McNulty Ministries World focus flyer

McNulty Ministries World focus flyer
McNulty Ministries World focus flyer
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McNulty Ministries World focus flyer

Transcript of McNulty Ministries World focus flyer

  • 1. A Message to Our PartnersIt is an honor to represent Jesus and you as we teamup to fulfill what He has told every believer to do. In Christian Adventures InternationalNON PROFIT ORGANIZATIONcommon language He said GO TELL EVERYBODY IP.O. Box 15136Daytona Beach, FL 32115U.S. POSTAGE PAIDDIED FOR THEIR SINS AND THEY CAN LIVE, then show www.KLMcNulty.net1-877-TENT-100 PERMIT NO. 649DAYTONA BEACH,his love by healing the sick (Mark 16). Its time to do READ OUR DAILY BLOGS AT www.KLMcNulty.netFLORIDAmore, reach more, heal more, save more than ever be-fore, so we ask you to send us further with your love gifts. Set aside a special gift for a plane ticket, a box of books or the price ofan interpreter. Why hasGod put us together? The world is calling for our proven min-istry and God isgiving the nationsan uplift, a joy, anda saving power aswe work together.

2. SHORES INSTITUTE LAUNCHED! TENTS NOW BEING PRODUCED! Tents are now being produced in Russia for $6,000The ladies in Moscow, Dr. Lacour & Dr. Mc- each. For the first time we encourage 10 businessNulty (center), bring launch of online educa- people to match funds from 10 Russian business-tion at the SHORES INSTITUTE very close as men to build the next 20 tents for places like Buriatiathey assemble the curriculum spending 100swhere they wait with teams. Your matching funds willof hours to reach millions who are asking forput the vinyl, ropes, poles, and machinery to work forthe tools to grow. Send $500.00 to help com- nations. Any gift will help energize the new regionsplete a course on miracle life today.with new ministry.