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  • Mary, Mother of Divine Grace Parish The Catholic Community of Divine Infant Jesus Church and Divine Providence Church and School

  • For additional information regarding our parish, please see page 11 or visit our website:

    Welcome to

    Mary, Mother of Divine Grace Parish

    The Catholic Community of Divine Infant Jesus Church and Divine Providence Church and School


    Church: 2600 Mayfair Ave. Business Office: 2550 Mayfair Ave., Westchester, IL

    (708) 562-3364 FAX: (708) 562-3134 Hours: 8:30 AM-4:30 PM

    Mass Schedule: Weekdays: Mon. Tues. Wed.: 8:00 AM

    Anticipated Mass Saturday: 4:00 PM Sundays: 8:30 AM

    DIVINE INFANT JESUS Church: Newcastle & Canterbury Avenues Rectory Office: 1601 Newcastle Ave., Westchester, IL (708) 865-8071 FAX: (708) 865-8032 Hours: 8:30 AM-5:00 PM

    Mass Schedule: Weekdays: Thurs., Fri., Sat.: 8:00 AM Anticipated Mass Saturday: 5:00 PM Sundays: 10:00 AM

    Holy Days of Obligation: As announced in bulletin.


    MISSION STATEMENT - Who We Are The mission of the faith community of Mary, Mother of Divine Grace is to inspire spiritual growth by worshiping, teaching and living by example our love of Jesus, His Church and our neighbors.

    VISION STATEMENT - Who We Strive to Be The parish of Mary, Mother of Divine Grace will continually serve all people by being good stewards for future generations. We make Christ known by living and teaching our faith.


    Clergy and Consecrated Religious

    Pastor Reverend Marcin Szczypula

    Associates Reverend Thomas Winikates Reverend Daniel Costello

    Resident Reverend Gerald Joyce

    Deacons Deacon Richard Hudzik Deacon Jim Sponder Liturgy & Adult Faith Formation Director Deacon Jim Sponder 708-562-3364 - x12 [email protected] Religious Education Administrator Sr. Christine Nantaba, IHMR 708-865-8086-DI 708-562-2258-DP [email protected]

    Sacristan Sr. Susan Najjemba, IHMR

    Pastoral Staff Office 708-562-3364

    Operations Director Mr. John Maher [email protected] Bookkeeper/Secretary Mrs. Toni Podock [email protected] Bookkeeper Mrs. Char Boyd [email protected]

    Bulletin Editor/Secretary Ms. Karen Luciano [email protected]

    Marketing/Enrollment Director Mrs. Linda Hawkins [email protected]

    Director of Mrs. Janet Reif Music Ministry 708-531-9495

    Divine Providence 2500 Mayfair Ave. School 708- 562-2258

    Principal Mrs. Lynn LeTourneau [email protected]

    Secretary Mrs. Chrystal Farmar [email protected]

  • Volume 20 PALM SUNDAY THE PASSION OF OUR LORD April 5, 2020

    For our parishioners who do not have access to the internet, we will have a limited supply of hard copy bulletins available for you outside of both churches.

    Page 3

    Greetings from Fr. Dan

    As we enter this Holy Week, certainly a Holy Week at the end of the, perhaps, most unique Lenten experience of our lives, may we take advantage of this uniqueness this year. By that I mean we have an opportunity to use our social distancing as not only a time to shake us out of our routines, our habits, and comfort zones, but a time to renew, revitalize, re-captivate, re-energize our relationship with the Lord. Most years, we have all those other “things” in life to “get done” this time of year and in 2020, many of those “things” are just not doable. We have this unique opportunity to invite the Lord into our social distancing and let Him fill us up with all He has in mind for each of us if we allow Him to do just that. Perhaps it’s easiest to begin with just a simple and short conversation with Him offering your sincere invitation and let the rest of the week be filled with his caring and loving RSVP. The remainder of this article was contained in a recent eblast to our parishioners and is reprinted here: Getting used to this “social distancing” thing is neither easy nor desirable, however, I realize it’s “the right thing to do” like eating oatmeal. I’d rather have the oatmeal. I made a decent pot roast last night but it didn’t take up as much time I was hoping it would to help me avoid more time in front of the TV. Enough news and commentary and all that goes with it, already. Little by little, we make it through. Good time to read those books you never got around to read or see the movies that you haven’t seen in awhile to help pass the time. And then there’s that closet you’ve been meaning to get too...ugh! Maybe tomorrow! Luckily, there’s plenty to read on different Catholic blogs to nourish the soul at least a bit, but like reading books and watching TV, you can’t look at blogs all day long. Good to get the prayer time in but I’m not ready for the monastery yet. Taking a look at America magazine, the Jesuit biweekly can offer some timely perspectives on what the world is going through right now. A recent article offered ways for us to be the Body of Christ when the coronavirus has closed our churches. It was a good reminder for all of us that while the Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith and the most tangible place to encounter the Body and Blood of Christ, we can find the presence of Christ in the Scriptures. Many Catholic publishers, like “Give Us This Day” and “Magnificat” are providing free access to their materials right now. Mass is fairly easily found online with daily and Sunday Masses being livestreamed and posted on our parish website Cardinal will celebrate Mass Sunday mornings at 9:30am on ABC for the time being, as well as many other opportunities for online and televised Masses. I found it helpful to be reminded that we will all have opportunities to encounter the Body of Christ in the vulnerable in the coming weeks, albeit at an appropriate distance. If you have the privilege of being healthy and at low risk for complications from the virus, perhaps there’s a way to check-in with an isolated person next door or down the block, perhaps make a meal or get some groceries for a more vulnerable person nearby? A newfound homeschooling parent would probably appreciate a phone call from a neighbor willing to listen about that newfound “opportunity”! And taking care of ourselves these days is an important way to be taking care of the Body of Christ too, don’t forget. After all, when we gather for Eucharist, we are the Body of Christ and we are in this together on a level much deeper that just sharing the same society and culture. We’re all children of God who need a little extra care right now. Keeping that in mind might just help us through this temporary period of sacrifice, frustration, anxiety, and everything else that will lead us one day to the joy of renewal, resurrection and Easter. Let’s keep each other in prayer, okie dokie? Fr. Dan

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    Mary, Mother of Divine Grace Parish Divine Infant Jesus & Divine Providence

    Divine Providence Mass Intentions

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