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Mekanisme Kerja Hormon. dr. Susila Sastri M.Biomed Biokimia FK- Unand. Hormone. Struktur Kimia Hormon. Polipeptida Insulin Glucagon Derivat asam amino ( amin ) Epineprin Serotonin Tyroxin. 3. Steroid ( derivat kolesterol ) Aldosteron Cortisol Retinoic acid - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Mekanisme Kerja Hormon

  • Mekanisme Kerja Hormon dr. Susila Sastri M.BiomedBiokimia FK-Unand

  • Hormone

  • Struktur Kimia Hormon


    Derivat asam amino (amin)EpineprinSerotoninTyroxin

    3. Steroid (derivat kolesterol)AldosteronCortisolRetinoic acid

    4. Eicosanoid (polyunsaturated acid, (20atom C)Prostadglandin EThromboxane A2

  • Simple Intracellular & Extracelluler Signaling

  • Hormon Action

  • Hypophise Anterior

  • Neurohormone

  • GAS MOLECULECell Communication

  • Second messenger: Small molecules synthesized in cells in response to an external signal are the second messengers, which are responsible for intracellular signal transduction:Ca2+, DG, Cer, IP3, cAMP, cGMP

  • Receptor Receptors: specific membrane proteins, which are able to recognize and bind to corresponding ligand molecules, become activated, and transduce signal to next signaling molecules: A. MembranB. Intra Sel Glycoprotein or Lipoprotein

  • Kelenjer-Hormon-Target Sel

  • 1. Membrane receptors

  • Signal transduction mediated by membrane receptorcAMP dependent-protein kinase A pathway cGMP dependent PKG pathway Ca2+ dependent PK pathway Tyrosine protein Kinase pathwayNF-B pathway TGF- pathway

  • Membrane Receptor

  • Cyclic AMP

  • Mekanisme Signal Tranduksi

  • Hormon-2nd Massengger- Enzim

  • Inositol triphosphate SystemPLC; phospholipase CPIP2: phosphoinositolDAG:diacylgliserolIP3:inositol triphosphatPKC: phosphokinase C

  • Intracellular receptor (DNA transcription regulated receptor) Steroid Hormone, VD3, ThyroxineCytosolic R: glycocorticosteroid HNuclear R: thyroxine, estrogen, androgen, progesterone

  • Hormon - Receptor highly specificity highly affinity saturation reversible binding special function model

  • Control of receptor activityPhosphorylation or dephosphorylation of R Phospholipid of membrane Enzyme catalyzed hydrolysis G protein regulation

  • Thyroid Mechanism of Action

  • Adrenaline Mechanism of action

  • ACTH Mechanism of Action

  • Aldosteron Mechanism of Action

  • Estrogen Mechanism of Action

  • Androgen Mechanism of Action

  • Insulin Receptor

  • Insulin Action

  • Glucagon

  • GH/ STH