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Maram Constructions has designed a fabulous service in combination of construction and software services (from Maram Software), suitable for NRI’s and also the clients who are willing to get their wish homes/properties constructed in the hands of experts, still keeping themselves involved in every step, our software enables you to experience construction process with pictures, videos and also helps you choose materials and services right from your desktop with quotes from dozens of vendors.


  • Options you have! By Contractor

    Unprofessional management practices

    Zero transparency

    Chances of misguiding

    Its stressful to keep an eye on fulfillment of his promises

    By Family & others

    Creates obligation

    Trusted persons can only ensure zero theft, but wastage of resources is inevitable due to lack of domain knowledge & professional practices.

  • Its a fabulous combination of construction and software services.

    It is suitable for every one & every kind of building construction.

    you can build your wish homes/properties from any part of the world, in any town of Andhra Pradesh.

    witness construction process with reports, pictures, videos.

  • Concept to Completion

    Every decision will be taken by client and scrutinized by Maram team.

    Watch on prices of cement, steel & other variables, where planning saves money.

    Complete Accounting


    Multi level authentication

    for every process

    We help you choose

    materials & services with our market


    We involve in every aspect, planning to landscaping.


  • Professional Approach

    Every drawing & technical

    details a click away.

    Weekly and monthly


    Day-to-day work progress


    Minimized material wastage.

    Quality Promise

  • How PMC Works? - Material Process

  • Online Web Services:

    Quotes & Approvals

    Inventory & Bills

    Videos & Pictures

    Task Schedules & Budgeting

    Timelines Management

    Complete Project Overview

    On Site Services:

    Project management team

    Execution team

    Quality Supervision

    Departmental Procedures

    Security & Store Responsibility

  • PMC Charges

    construction cost includes every rupee spent from

    demolition stage to ready to occupy stage

    (excluding only bhumi pooja, gruha pravesham & PMC charges )

    We assure the clients, MARAM PMC can save the whole pmc charges in their budgets, with our professional practices in

    sourcing materials and effective utilization.

    of construction cost.

  • Thank you! (questions & answers)

    For queries: + 91 90000 33455, 040 666 33455, 667 33455, Find us on facebook:

    we love referrals!!!