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  • Taste, True Life

    Guangdong Master Group Co.,Ltd.Factory:

    No. 48-50 South Section, Danan Road, Xinxing County, Yunfu City, Guangdong, P.R.China

    TEL: (86) 766 2925001

    Guangzhou Office: Guangzhou Office: Room 901, Profit Plaza No.76,

    West Huang Pu Road, Guangzhou, P.R. China EMAIL:

    TEL: (86) 20 38392625 / (86) 20 38392626 FAX: (86) 20 38392627

    Master Group Global Co., Ltd

    Hong Kong Office:Unit 2613, 26/F., Miramar Tower,

    132 Nathan Road, Tsim sha tsui, Kowloon, H.K. EMAIL:

    TEL: (852) 2312 0409 FAX: (852) 2312 0484

  • Micro Pressure Stockpot Simple,+Minimal design consisted of three simple arcs, accompanied by an unibody fabrication, simple but more than a normal pot. As if an artpiece to be showcased, it won the Reddot Award 2015 thanks to its excellent design quality.

    The ergonomic design of its long, arc-shaped handle locks the lid smoothly, facilitating single hand operation in a safe way.

    The light pressure system and impact bonded capsule provide excellent heat conductivity and reduce energy loss, resulting in effective and efficient cooking which enhances the preservation of original flavor and nutrients.

    Suitable for all stoves. The lid can be opened anytime without having potential safety issues of traditional pressure cookers.

    OIL PAPER50%Transparen-cyEasy to operate and eliminates the potential danger.The appearance of the light press pot consists of the simple three arcs.Simplicity design, unibody fabrication.Cooks more quickly with less energy.

    Easy to operate and eliminates the potential danger.The appearance of the light press pot consists of the simple three arcs.Simplicity design, unibody fabrication.Cooks more quickly with less energy.

    2016 Cookware Catalogy


    SS150424 x 14cm Micro Pressure Stockpot


  • Crescent Aluminum Collection The unique, aesthetic crescent design breaks the rule of traditional round shape aluminum cookware, enabling users to flip food as a professional chef.

    Suitable for induction cooking.

    Ergonomic and tactile thanks to the precisely measured arc-shaped stainless steel handle.

    Fully Automatic Two fully automatic cutting machines installation is in progress of new modern industry of stainless steel cookware.


    ANH-S150124 x 15.5cm Casserole w/Lid22 x 3.7cm Frypan



  • New Belly PotBelly shape with a unique round bottom for a larger capacity

    Capsule bottom. Efficient and even conduction. Suitable for induction cooking.

    Helps retain food warming.

    During the transition of manufacturing sector to

    Industry 4.0,one of the key features is production pattern transformation.Unlike large-scale mass production, with the application of internet integration and intelligent manufacturing, molding could be implemented by computer system automatically instead of using graph paper, making the process more flexible, personalized and customized.

    Master Group steps forward


    SS1212-818 x 10cm Casserole w/Lid20 x 11.5cm Casserole w/Lid22 x 7cm Casserole w/Lid



  • Sliding Locked Strainer

    Minimal design with a magnified standing lid. This space-conserving design has won the China Good Design Award 2015.

    Can be easily switched to filter mode by turning the slip-proof knob.


    SS150524 x 14cm Sliding Locked Strainer



  • Momscook Collection Made of 304 high quality stainless steel from Korea. M-curved arc steam-cycle design ensures good sealing of steam.

    90 Impact bonding capsule bottom comes from ideal workmanship, high conductivity and even heat transference functions on all of hobs, increasing time and energy efficiency.

    Stay-Cool handle design presents a fancy & comfortable grips.


    SS150622 x 7.5cm Casserole w/Lid22 x 18cm Casserole w/Lid24 x 8cm Casserole w/Lid24 x 20cm Casserole w/Lid + 24cm Steamer



  • 13 Impact Bonding MachinesPrefect workmanship and numbers of Impact Bonding Machines help us to meet the global market needs.

    Assemble + Cleaning Conveyer Master Group is the FIRST one who developed Assemble + Cleaning Conveyer system in production area: a fully automatic conveyer from ultrasonic cleaning process to assemble line, while such automatic system brings products from station to station in midair, which totally avoid any scratches or damages by workers when compare with traditional process. This is one of the main supports which makes Master Group the leader among the industry.



