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  • 1. Caste Me Half Marketing strategy:

2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts? The content of the documentary itself is generally beneficial and interesting however, without the use of the ancillary texts such as the print and radio advert the documentary on its own would not be able to attract as many viewers as it needs promotions and advertisement. Therefore, the combination of the main product and ancillary texts is very effective and ultimately the combination of the two is the only way to have a successful documentary 3.

  • What media texts did you look at to research your ancillary text?
  • We looked at many different media texts to conclude our final ancillaries.Firstly, in terms of the radio advertwe did a research on other successful radio adverts . They provide radio adverts for various different companies such as MetroCity Taxi Service. They have diverse methods of attracting their different types of target audiences. Such as, the background music, voice effects, voice over and the tag line slogan. We tried to implement as many of these radio conventions into our radio advert.

4. How each ancillary text will appeal to the target audience? Our Target Audience.Our target audience is aimed at 16-25 year olds. We have mainly aimed it at people with an ethnic background. We attract this audience through the name of the Documentary, our Print Advert and Radio Advert. 5. Inspirational text

  • Our inspirational text was is it better to be mixed race we chose this our inspiration as it was the only documentary we could find on our topic. It helped us to make it similar but also different. For example; their documentary is more scientific, but ours is more social. Also the fact it is commissioned by Channel 4, gave us an insight into what channel would be most interested in our documentary.

6. 7. Caste Me Half

  • The title of our documentary Caste me Half immediately connotes the race but in a derogatory way as it is a politically incorrect term. This helps us bring in our audience and gives some insight into what the documentary may be about.

8. Inspirational Print

  • Our inspirational print was channel 4s Seven days and Britz. We chose these prints as they represented diversity the most. I (Naomi) really liked the idea of having split faces like in seven days' print. So that is were the inspiration of having combined faces came from. I also took the idea of having the UK flag from Britz to have on the back of our advertisement, for the reason that it represents the British society.

9. Print Advert

  • The Print Advert can appeal to our target audience in many different ways;
  • The image of the face- The blending of the two faces. Unusual, brings in young audience.
  • The flag - relates to our audience, as its British.
  • A young adults face has been used to attract the attention of our audience.

10. Radio Advert

  • The Radio advert includes all the necessary information such as the time date and channel which it will be showing on.
  • The rhetorical question Are you part of this statistic? provokes our audience and we hope this generates interest.
  • The provocative judgmental research study certainly provokes our audience.

11. Where will the text appear?

  • The documentary will be shown on Channel 4. We chose channel 4 to commission our documentary because we think channel 4 will be most suited for our controversial subject. Channel 4 like to take risks and show things outside of the norm which appeals to a younger generation. Channel 4 are good at controversy.

12. Why are these formats appropriate?

  • The formats we chose were a Print Advert and a Radio Advert.
  • Why?

13. Print Advert

  • We chose to use a print advert, instead of a billboard advert because we think that people were more likely to read a newspaper than to look at a billboard. Also with a print advert we were able to get our target audience more as we aim it at a type of newspaper with their own target audience.

14. Radio Advert

  • We chose a Radio advert instead of a Television advert because we want it to be advertise often. Also there are less main radio stations than television, so it enables us to reach to a bigger audince. Our radio advert would be aired on Choice FM because they are aimed at a more ethnic audience. It would be aired early morning or late afternoons to fit an educational schedule

15. What did you learn from audience feedback?

  • What we learnt from our feedback is that we had a few changes to be made, such as;
  • -At the start we had to add a different varitey of faces rather than just mixed race ones.
  • -make the introduction clearer
  • We also learnt that our audience enjoyed what they watched and identified who our taget audience were.
  • We learnt that the choice of music had a great impact on our target audience to the extent that it came across as bias to some individuals.
  • We also noted that the our audience is very analytical of the number of either black or white faces shown in the documentary as it is an indication of equality to keep it balanced according to some.

16. Print feedback

  • Firstly we had three designs for out print advert, so we gave out audience the three prints and asked what ones they preferred and what we could improve. The most popular print advert was our last one.

17. Radio Feedback

  • The feedback we got from our audience screening for our radio was mostly that they enjoyed the music however they were unable to hear what was said. We tried to change this. Also when we asked our audience what channel and time it was on, they all answer correctly, this let us know that the right information go across.