Marketing Strategies

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Marketing Strategies. The meat. The 5 P’s. Promotion (90% of the plan) Product Price Place People . Promotion. Advertising: creative and media sections Sales Promotion Public Relations Direct Marketing Viral Marketing Event Marketing Other. Strategy as objective. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Marketing Strategies

Marketing StrategiesThe meatThe 5 PsPromotion (90% of the plan)ProductPricePlacePeople PromotionAdvertising: creative and media sectionsSales PromotionPublic RelationsDirect MarketingViral MarketingEvent MarketingOtherStrategy as objectiveYour strategies will be the objectives for support sections

Ex: To establish Quick and Easy as the quick and easy way to get the clothes you want (creative objective)

Ex: To reach women 25-35 who have just had their first child (media objective)Creative ObjectiveTo establishTo repositionTo convinceMedia ObjectivesTargetGeographySeasonalityApertureProduction objectiveGood, fast, cheap triumveriteSales Promotion ObjectivesConsumer and Trade

Ex: Convince light users to buy two units instead of one

Ex: Increase facings from 4-6 during the campaign periodPRFocus on marketing public relations (getting the story out through media) versus corporate public relations (Govt, employees, special interest groups, etc.)EventsWhat would a Papa Johns Experience need to accomplish?

For Consumers? For Trade?

Full blown strategy/execution of the Papa Johns experience due 10/17 (present in class)Dont forgetMerchandisingPackagingViralGamesPromotional items (tchotchkes)Only great ideas need applyPriceProductPlacePeopleSummary that serves as rationaleGreat Integrated CampaignsNikeAppleTargetFordPedigree