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  • 1. By Simon Williams

2. Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is a above average action/thriller.Opening sequence 3. The opening starts from a fade in from black into a mid shot of the main protagonist. This is one of the only references to the story line.Diegetic sound of their footstepsin a cave.After the fade into a mid shot ofthe main character it shows himfor a single sentence to set theopening sequence. Afterwards the camera pans to the right and tracks a mandressed with the mise en scene of action in police officer uniform on withgadgets, referencing to being a spy. The camera tracks to the left of himlighting the match on the wall and lighting a fuse. Setting up the rest of theopening sequence with the Lighting the fuse theme. The way the camerawork is done to capture the actors faces in the light in the dark area. Soonas the fuse is lit incomes the non-diegetic soundtrack with the motifeveryone is used to from the mission impossible series. 4. As the fuse follows along the camera tracks it with camera movement following it through many electronics and tunnels.The non-diegetic soundtrack is the motif of the whole mission impossible series.The diegetic sound is a fuse burning what also sets mise en scene to action.While the fuses follow the fire they both go into a logo what lights up in afiery blaze revealing the title of the film followed by another spark of thesecond title part of the film which the camera zooms into. The constanteffect of fire puts the opening into action with constant referencing of guns.Until 00:23 there were just a single running shot doing vast cameramovement with cranes and tracking. Its put here to give a progressing effectto the audience. 5. With the camera trackingshots of the fuse goingmultiple scenes. Scenes ofwhich involving guns andbullet-proof vests alsosetting the mise en sceneof the film in the trailerwhat is very important.Yet from what we haveseen so far, little story hasbeen told. And only two Throughout the rest of the opening creditscharacters have beenMany links to the idea of action/thriller.shown, both protagonist.Overturned cars, guns and spy gadgets.The film opening provides little colour-schemes to provide a solid actionBackground yet only the red from the fire. There are many straight cuts andTracking shots to keep the action flowing and the scenes based around theFuse going through the many scenes. 6. Explaining the clip:Containing mostly of very quick straight cuts to keep the action going and tracking shots being based around the fuse idea. The opening credits to well to show and present the film as a obvious spy/thriller/action film.Hardly explaining any story the opening sequenceshows slight second clips of action throughout themovie to come and all sort of gadgets.Close-ups are used to highlight them.