  • Square 7-ply Compound Collection The most luxurious range of pot & pan design, copper layer included which make it hard and durable.

    Excellent heat conductivity and energy efficiency.

    Capacity is 30% larger than traditional round pot. Unique design with inherent spout for filtering.

    Classic Handle design acts timeless and practical.

    The lid fits the body precisely, preventing any unnecessary heat-loss.


    SS150724 x 24 x 15cm Casserole w/Lid24 x 24 x 6.5cm Frypan



  • Hard Anodizing Collection Made of excellent quality press aluminum with hard-anodized treatment and is therefore harder and more durable.Amazing design with mattified colors

    Straight-lined design with stepless trimming technology.

    Hard anodize enhance scratch-resistant and non-stick function to prevent the release of harmful substances at all cooking temperatures. Casting SS handles for excellent heat insulation and protection.

    Automatic Hard-Anodizing System Master Groups has the best Hard-Anodizing system among the industry with the most advanced electricity and cooling system. The 18 anodizing lines and artificial intelligence build-in system facilitate faster heat distribution and hard-wearing, resulted in the best quality. Besides, automatic conveyer is developed to connect the whole production process as product transfer.


    ANH-S150218 x 8.5cm Saucepan w/Lid24 x 7.5cm Saute Pan w/Lid24 x 17cm Casserole w/Lid20 x 4cm Frypan24 x 4.5cm Frypan



  • There are different kinds of induction plate which you could choose in Master Group, no matter full induction or perforate, the plate will meet your requirement to develop your own cookware.

    Dust Free Coating SystemIndustry 4.0 embraces a number of contemporary manufacturing automations.

    In traditional factories, the non-stick interior coating in cookware has to be produced piece by piece manually. However, Master Group applies automatic spraying system on both interior and exterior coatings, i.e. 2-ply & 3-ply interior coatings with well recognized ILAG, WHITFORD, WEILBURGER non-stick / ceramic exterior coatings among all products, also Master Group is admitted by DUPONT as licensee The advanced automation makes the manufacturing procedure becomes consis-tently effective and efficient.



  • Robotic Automation ArmAutomatic system is one of the key elements in Industry 4.0, Master Group creates a revolution on having automatic system to replace the traditional manual system, while we are leading the industry with innovative automatic system throughout the whole production process, in which the product quality can be ensured consistently.

    Automatic polishing use is advanced system mechanization in China. From manufacturing technology, production of products, model design and finally to organization, there will be countless innovations throughout the development process.

    Ferric Spraying Collection

    Ferric Spray technology to ensure a higher heat conducting performance than traditional impact bonding capsule, but in a more competitive cost. Suitable for all stoves including induction cookers.

    More versatile than traditional aluminum cookware.

    Made of forged aluminum. Durable, non-stick coating supervised by Master Group professional spraying production team.

    Excellent contouring with slant designs at the top and the bottom of the pan.


    AFW-S150116 x 7.5cm Casserole w/Lid18 x 8cm Casserole w/Lid20 x 8.5cm Casserole w/Lid24 x 8.5cm Casserole w/Lid24 x 4.5cm Frypan



  • Ferric Spraying Base Ferric Spray technology is the next Generation of cookware. Suitable for both gas stoves and induction stoves. With higher heat conducting performance than traditional impact bonding capsule, but in a more valuable. More versatile than traditional aluminum cookware.

    Quality Control The Quality Center of Master Group strictly carries out the requirements of ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System, so the products of the Group meet the standards of EN (Europe), DIN (Germany), CMA (USA) and SG (Japan). Sticking to the quality management concept of zero defect, the Center is equipped with a full-time QE group, IQC, IPQC, FQC and OQC quality management teams with the aim to strictly control product quality.

    The Testing Laboratory of the Center is an enterprise laboratory which has possessed the largest scale, the most complete equipment and the most normative management in the industry at home at present. Inside it are six sub-laboratories including Materials Laboratory, Corrosion Resistance Laboratory, Simulated Cooking Laboratory, Performance Laboratory, Packing & Shipping Laboratory as well as Small Household Appliances Laboratory.

    Control the Quality and Open the Market, The Center