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THis is an awesome prodject.... so yea

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  • 1. BY: TJ McNulty

2. when it all started 1875:On September 3, Ferdinand Porscheenters his fathers business as anapprentice plumber. 3. 1900:1900:The Lohner- Porsche electric car is presented atthe World Fair in Paris. The wheel hub engines ofthe young engineer Ferdinand Porsche bring himinternational attention. In the same year, hedevelops an all-wheel-drive race car. 4. 1906:Ferdinand Porsche becomesTechnical Director at Austro-Daimler. At the age of only 31,he is responsible for the modelrange of one of Europes largestautomotive concerns.Ferdinand porsche 5. 1909:Ferdinand Anton Ernst Porsche,later known as Ferry, is born onSeptember 19. 6. 1910:The Austro-Daimler touring cardesigned by FerdinandPorsche scores a triplevictory in the Prince HenryTrials. At the wheel of thewinning car: FerdinandPorsche himself. 7. 1923:As Technical Director and Board Memberof the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft inStuttgart, Ferdinand Porsche designs thelegendary Mercedes Compressor SportsCar. 8. 1931:Crowning his career, Ferdinand Porsche opens an officefor engineering and consultation on engine and vehicledesign in Stuttgart on April 25. 9. 1931:Crowning his career,Ferdinand Porscheopens an office forengineering andconsultation on engineand vehicle design inStuttgart on April 25. 10. Carrera GTThe development of the Carrera GTcan be traced back to the 911 Gt1racing cars. Due in part to the FIA andACO rule changes in 1998, bothdesigns had ended 11. logoPorsche Club Coordination is an integral part of theCorporate Marketing department at Porsche AG. Ittakes on a strategic and coordinating role and providesservices for Porsche Clubs and Porsche salespartners.