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Marketing Strategies. Direct Marketing. Guerilla Marketing. Unconventional method of marketing Time, imagination & energy (rather than a large budget). Calgary Farmers Market. Father Bob Maguire Foundation. Taiba Hospital. Alberta Canada Skiing Travel. Yuzo Sushi. Mr Clean. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing Strategies

Marketing StrategiesDirect MarketingGuerilla MarketingUnconventional method of marketingTime, imagination & energy (rather than a large budget)

Calgary Farmers Market

Father Bob Maguire Foundation

Taiba Hospital

Alberta Canada Skiing Travel

Yuzo Sushi

Mr Clean

American Airlines

Children Know No Boundaries

Monster Trucks

Undercover MarketingAKA Stealth Marketingconsumers "market" the product to othersWhen you're being pitched and you don't even know it!

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Undercover Marketing ExamplesIt's happy hour and a pretty 26-year-old actress, flirts with a well-dressed man in a midtown bar. After a few minutes, she relents and hands over her BlackBerry Pearl for him to enter his number. But she'll never call.

She is being paid to flirt. She's part of a covert ad campaign for BlackBerry that attempts to drum up interest in smart phones by putting them in the hands of attractive, gregarious young women who push the product without the public's knowledge.

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Undercover Marketing Examples

Sometimes it's obvious: the product placement in Lady Gaga's Telephone music video; the fawning review on website TripAdvisor which contrasts with a hundred other scathing ones. Other brands sell products by recruiting trendsetters whose lifestyles are as covetable as the free clothes and accessories they are given to wear. A number of youth brands are known for fostering relationships with DJs, models and graffiti artists.