Me, Me, Its All About Me

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a breif intro into who I am...

Transcript of Me, Me, Its All About Me

  • 1. Me, Its All About Me!!
  • 2. Nosaze(the Chosen One of God) Enoma(the Good One) Knight was born on September 5,1980. I think my big eyes could see a bright future way back then
  • 3. A cowboy, a doctor, a writer, a teacher I could be anything I wanted to be!!
  • 4. My older brother Tariq was my best friend and role model growing up. We share the same birthday, but not cakes..
  • 5. I grew up in Kansas City, KS. Its not the Wizard of OZ and slow as you think. Come take a visit to the 913.
  • 6. I am a member of a very large close knit family. Most of my cousins were more like my brothers and sisters.
  • 7. I have always been an over achiever. School was a way form me to leave the hood
  • 8. After I to Norfolk State, I made ties with some cool guys.
  • 9. Some come to me for advice. I am a deep thinker.
  • 10. I like to get down the road. There is nothing better than a new adventure.
  • 11. My travels have taken me all across the US. I enjoy tha Lou.
  • 12. Houston, TX is another place I have friends and fun.
  • 13. Out of all my travels, my favorite spot is right here at the beach in VA.
  • 14. My life has been quite interesting thus far. I am hopeful that my future will be as bright as the twinkle I saw in my young eyes. With determination and God I feel I will be what I am supposed to be. The next level of greatness!