GRACIE HUTCHISON All About Me Gracie All About Me

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Transcript of GRACIE HUTCHISON All About Me Gracie All About Me

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  • GRACIE HUTCHISON All About Me Gracie All About Me
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  • My family MomDadMeEmmaKateCole
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  • My friends FrankiKarlyRebeccaLienMorganDanaAaron
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  • My Favorite Animals Butterflies Moths Pigs Elephants
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  • What I Would Do To Change The World I would have their be more butterflies Have everyone ride bikes Make everyone be a little nicer Have no wars World peace
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  • Favorite Movies Amazing Grace Facing The Giants Miss Congeniality 1&2
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  • What I Want To Be A missionaryA MotherA deaf translator
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  • Places I Want To See MexicoAustralia IrelandHaiti
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  • Favorite Sports Volleyball Soccer Ice Skating
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  • Things That I Want You To Know About Me I LOVE Jesus I LOVE Sign Language and Braille I love mother earth, but Im NOT a green freak I am a writer I have a bucket list
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  • My b-day I was born on August 21,1998 I was born in Topeka, Kansas I was born at 11:15 Todd and Sara Hutchison are my biological parents
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  • My Family Family member ToddSaraEmmaKateColeCooper (dog) jobpreacherMomBeing annoying Ms. sassyBeing cute!none schoolnone Grade 3Kinder- garden none age5 months2 years Coolness rate from 1-10 100 HobbiesSinging in the shower Cooking & Sewing Sports anything and everything Playing dress-up Eating, sleeping, getting changed, wearing adorable clothes Taking naps and wearing us out!
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  • Favorite Drinks H20 Orange Juice limeade Tea
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  • People I Admire
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  • Things that I admire D- Pan Focus on the family Brio magazine Westlink christen church(my second family) Barlow girl
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  • Favorite Foods bacon Tamales Pretzels Pasta Bread French Fries Ice cream cookies Pizza
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  • Favorite musical artists
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  • Things I Am Against Abortion Movie stars actions Poaching Sex trafficking war
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  • My Goals To stop abortion To stop sex trafficking Show people the way to live Change the world! Be a missionary to other hurting countries