailer this is when the actual name of the film appears it is then followed by the end titles with characters names on. This can be very effective as people are more likely to remember the film trailer and then go and watch the film. If the audience watching the trailer also see the names of the people involved they might see that one of the biggest Hollywoods actors is involved. This also might be helpful in bringing in a large audience as people might think the film is going to be really good as it has big actors involved.

Editing:The film is an action, thriller this means that a lot of action has been used throughout the trailer. At the very beginning of the trailer an explosion happens- this would have been edited by special effects on a computer. In one part of the trailer a mid-shot has been used which is focusing on people shooting. Then towards the very end of the trailer very short clips have been put together to show a lot of action. This also shows the audience that throughout the trailer it must be a very exciting action film as so much takes place in it. However some of the clips fade in which suggests that, that section of the trailer is a lot more serious than other parts of the trailer. One of my favourite shots that have been used is the birds eye view shot which has been filmed in Dubai. This is because it is a very tense few clips but has been edited so it links together with the music. It also ends on a sort of a cliff hanger of the main character trying to get back to safety. This might excite the audience in then going out and wanting to watch the film in order to see if he survived.

Sound:The first thing the audience hear is background music and then a voice over. A voice over could have been used to create tension and suspense for the audience. However this voice over is also a character in the film which is quite effective. The character begins the voice over by telling the audience what the mission is for the whole of the film. All the clips also link together with what this character is saying. Later on in the trailer non-diegetic music is playing which is even tenser for the audience as bundle of clips have been linked together. Finally at the very end of the trailer the infamous Mission Impossible soundtrack has been used. This is a very recognisable theme tune meaning if the trailer were to be played on the radio some people would immediately recognise what the movie is.

Narrative:If people have never watched the Mission Impossible film they might believe that the trailer is in chronological order however If you have watched the film then you will know that the trailer is not in chronological order and all the clips have been put together. Although all the clips do link together, with the type of music that has been used. For example in the middle of the trailer a non-diegetic song is used which is filmed with a lot of action clips from the film which are not in order of when they actually appear in the film.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0LQnQSrC-g